Thursday, March 15, 2007

Telenovela DVDs: The Burden of Leadership

I am passing this information to all lovers of TGD. It would be legally impossible for me to sell or distribute telenovela DVDs of the gardener's daughter, or other telenoveals which I promised you on January 19th this year.

I have received serious and legal objections to that move because, it was truly a copyright infringement. What I found out were, many internet communities where members exchanged the DVDs of these telenovelas among themselves.

For example, if you had watched and RECORDED the complete story of Cuando Seas Mia, (When You Are Mine), you can exchange it with another member who had watched and RECORDED Lorenzo's Wife (La Mujer de Lorenzo), etc, etc. But YOU CANNOT SELL the works without authorized permission of the authors and original owners of such works, e.g TV Azteca, Televisa, Venevision, etc.

My original plan was to collect these DVDs from some of these people at a token sum of money, and reproduce it for mass distribution and sale among fellow gardeners, who have mounted ceaseless pressures to buy them.

Except for old telenovelas dvds on sale at, most of these telenovelas are sold as TV rights to TV stations around the world, at hundreds of thousands of Dollars, sometimes, a few millions of Dollars per telenovela, by the Authors/Producers. These stations would in turn sell advertisement space to corporate players to recoup their investments with legitimate profits. Anything outside of these is ILLEGAL!

My blog is a leader in telenovela summaries and snippets today, thanks to God and to you all. The burden of this leadership has imposed a moral responsibility on me, NEVER to be involved in this untoward practices. It would be like the piracy been perpetrated by nefarious elements in the music and home video industry, which has devastated and decimated the talented labor of many artists, actors, musicians and entertainment industry practitioners.

The best I could do for you is to compile a list of web communities where voluntary and non-commercial exchanges of these telenovelas DVDs take place. I must however warn you that you may be disadvantaged at such communities because of the barter. If you have no DVDs to exchange, there may be no one willing to freely give you theirs, which they may be planning to barter with other telenovela fans.

True, some of these people surreptitiously sell theirs for between $35 to $100 per telenovela, but it is outright violation of copyright laws, not withstanding the color of the perpetrators.

Let us hold the banner of integrity loftily. Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any man.