Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Episode 15: Fight For Your Love

This week has lived up to its billing as a week of multiple confrontations and exposures, just like we predicted over the weekend. If I was asked to vote who the spectacle of this episode was, I would give it to Vanessa. With passion, after being urged on, by her schemer father Heriberto, she rose from sulking and weeping to make an impossible demand. She requested for Luisa Fernanda to help her find out the Carlos Eduardo girlfriend, and she- Vanessa, would get rid of that woman! It's like being asked to go get rid of yourself.

I was moved to passion when she begged a perplexed Luisa Fernanda saying: "...please, don't let them take Carlos Eduardo from me..." It could be a mildly annoying drama, if not perplexing, for an ursurper to come begging to enlist your support to help her steal your own property. That was an impossible confrontation, but that was exactly the tight corner where Luisa Fernanda found herself. Your best-friend-turned-ursurper seeking desperately to steal the only thing in your life that gives you joy. Would you give-in, for the love of your best friend? or would you fight to protect the only joy of your life from being stolen, even by your best friend? Over to you; the next unfolding episodes would determine who wins in the battle between true love and a schemer's greed!

Rigoberto won round one of her battle against Consuela. Don Elcantara nullified the dismissal of Rigoberto with such a powerful indictment of Consuela's wickedness. He said with a distaste to Consuela, "...how could you be incredibly ungrateful to the woman that raised you from childhood?" He ordered Rigoberto to retun back to the house with all her load and also instructed Consuela to apologize to Rigo, for her bad manners. Up Rigo!

The young shark drew blood in his first battle, Augusto won his first case against the famous and corporate attorney, Luis Alejandro Montero. The judge ruled that L.A must adequtely compensate Luisa Fernanda for injuries and emotional trauma, which she 'suffered' when L.A. ran over her with his car. He was furious and outside the court premisces, he glared at Augusto and Luisa and threatened to unmask and expose the 'swindling thieves' who bruised his ego and legally humilliated him.

Consuela, the evil architect suceeded in causing a big scandal in L.A.'s office as she, as is usual with her on every visit, forced herself on him and, this time..., succeeded in kindling an amorous fire in which Andreina- L.A's mistress and concubine, walked in and caught them in the act. Like a lioness just out of her den, her eyes sparked and blazed with jealous fire, she looked at Luis Alejandro still esconded in Cosuela's amorous embrace, Andreina poised as if she wants to pounce on them, to tear them to pieces...Whether she did that or not, we would have to find out in next episode of this telenovela.

Jennifer de la Vega, seems to be driven by the spirit of gambling. Las Vegas is reputed as the world's capital for this game. Its like the spirit of her name is bringing her bad luck at the gaming table of love. She lost yet in another scheme to entrap lover-boy Carlos. While in the act of 'digging' Carlos, his phone rang and he stood up, to her utter amazement and resistant to her plea to ignore the call. Lo and behold, it was Luisa Fernanda on line, telling him that Vanessa may have found out that they were lovers. He went cold, his romantic river dried up, he couldn't continue with Jenny after hearing the innocent voice of his only and true love- Luisa. So, told Jenny that he had to leave immediately, he did what all lovers do in such circumstances- lied that he had to go and take care of Rosario who was supposedly ill at home. Jennifer found out the following day that Rosario was hale and hearty. She became upset, sad and depressed until Andreina came to re-assure her that she would uncover and expose the new girlfriend of Carlos for her.

Amelia finally got the job in Marissa's office, was asked to start tomorrow. She notified Pedro of her determination to go ahead with the divorce as soon as Luisa graduates from high school in the next few months. Sad Pedro walked pensively about, to inspect the garden his hand has wrought, Marissa noticed his sad countenance, asked him why, he confessed that his wife is about to divorce him. Marissa was touched with pity with his agony. She prophetically declared that all would things work out for good. That Pedro should take heart. Pedro broke the sad news of the impending divorce to Pancho, his old gardening colleague. He however refused to take heart as he foolishly determine to fight against the divorce in court. Pancho assured him he would give him a young lawyer to argue his case in the divorce suit.

Don Fernando was in Carlos hospital, warned him not to fall in love with Vanessa, because, like her father Heriberto, she is 'no good'. This prompted Carlos to confess to him that he is in love with a young school girl and not with Vanessa. The old man showed interest, and said he would love to meet this school girl. Carlos was thrilled by the old man's gesture and he told him he would be honoured to introduce her to him.

Episode 14: Torn Between My Wants & My Obligation

We felt the tremor of multiple confrontations this new week. Last week had laid the foundations for this, but confrontations? Yes! We had one tonite in this episode; but from totally unexpected quarters- Rigo vs. Luis Alejandro Montero. Sweet old Rigo, thank you! Who says maids ain't got power? Particularly when you challenge them in their 'consistuency'. Be prepared for a choking and pepperish encounter, the type that was deftly and devastatingly served to L.A. by Rigoberto tonite. This week has taken off on a hillarious note on la Hija del Jadinero- The gardeners daughter. I pray it would continue at this pace till the weekend.

Another old righteous maid, this time, Rosario- Marissa's maid, watched with consternation as Carlos doubled-dated Luisa and Jennifer on phone. She was so furious to the point of calling Carlos a JUDAS. I almost agreed with her judgement, until I saw the quandary of confusion that Carlos found himself. He was honest enough to know that it is time to call it quits with Jennifer, but does he have the courage? does he have the 'liver'? as Warri people in Nigeria's smouldering Niger-Delta would put it.
He had practically forgotten that he promised to come to spend the night with Jenny, he was lost in romantic thoughts after his date with Luisa and was in his parked car, still in this state, when his phone suddenly rang...it was Jenny asking for his whereabouts, as she had been waiting endlessly for him... Carlos was lost for what to say, because Jennifer de la Vega, the hottest babe and model in town does not mean anything again to Carlos' heart. He was torn apart between, as he called it "...my obligation and my want..." He started his car and proceeded like a lamb to the slaughter...to Jennifer's house. All the antics and nude display by Jennifer did not move Carlos, his heart was filled with how to open his mouth to tell the 'lioness' that IT IS FINISHED, IT IS OVER! He said in his heart aloud: "...how can I tell her that we have to break up?..."What a pity, I feel like helping him to deliver the blow, but had to restrain my emotions on my sofa. What now, lover-boy? If it is in Africa here, people would be tempted to jump to conclusion that Jenny has cast spell on him, never to resist her or say no to her demands and desires. The truth however is that Carlos, unlike the typical, cold-hearted playboy, is a conscientious lover. He wants to make an emotional omilette without breaking the traditional egg of jilt. Tomorrow's episode would determine if he is man enough to do that.

Marissa and her hubby Luis Alejandro Montero went to the "dinner with the devil" but they did not go with "a long spoon", so the dinner was a flop for the devil's agents- Consuela and her hubby- Heriberto Sotomayor. Rigoberto, the good old maid made sure she took her 'pound of flesh' by 'punishing' L.A. with over-salted soup...'for Amelia's sake', yes for jilting Amelia 18 years ago!. That ended the dinner abruptly, as Marissa and her hubby announced their departure. Consuela took Rigo to one side and swore, that she is FIRED! Would she go? Would Don permit sulking Consuela to fire Rigoberto?...We would wait to see what happens next episode.

Vanessa too had her own share of disappointment when Carlos did not show up for the "devil's dinner"...her dreams of 'engagement' night went up in flames. Marissa simply announced that Carlos could not make it because he had a date with his girlfriend (implying Jennifer). That was the spoiler for the rest of the night for eager Vanessa. She left the dinner and went crying to Luisa Fernanda's house to share the sorrow of her disappointment.