Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Battle of Social Climbers

Tonite's drama on the popular soap opera la hija del jardinero, found in Snippets 97 took a humorous turn when Heribeto Sotomayor and Orlando, the fiance of Vanessa engaged in a war of words.

While freely accusing his daughter's fiance, Orlando, of being a social climber and a good-for-nothing bum, the young chap hit back at him, saying that he heard from Don Fernando that he (Heriberto), too married his wife, Consuelo, for her her father's money!

This led to almost a fist fight between the two. Orlando defended his current rise and stardom in the Alcantara's kingdom. He said that though, he may be a 'Mr. nobody', but he loved his fiancee, Vanessa and for ever, and unlike him (Heriberto), who never loved his wife, but married her for what he could get from the Alcantara fortune.

Predictably, Xochil returned back, this time, not just into Alfredo's flat as a pretentious housemaid, but into his life, as a self-confessed lover, helper and of course, a bolder rival of L. F.

It's a pity that Alfredo was blinded by his lust for L.F, and consumed by his jealousy and Tom & Jerry rivalry, with Carlos Eduardo to appreciate this 'flower' begging to be 'plucked' in his house.

While Xochil saw the suspended wedding of Alfredo to L.F as a 'miracle', Alfredo was mourning and called it a 'disgrace and tragedy'. Xochil took her luggage back into the room without waiting for Alfredo's permission. From now on, a fierce rivalry battle would break out between an emboldened Xochil and L.F.

Another side attraction which was not in Snippets 97 is the melodramatic 'lecture' given to Armando by his roguish father, Luis Alejandro Montero. This con star 'lectured' his apprentice son in the delicate art of trickery, and why he should never love any woman or be weak on bed with them. He taught him never to love with is heart but with his head, and also, how to play with gullible women's emotion and feelings, so he could always twist them in his little fingers like toys, as he was currently doing with "Mrs. foolish" Marissa Gomez.

I felt so nauseated as a woman to hear what this emotional hitch-hiker said and did with all the five or six women (Amelia, Consuelo, Elvira Perreira, Andreina, Marissa and what he was planning for Xochil), in his life in this telenovela. Thank God it was a novela, but it is close to societal reality of nowadays.