Friday, September 01, 2006

Episode 8: The First Kiss of Love is Deepest

The stupor of yesternight's wine may have worn off but the sweet aroma of that encounter has become more and more intoxicating. Carlos could not sleep all-nite because of the savour of that encounter. Luisa could not wait the following morning to see Carlos again. At the slightest excuse, she sought a favor from the lawyer Augusto, who had come to take her to the court for the next hearing, to first take her to meet the Doctor Carlos Gomez. That visit culminated in the First Kiss of Love as the newest couple in town were escounded in each others arms, lost to the world and... Augusto, who was waiting outside the hospital for Luisa Fernanda Perez.

That kiss succeeded in opening a floodgate of uncontrollable emotions that found both in the ladies rest-room of a restaurant doing... what they found out they could only do best- Kissing....

I'd continue tonight's episode later...let me attend to my family first...see ya later friends...

...friends, I am back. pardon my delay.

Rigoberto the old maid, Consuela and her husband Heriberto Sotomayor were discussing the failing health of Don Elcantara, which has become a great concern to the household of recent. Rigoberto mentioned something about the old man saying something about his will recently. Heriberto- the consumate schemer, was startled and asked the old woman what was in the will and what did Don say. Consuela complacently replied that the will is not a subject of importance since she is the only heiress, and there is nothing to bother about. Rigoberto however asked her to wake up from her day-dream, saying that Consuela should not be so fast to jump into conclusion,..."you have a sister who has a daughter...". At that point Consuela was silenced, but became thoughtful and sulky.

Carlos arrived Jennifer's house, but Jenny did not even grant him an audience of explanation for his absence. She called him a cheating liar and marched him out of her house before he could take a seat.

I suspect that some portion of the telenovela was cut off because, the next thing we saw was, Carlos and Luisa in deep kiss in the ladies rest-room of a restaurant. A woman came in to ease herself and was shocked to find a man in a ladies rest-room kissing a lady. Carlos apologized and walked out of the rest room. It happenned to be a friendly dinner of four friends- Carlos, Luisa, Vanessa Sotomayor and Augusto. I guess that Luisa must have agreed to Augusto's invitation to a dinner date by wisely roping Vanessa and of course her new love Carlos into the scheme.

So, neither Augusto nor Vanessa knew that a secret affair had already started between Carlos and Luisa. Carlos and Luisa must have taken excuse to go to the restrooms, leaving Vanessa and Augusto at the dinner table. The secret lovers now met by pre-arranged signal at the ladies rest-romm for the continuation of what they started yesterday. as soon as both arrived at the table Luisa announced that she is going home as her mom would be expecting her back at home by now. Vanessa was happy and said she would still hang around with Carlos. An eye signal from Luisa was enough for carlos to also say he is not hanging around but had to leave too. That is how this two love-birds used their innocent but ambitious best friends to achieve their love game that night.

Pedro came home from work and asked Amelia about Luisa, she replied with a confrontation saying, "I am sick and tired of this fake marriage". Pedro was shocked and asked her why the sudden out burst, to which shee replied that, if she doesn't get this off her heart she would explode. Pedro wanted to know if she had been seeing a man to which she said no and continued her tirade..."...what a disgrace to stay with you under the same roof for 18 years because there is no alternative." she said she couldn't cope again with the lie that he is the father of Luisa. She lied that, the reason for her (weird and mysterious recent behaviours) why she sent him out when receiving a secret telephone call was because an old friend called her and reminded her of her family.

Pedro became sympathetic and suggested that they should give calling on her father, Don Elcantara and family another trial. She did, and behold, it was Rigoberto that picked the call, she must have been weeping when she called from the account of Rigoberto, Amelia seem very upset and therefore Consuela should make effort to fish Amelia and Pedro out. Consuela was not too enthusiatic about this Samaritan assignment, obviously because any new invitation of Amelia into the family would scatter her grand scheme of inheriting her father's fortune when he dies. The old woman- Rigoberto has said it several times under her breath that Consuela and her husband Heriberto are waiting and praying that Don should die soon so they can solely inherit his great fortune.

Episode 7: The Drunken Stupor

Just like the case of Diego and Paloma, in Cuando Seas Mia (When You Are Mine), Luisa Fernanda and Carlos gave us a glimpse of the love adventures that would grow between them in weeks and months to come: A defiant love that would be driven by a stupor that would trigger passionate hatred and desperate intrigues and has no respect for any opposition, be it from families, associates, fiance or fiancees.

Luisa, in a fit of anger stormed the house of Carlos with the aim of confronting Luis Alejandro to warn him to desist from insulting her mom and threatening her. Just near-arrival, she saw her father, Pedro Perez there too and she ran back thinking he was on a similar mission. Not knowing that the man was working there on a contract as a jardinero to get the garden ready for a big party.

Carlos, who was driving home for a meeting with his mom and fiancee, Marissa and Jennifer, saw her in the distance and went after her. Their rebuff and exchange of anger and apologies landed both, in a near-by restaurant for a lunch date. Carlos and Luisa dug up so much about each other's background on this date. Luisa forgave and drank the wine of Carlos (did I hear you say 'wine of love'?) recklessly, shunning every restraint by Carlos. She opened up that she doesn't have any boyfriend when carlos broached the issue. Carlos lied that he too doesn't have any girlfriend. When Luisa reminded him of Jennifer, he lied that Jenny was a family friend. Carlos confesses to Luisa that his attraction to her was her transparent innocence and honesty.

Jennifer de la Vega and Marissa became worried when Carlos did not show up for the lunch meeting, so Jenny put in a call through to Carlos who was still being spell-bound by Luisa's ravishing beauty at the restaurant. He picked the call and lied to Jenny that he could not make the lunch meeting because he was attending to a medical emergency at the hospital. Luisa laughed and said, " I am your medical emergency?" to which Carlos explained away his lies that they were some of his friends who invited him to lunch and would be offended if he had told them that he is at lunch with another person.

Jennifer became suspicious and requested from Boukina, the old house-keeper of Marissa, to take carlos lunch to him at work. She invited Marissa to join her for the surprise visitation which trully turned out as a shock and unexpected discovery that Carlos was not at the hospital for any medical emergency. Jennfer de la Vega was hot with jealousy and furious because she suspected Carlos of having lied to her to cover up his escapade with the 'young school girl'- Luisa. She lost her cheerful countenance and concentration for the rest of the day and was moody and very harsh with all the models who came for audition/practise in her company in preparation for her forth-coming fashion show, eminently supported by Marissa Gomez Ruiz.

Consuela entered Luiz Alejandro's office, meeting him with Andreina- his mistress and concubine, who also happens to be his wife's, Marissa's secretary. The "Consuela-L.A." meeting was a session in catalog of revelations, as both learned that their respective marriages to their spouses have produced no offsprings. Consuela briefed L.A. of his step-son's encounter and visit to attend to don Elcantara's medication at home, and how he spurned her. L.A. suggested to her to divorce her husband (and he could handle the suit), if she is truly unhappy with her marriage as she claimed (she had earlier told L.A that her hubby was an ambitious money-monger who has no love for her). She changed the subject immediately, because the hubby is also a pawn in her schemes to inherit the fortune of Don Elcantara after scheming Amelia, her elder sister out of the heritage. L.A. tried to discourage Consuela from any affair with him, saying (but of course lying) that he is a faithful husband and adores his wife. He warned Consuela to forget she ever kissed him yesterday and should just let bygone be bygone. The past should be buried and not uprooted.

Luisa Fernanda was drunk silly, she couldn't even stand on her feet. Carlos had to drive her home, and they were lucky Luisa's parents, particularly the hot-tempered and acidic-tongued Amelia. it was Ceasar, Pedro's apprentice who rescued her and helped Carlos to carry her to her bderoom to sleep off after a bout of vomiting.

Heriberto Sotomayor, Consuela's husband came home late and was challenged by Rigobert, the old house-keeper why he didn't respond immediately to the distress call during the mild heart-attack of Don Elcantara earlier in the day. he replied that he was very busy with an important meeting and that it is time for the old man to