Wednesday, July 11, 2007

HUMBLED: Yes, I Surrender!

Carmelo swung into action and grabbed the second opportunity to become the acting son of Lupe. He even secretly vowed to his friend, Carmelo, that he would never give up this new position, never again!

Eduardo learned that Catalina and her family were stranded in the ranch, he volunteered to follow Luis to the ranch to bring back Catalina to the city. He was already dreaming of divorcing Silvia and taking away the gift of the gym. Then, he would go ahead and marry Catalina. (Great dreams).

A mild drama ensued at the ranch when Eduardo in company of Luis arrived to pick Catalina and family back to the city. Sebastian was so jealous and furious that he almost fought with Eduardo.

Adela the opportunist suddenly became friendly with Eduardo, thinking like a woman of easy virtue that she was, that Eduardo's new sports car was won through a lottery.

Martina in her folly, apologized to Emilia and now vowed that she would help her to woo, win and conquer her brother Sebastian, because Catalina was bad news for him. Emilia embraced and thank her for swinging to her side now.

On arrival in the city, (at Alicia's house), a sense of nostalgia overwhelmed Catalina. She missed Sebastian and could not bear being far way from him, despite the misunderstandings between them. She called her father and begged him to take her back to Sebastine's ranch because she was ready to fulfill the 'tall' conditions of 6-months service as Sebastian's wife.

As soon as Adela and her son, Richardo went to the penthouse, Gustavo begged Luis to take him and his daughter, Catalina back to the ranch.

Sebastian was brooding inside Carmelo's shack, wondering if he could cope without the presence of Catalina in his life when suddenly she appeared and announced that she has returned to accept to serve him as his wife for 6 months. It was like an accused annoucing that she accepted the sentence of the judge, in a court of law.

It was a secret mixture of joy and apprehension to see Catalina back so suddenly in his life. He sincerely asked her if she understood the terms of her return, which he clearly interpreted to her to also mean conjugal submission. She said Yes, she understood.

From gossips amongst the old maids, a thread was picked by one of them that Antonete had given Petra a large some of money, sometime in the distant past, to help her carry ourt a secret mission, which to this day, was unknown to both Rufina and even, Josepha- the old maid of Antonete.