Friday, September 12, 2008

Snippet 17 - Ugly Betty in 'Feature Spread' Leak Dilemma

In this telenovela episode, Mode was hosting a “Networking Night” get-together and Betty got there with Marc and Amanda. They told Betty to ‘circulate’ the room and introduce herself that they want everyone to meet her. Naïve, Ugly Betty, was elated and smiling broadly asked them to wish her luck and as soon as she turned, she bumped into a guy and the wine in his glass poured on his shirt. Marc and Amanda quickly brought out their cell phone and took the shot of the scene.

The first lady she first introduced herself to – Fat Carol (also worked for Mode) asked her how long she thought she’ll last and Betty said she didn’t know that unless the lady knew something she didn’t. Fat Carol looked all over and left. A guy walked up to her and introduced himself to her and said he knew Betty, that she was a legend.

At Bradford’s office, he was searching through his office for the music box (the one he took from Fey Sommers apartment) which Wilhelmina Slater had stolen from his office earlier. His Secretary reminded him that Daniel and Wilhelmina were waiting for him. He put on his suit and left telling her to keep looking.

He got to the studio, Wilhelmina and Daniel showed him the concept they intend to use for the December spread. It looked like a war zone with amour tanks on the background and models dressed in camouflages holding toy AK47 rifles. The concept was Wilhelmina’s idea. Bianci told Bradford that everything was ready and Daniel wanted him to see the Mock-up for approval before they proceed for the shooting. He just said “sounds good” (looking troubled and distracted) and that he was going back upstairs. Daniel and Bianci were bewildered at his strange behaviour but Wilhelmina knew what she was doing.

In the next scene, Wilhelmina was relating the incident to the strange woman. She told her Bradford looked very disturbed (obviously because of the missing music box). The woman responded by saying that he got sloppy. Wilhelmina then said “we’ve got a music box”, the music box was opened and playing.

Betty rushed into the house, late for dinner. She approached the dinning table and saw Walter seated at the table with her family. She wasn’t happy to see him and ask what he was doing at her house. He told her that it was Tuesday, Tamale night. She told him they had broken up but Justin said Walter always joined them on Tamale night. Betty was not ready to let go and she said he cheated on her and he could not just jump back in. Ignacio stood up, pulled out a smaller chair beside Walter and told Betty to take her seat, that he did not bring her up to be rude to guests. She thanked her father and quickly took her seat saying that she was starving.

She told them she had fun at the Networking party and Walter remarked that she had started drinking. She ignored him and continued recounting details of the evening she spent chatting and giving out her call cards. We were taken back to the party. The guy that approached her, Carlos Medina, of Isabella Magazine, was showing gave her credit for saving the Fabia layout on her first week but Betty would not accept it saying she was just doing her job. He bought her a drink and was flattering her lavishly while ladies around started flocking around them as a bee is drawn to a flower.

Amanda was with Daniel in his bedroom undressing and complaining about the attention Betty got at the party.

Betty attributed the Fabia layout success to Daniel, by this time there were about 5 ladies and 3 guys around them. Amanda, jealous of the way things were turning out, stepped in between Betty and the guy and started flirting with him. Betty however continued her conversation, telling the guy that she was the lucky one with a good boss.

Marc was also shown detailing how Betty conducted herself to Wilhelmina. Betty was surrounded and she gave her cards to everyone around her. Marc was disgusted by her attitude. (I think those who sat and listened to Betty were simply amused by her. You know seeing someone different from them. Someone new to their false world, who was so simple and naïve). Marc himself was engaged in a chit-chat with another of his kind.

Wilhelmina barked at Marc and said that was not what she wanted to her but ‘choice gossip’ or ‘dirt’ that could help her destroy the lesser magazines. Marc, frightened by her outburst (hiccupped) and promised that he’ll do better next time. She told him there were so many guys like him waiting to take his job and that he should not make her call them. He quickly got up hiccupped repeatedly as if he was having an asthmatic attack and escaped with his coat.

Betty continued recounting the last night’s details to her family, telling them that it was an amazing night. Walter just kept interjecting and interrupting her. (I think he is jealous) Justin told Betty that she’ll be perfect for his school project. On his mother’s enquiry, he explained that they were given a day off (the next day) at school to observe a person whose job they admire for a class project. He asked Betty if she could take him to Mode. Betty said “of course, if it is okay with your mum. Hilda responded in a voice that had an angry undertone to it that the fashion world was not so great and that it is filled with selfish, self-starving tramps that only care for expensive things and clothes that anyone with self respect would not put on. Justin, not one to back away easily asked his mum if he could still go. His mother could only say “don’t say I didn’t warn you”.

The next day, Betty and Justin happened to be on the elevator together with Marc and Amanda. Amanda in her usual way made a sarcastic remark when Betty introduced Justin to her and Marc. Justin who was knowledgeable about fashion took a peek at Amanda’s shoes and commented that it was a 2004 piece. Amanda was embarrassed because she had already lied to Marc. Marc looked at her and said “so you lied.”

When the got to Mode, they saw Wilhelmina and Daniel with Bianci in the conference room already. The latter was furious that another Magazine, Isabella, had stolen their entire feature spread. He was livid with rage that all his work and effort were now worthless. He tore off the posters on the wall, scattered the photographs all over the place while Wilhelmina and Daniel were speechless. He told Daniel that some one from Mode leaked the idea to the other magazine.
Betty, Amanda and Marc stood there perplexed. Betty remembered the guy who approached that night and said “he bought me a drink”.