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Snippets 142

It's time for Jenny and L.A to lick their wounds. He accused her of exposing him to Marissa with the revelation of L.F being his daughter. Jenny assured him that it was not an ill-motivated revelation, because Marissa had already broke her relationship with Pedro She advised him to close in on Marissa, per chance, he could win back her love. Carlos pleaded on behalf of Pedro that Marissa should forgive him, but Marissa said NEVER!

Pedro too had a gashing emotional wound begging for mollification. He sent Pancho to go and beg Marissa on his behalf. His sorrow was multiplied when L.F returned to tell him that Marissa had sworn to have nothing to do with him forever. He wept bitterly for his sin of concealing the truth from Marissa. This hypocrite Pedro refused to learn from this tragedy, because he is still concealing the from L.F that she was the heiress and biological granddaughter of Don Fernando Alcantara.

Consuelo would not rest, her new strategy was to drive Don to the pit of sorrow and depression so that the old man either commits suicide, or would run mad, and is thereby consigned to a mental asylum once again, so that she can inherit his fortune by default.

She distorted the gory picture of Amelia's death to Don by lying that Don's granddaughter, also died in that tragic accident. When Pedro also came to protest to her for lying to the old man that Amelia and him were sent packing from the house because they allegedly stole Don's money. Cosuela denied by telling Pedro that Don was sick and was only hallucinating, because she never told Don that Pedro and Amelia stole anything from Don.

Don fainted again and was rushed by Vanessa and Rigoberto to the hospital. Consuelo seems to be winning... She was happy that Don has gone back to where she always wanted him:- OUT OF CIRCULATION!!! Carlos examined Don and reassured Vanessa and Rigo that it was just an emotional trauma that Don is suffering from, and that he would soon recover fully from that state.

Clarita became afraid of the enormous risk that Caesar was taking for Carlos. She went to plead with Ordo'ñez to advise Caesar not to break into L.A's office to remove the stolen documents of the bank. She expressed her fear that it may lead to the imprisonment of Caesar if caught.

Xochil brokered an explosive meeting between Alfredo and L.F. Alfredo accused her of unfaithfulness by eating around city restaurants with Carlos Eduardo. She, in turn, told Alfredo to shut up, and not to insult her moral standing. She also accused Alfredo of leaking to Jenny that, she was L.A's biological daughter, which propelled Jenny to reveal it to Marissa, and which eventually caused the break up between Marissa and Pedro.

Carolina felt threatened by Jenny's aggressive attitude, so she warned Armando to desist from interacting with L.F so that they could win back the favor of Jenny.

L.F went to visit Don at the hospital and spoke for quite a while with the old man in his unconscious state. Carlos marveled at her faith and thought silently about the magnetic attraction between L.F and Don, even though, both did not know yet that they were blood relatives.

Snippets 141

Jennifer de la Jealous carried her desperate battle to a restaurant where Carlos and L.F were having lunch. She shouted on the top of her voice against L.F, saying that Marissa hates her and would never allow her to marry her son- Carlos Eduardo. She told her that Marissa sees her as a deceiver, along with her opportunist gardener father, Pedro. She told her that Marissa would have nothing to do with a family of hideous liars again, and had broken up with Pedro. When L.F wanted to reply Jenny, Carlos calmed her down, telling her that he would take her to go and meet Marissa to explain the whole drama to her.

As soon as they left to see Marissa, Jenny rushed to see Alfredo, warning him that Carlos and L.F were in a restaurant eating together, like lovers, and that they follow each other everywhere round Mexico city.

As Marissa was explaining to Nana Rosario why she broke up with Pedro because he hid the truth of L.F's paternity from her, saying, she no longer could trust him. Carlos and L.F arrived. Marissa told her that she would not listen to L.F's lame excuse and that it was too late to come and give her a 'cock & bull' story. Carlos persuaded Marissa to hear out L.F's version. After Marissa listened to her, She told her not to come near her house again, and that she should tell her father not come to beg her, since she was finished with him.

Dr. Arreola warned Alfredo that his illness needs more of psychotherapy than physiotherapy. He told him that he should seek a psychotherapeutic solution, because of his obsessive emotional battles with Carlos Eduardo.

Don Fernando returned back home and met Rigo on her way out to search for him. He told her that he had been with Pedro at his floral shop. Suzanna came to visit Pedro and accused him of cheating on her. She asked him how serious was his relationship with that woman, meaning Marissa. Pedro replied that Suzanna should not worry about him again, because he did not love her again. He told her that It was Marissa that he now loves.

Caesar was able to locate the key to L.A's office where the stolen documents were kept. Alicia, L.A's secretary, began to suspect why Caesar was behaving strangely. Caesar lied to her that his irrational behavior stems from his pregnant wife's appendicitis illness, that is stressing him.

Vanessa also came to warn Pedro to brace up and reveal to L.F that she was the heiress and granddaughter of Don Fernando Alcantara. Pedro was reluctant and indecisive.

Guillermo began to train Xochil as an apprentice model.

L.A's plot to defraud Rubén nears completion and maturity.

Snippets 140

Marissa confronted L.A in the presence of Jenny over his paternity of Luisa Fernanda. L.A played the hero by telling her that he had come to confess the truth to her when he found her in the romantic embrace of Pedro kissing him. He said he retreated, thinking that her righteous lover, Pedro would tell her the truth.

He told her that Pedro was more evil than him because he is hiding so many things from her. He advised her never to trust Pedro, who had deceived her by covering up that he was not the biological father of L.F. Jenny also warned her not to believe her son, because he colluded with Pedro to hide that information from her just to get back with L.F.

A devastated Marissa went straight to Pedro to accuse him of being a liar and deceiver over his supposed paternity of L.F. She broke her engagement and impeding marriage to Pedro and told him that she did not want to see him again.

A worried L.F decided to go to Marissa to clarify that she got to know that L.A was her father only some few days earlier, and that she would never regard him as her father, but would continue seeing Pedro as her true father. She had to embark on this mission because she knew that Jenny was capable of pitching Marissa against her because Carlos had broken up with her.

Rigo was chased out by Consuelo to search for Don who had disappeared from the house.

There was disarray in the camp of Jennifer. She got to know that Armando had confided in L.F, his half sister, that it was her (Jenny), who told Marissa about L.F being L.A's daughter. Jenny sent Armando packing from her apartment, but Carol was opposed.

Don Fernando told Pedro and Pancho the contorted lied of Consuelo which sent him into sorrow. Pedro told him that it was a lie, and that Amelia and her boyfriend never stole any money from him. Pedro insisted that Don should go back home and ask Rigo for the full truth behind what made him chase Amelia out.

Alfredo and Carlos had another fierce battle over the plan of Alfredo to frustrate L.F from coming back to him (Carlos). He accused Alfredo of distorting the truth, by inciting L.F with lies that he (Carlos) chased Alfredo out of his house when he came to report to Marissa. After Carlos left, Alfredo swore to Xochil that he would take vengeance against Carlos for taking L.F away from him.

L.F alerted Carlos of the plans of Jenny to expose to Marissa that they were hiding L.A's paternity from Marissa.

Snippets 139

The anger of an emotionally wounded and rejected Jennifer was like a fiery furnace. She headed to expose Pedro and Carlos to Marissa. She told Marissa that her new lover, Pedro, has been hiding the fact that Luisa Fernanda was not his daughter, but the daughter of her estranged husband, Luis Alejandro. She told her that her son Carlos Eduardo was an accomplice in the hideous game. She did all this to hit back at L.F and Carlos, because Carlos had finally parted ways with her, and she told Marissa about this too.

The burden of guilt weighed heavily on Don Fernando, he was heart broken for his maltreatment of his late daughter Amelia. He slipped out of the house, walking the streets and ended up in the park weeping profusely. Pancho and Salvador saw this old man weeping as they walked by on there way to Ordonez-Lupe wedding. The stopped to console him and took him to Pedro's floral shop.

Carlos went to the new house he just bought to pack his belongings from there, since he has parted ways with Jenny. She tried desperately to seduce him but Carlos refused her advances and kisses. He advised her to be contented and happy with the man (Guillermo), who loves her dearly.

Marissa was so furious and told Jenny that she could not help her to get Carlos back, because she was already living with Guillermo. She however demanded of her to escort her to meet L.A to confirm the truth of L.F being his daughter.

Carlos announced to Mujica that the stolen documents from the bank now resides in L.A's new office, and that he was planning to break into the place without anyone's knowledge to retrieve them.

Consuelo warned L.A that his son, Armando knew that She (Consuelo) was responsible for the woes of Amelia and L.F. L.A assured her that he would handle Armando and incite him to oppose Pedro in their battle.

Pedro sat L.F down to tell her the story of Amelia's rich family, L.F stood up, telling him that she is not interested in it.

Snippets 138

Rigoberto let the cat out of the bag. She told Don about his daughter, Amelia whom he sent out of his house, over 20 years ago, because she got impregnated by her boyfriend. She also told him that Amelia gave birth to a baby girl, and was jilted by her boyfriend. That she lived with a poor gardener until her death. The old man was very sad that he could have done such a wicked thing to his daughter in the past. He said he would not forgive himself for such wickedness.

When Consuelo returned, Don queried her over the revelation of Rigo. Consuelo lied and twisted the story upside down. She told Don that he sent Amelia out because Amelia and her boyfriend stole his money, and he decided to punish her by sending her and her boyfriend out of the house. Don broke down and wept bitterly for his alleged past deeds.

Vanessa and her fiance agreed to honor Carlos and L.F as the godfather and godmother of their baby that would be born after their wedding.

Guillermo went to confess to Marissa that he loved Jenny but Jenny is still going out with Carlos. Marissa advised him to be patient with Jenny. Jennifer, later apologized to Guillermo for standing him on, all day, while she went to discuss with Carlos Eduardo. Guillermo invited her for another "supper" in his hotel, she accepted.

Since Lupe moved to the house of her new husband, Caesar and Clarita announced to Marissa that they were moving to Lupe's former house, having collected the keys from her. Caesar also confirmed to Marissa that L.A was the new legal adviser to his father's company.

Xochil and L.A were in a bar, she shared with him her sadness, caused by the infatuation and obsession of Alfredo for L.F. L.A told her to forget Alfredo, that he would give her a fulfilled, romantic and settled life with lots of money to accompany.

The lawyer friend of Alfredo encouraged him to take his medication and get well quick, so he can fight as a whole man and not as an invalid for Luisa Fernanda's love.

Carlos Eduardo made plans to break into and remove the bank's stolen document from L.A's office.

Snippets 137

The characteristic spots of the leopard refused to change. L.A began a grand plot to defraud Reuben, his benefactor and childhood friend. He took his hatchet man, Solozarno to move round the office and monitor what is happening there.

Carlos Eduardo challenged and mocked Alfredo, he told him that he had no shame, going about to look for people to morally blackmail L.F to marry him. When Alfredo saw L.F later, she reported Carlos to her, saying that Carlos chased him out of Marissa's house and mocked him. Xochil was available to comfort him.

Vanessa's wedding preparations received a boost when Don gave a money to go ahead and purchase a beautiful wedding gown.

Ordonez and Lupe were formally joined by the judge from the marriage registry, with Marissa present as an enthusiastic witness.

Pedro threatened Consuelo that he would tell the whole truth about Amelia and Luisa Fernanda to Don at the first opportunity he has, to talk to him. He told her to escort him, so that both of them would go and confess to L.F that Don was her biological grandfather and Consuelo her aunt, as well as letting her know that she was the heiress to Don's fortune.

Snippets 136

L.F declared to Alfredo that she is no longer interested in his manipulative games. She declared that she is no longer bound by her moral vow to stay by him for better for worse. She told him that he has a chronic case of obsession, and should seek the intervention of a psycho-therapist to help him recover, his sanity. He begged L.F to forgive him for his inquisitive attitude. She told him to for get about her.

Carlos told Jennifer that now that she has found a man to kiss her, she should go in peace and for get about any marriage to him. Jenny denied the kiss, saying that the man was her modelling director, and was just pecking her.

In the midst of their argument, a messenger arrived with a bunch of fresh flowers from Guillermo. Jenny was boiling with rage, she tore the flowers to shreds and threw them away.

Alfredo came home depressed and angry because of the break up between him and L.F, he maltreated Xochil on getting home. She confronted him and told him to change his attitude bitterness towards her, or she would leave the house and go elsewhere. afraid of losing at both ends he apologized to her and asked her to accompany him to the wedding reception of Lupe and Ordonez which would take place in Marissa's house next day.

Caesar called Carlos and requested to talk to him in privacy, he told Carlos that he saw the bank documents stolen by robbers from his mother's house in his father's office, precisely in L.A's office.

With the reinstatement of Vanessa's fiance, by Don, they also began to prepare for their own wedding.

Armando visited L.F to become more familiar with her. While they were chatting, Jennifer bursted into her house and demanded to speak with L.F. L.F ignored her, saying that she had no business with her. Jennifer began to shout on top of her voice, that she should leave Carlos alone. L.F told her that she is the only one whom Carlos loved and there is nothing she could do to help her, if Carlos decided to jettison her.

Armando quickly phoned Carlos to tell him that Jenny and L.F are fighting over him.

It was the wedding day of Lupe and Ordonez. Caesar invited his father to the wedding. Reuben invited Consuelo to accompany him to the wedding. Guillermo also invited Jenny to the wedding.

Ordo'ñez warned Pedro of dire consequences which he would suffer if he does not confess to L.F that she is the heiress to the fortune of her grandfather, Don Fernando, and also to confess to Marissa that L.F is not his biological daughter, but the daughter of L.A. Pedro agreed with him, but refused to follow the warnings of Ordo'ñez.

Carlos Eduardo and L.F saw Jenny and Alfredo, two emotional losers angrily going to report to Marissa. carlos followed them to square up with them.

Snippets 135

Everyone remaining in La Paz (Alfredo and Jennifer), changed their mind, because Carlos and L.F have returned to Mexico, they too returned to Mexico. while in the taxi that brought him back to the city, Alfredo caught a glimpse of L.F and Carlos with Pedrito in the love garden. He became agitated and told the driver to stop, so that he could go and confront them. Xochil told the driver to continue, telling Alfredo not to caused an embarrassment for himself.

Rubén was quite happy with the decision of Caesar to accept his offer to work with him. He proudly presented Caesar to L.A as his son. L.A was surprised, remembering how he maltreated Caesar and sacked him while Marissa was in coma in Baltimore. When Caesar got back home, he told his wife, Clarita that L.A was now an employee of his father, working as his legal adviser.

The love garden brought back the reminiscence of their courtship days for Carlos and L.F. Carlos warned her to spent more time taking care of her son than taking care of Alfredo. He told her that she should not be careless with the health of Pedrito again.

L.A offered Armando another opportunity to work as his personal and legal assistant in his new office. He also told him that he was giving him the job because he knew Armando has a good relationship with his half sister L.F. He instructed him to use that relationship to convince L.F to accept him as her father, because he has turned a new leaf and now repentant. Armando promised to do his best.

Consuelo came to apologize to Rubén for the embarrassment caused him when Don pulled him by the shirt and chased him out of his house. Rubén assured her that he would rent a cosy apartment in the city, where they can meet regularly for their amorous relationship, without distraction by anybody.

Ordo'ñez and Lupe were dumbfounded, when Marissa questioned them about L.A's unknown daughter. Pedro too was so uncomfortable that he had to open his mouth to confess L.F as L.A's daughter. Just before he could do that, Lupe and Ordo'ñez interrupted him by announcing there wedding ceremony would take place the next day. That took the wind off the sail of Pedro's attempted confession to Marissa.

Vanessa sat Don down and Rigoberto as she told them how Consuelo fired her fiancee from the steel company in the absence of Don. I strongly suspected that Vanessa is holding back from full disclosure to Don about Amelia and Luisa Fernanda. Why she does that, I do not know, but I think it is very unprofitable and selfish of her to withhold the information from Don.

After Vanessa left, Consuelo came in and Don instructed her to reinstate Vanessa's fiance whom she had sacked in his absence. Don faced Rigo and asked her if she knew anything about the so-called daughter of his that, Heriberto claimed was dead and, also his granddaughter that was alive. Consuelo melted on one spot, at the hearing of Don's inquiry. Rigo said Yes, she knew all about Don's granddaughter.

Jenny came to visit Carlos and accused him of ignoring her message which she left for him in la Paz. Carlos told her that he saw it and responded by coming to her hotel, but did not want to disturb her when he saw her kissing a man, so he turned back. She was stupefied but rationalized her romantic escapade with Guillermo.

Alfredo also came to visit L.F later in the evening and to stylishly ask her what she was doing in the love garden in the morning. L.F was furious with his underhand method and she warned him not to spy on her life again. She told him that she is tired of his blackmail games.