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Snippets 75

Carlos was obviously unhappy about the decision of Marissa to exclude him from her fortune, if he goes ahead to marry L.F He challenged her decision, but Marissa told him that L.F was a gold-digger who wanted to marry him for his money, and that was what informed her He left her with sadness and went to confront L.A and Jenny, telling them that no manipulation of inheritance is strong enough to stop him from marrying L.F.

Conselo pretended to be on the side of Pedro and began to publicly blame Vanessa for not withdrawing the charges against L.F and for the woes of L.F. She later warned Pedro not to let Don know that L.F was his grand daughter, because, if he reveals it the old man may ask after Amelia, and if he knew that Amelia is dead, he may suffer heart attack. Pedro was happy with this, because he selfishly never wanted to give up being L.F's nominal 'father'.

Rigoberto was so angry that she treated Vanessa with a snob at home, because she testified, out of envy against L.F. Lucero told her to repent of the false affidavit.

Alfredo was desperate for L.F's freedom, so he told Joaquina to convince Pedro to confess to L.A that L.F was his daughter. He felt that only L.A could save L.F from the gaol now. When Joaquina told Pedro to call L.A and confess to him that L.F was his biological daughter. Pedro was traumatized and said NO! He went to the prison to tell L.F, blaming her boyfriend for not coming to visit or bail her out of prison. But L.F told Pedro the Carlos did not know that she was in prison, and that he was in the U.S where he took his mother, Marissa for surgery. L.F was sad to learn that Pedro had mortgaged his house to secure her release from police custody.

Carol phoned Jenny in the U.S telling her that L.F is in police custody for alleged theft of Vanessa's money. Jenny quickly passed the info to L.A pleading with him to make sure that L.F never comes out of prison. L.A phoned Consuela to ask after the fact of the case. He told Consuela to bribe the judge to make sure he sentenced L.F to jail. He promised to reimburse Consuelo when he returns. Consuelo carried out his wishes to the letter and bribed the judge to jail L.F.

Caesar visited L.F in prison and told her the truth that Marissa collapsed and was taken abroad for surgery by Carlos Eduardo. L.F was so concerned that told Caesar not to tell Carlos about her case, so as not to multiply the trouble he is already going through with his mother's illness.

L.A confesses to Jenny that he has successfully tricked Marissa into making him the interim President of Metropolitan Bank in her absence. he however warned her not to let Carlos know about it because Marissa did it without his (Carlos) knowledge.

Rigo succeeded in bringing Don to the prison to hear L.F. Don did not recognize or know L.F again because of his Alzheimer disease. But he promised to give testimony in court to support her. However during the trial, the judge said he could not rely on the testimony of a man who has been medically certified to have memory failure. He therefore sentenced L.F to two years imprisonment.

Carlos was worried that since he traveled, he had not been able to communicate with L.F. Ordonez told him that he phoned the Alcantara's house and nobody picked the phone for a long time, that it appears that nobody was at home.

Solozarno phoned L.A to inform him that Andreina escaped assassination and was helped to board a plane by her man-friend Leopoldo.

Marissa developed respiratory complications during surgery and she went into a long comma, so artificial respiratory machine was plugged into her system.

Snippets 74

L.F doubted Vanessa's statement that Carlos had traveled out, together with Jenny to the U.S. She assumed that the reason why Carlos had not come to bail her from the cell was because Marissa's illness has become very critical.

On the first day of the trial, Alfredo got a lawyer friend of his, Daniel, to stand for L.F. Vanessa testified against L.F. The judge granted L.F bail but there was nobody with money or property to stand surety for her, so she was remanded in prison custody. Pedro was desperate, so, he planned to mortgage his house as surety for L.F's release.

Joaquina and Smiley put moral pressure on Vanessa to withdraw the charges against L.F. Vanessa was so ashamed and full of regret. She went to Consuelo asking to withdraw the case, but Consuelo lied to her that Pedro was a former gardener in the house who sexually abused her when she was a kid.

Carlos tried several times from Baltimore to call L.F but his calls were unsuccessful, so he became worried and told Marissa so. When later, his call went through, it was Pedro who picked it, he cursed Carlos and hanged up on him.

Rigo was able to, after long persuasion, bring Don's memory alive concerning L.F. When he remembered her and asked after her, Rigo explained her predicament and wanted Don to come to testify in court that he was the one that gave Luicito money and she was not a thief. Consuelo interrupted them by administering the sedative on Don again, so he could go to sleep.

In Baltimore, Lic Ordonez told Jenny and L.A that Carlos would be marrying L.F as soon as he returned to Mexico. Jenny was shocked and went to Carlos to confirm the news and he said yes. Jenny begged Marissa to prevent the wedding from taking place by every means possible.

The hired assassins reported back to Solozarno that it was difficult to carry out their operation because, a man-friend (Leopoldo), was with Andreina throughout, till she traveled abroad to the U.S.A

Dr. Espinoza explained the details of the impending surgery on Marissa, saying she has a higher chance of survival and that she would live long if the operation succeeded. He also assured Carlos that, though the disease is hereditary, but tests show that Carlos would not inherit the disease. Marissa was so sad, she told L.A to go and prepare her Will, by dividing all her fortunes into two: Half to Luis Alejandro and half to Carlos Eduardo. She added a clause that Carlos should forfeit the half willed to him, if he goes ahead to marry the gardener's daughter.

L.F became more worried when C.E did not show up at the prison, she began to doubt his love for her, she began to believe what Vanessa told her that he was traveling around with Jennifer. Her prison-mate, Maribel consoled her and told her to have faith in God and accept her present situation.. Armando broke the news of L.F's imprisonment to Carol.

Consuelo visited Pedro to discuss his house which he wanted to sell in order to bail L.F.

Snippets 73

Lic Ordonez was so happy about the reunion and wedding plans of Carlos and L.F He almost revealed the secret that L.A was the father of L.F and she being the granddaughter of Don Alcantara, but he was interrupted a doctor who came to brief Carlos about Marissa's state. So, Ordonez held himself in check, reserving the juicy information to another time when Carlos returns from Baltimore.

L.A informed Jenny of the trip to Baltimore, this opportunist undertaker latched unto the info and quickly arrange to go too on that trip, hoping that she would be able to mend fences and penetrate Carlos heart during the stay together at Baltimore. She left her fashion Academy, Modelling career, including her contract with the advertising agency, behind just to be close to a man who does not love her. These lady and her fellow gigolo, L.A, did not care a hoot if Marissa dies, so long as their respective evil ambitions is fulfilled.

Medina refused to listen to the pleas of innocence by L.F he took her and locked her up in a cell with prostitutes who mocked her. She broke down and wept. She discovered that it was Vanessa who raised a charge of theft against her. She pleaded with Joaquina to quickly go and get in touch with Marissa and Carlos to come and rescue bail her out of the faslehood and Vendetta of Vanessa.

When Joaquina phoned Marissa at home, it was Nana Rosario that picked the call, after hearing the story of incarceration of L.F. She became afraid and refused to tell Carlos, thinking it would further shatter him, emotionally at the point of leaving for Baltimore with his mother. She concealed the information from Carlos. TOO BAD!!!

Just before L.A left for Baltimore, he instructed Solozarno, his right hand man who fixes all his dirty works to get two people to trail Andreina and assassinate her before he returns from Baltimore. He was afraid that she would leak his secret plan of killing Marissa.

Andreina became afraid of the dangerous games of L.A, so she called her mom in Los Angeles, and lied to her that she needed to come over for some reasons. Andreina was so lucky, that Leopoldo came around, just before the assassins arrived, he agreed to take her to the airport. On their way to the airport, the hired assassins followed their trail to the airport. But were frustrated because they never had a moment to isolate and kill Andreina before she boarded the plane that took her to Los Angeles.

Lucero, upon learning that L.F has been arrested, was distressed. she confided in Armando that Vannessa and her step mother falsely accused L.F in order to jail her in retaliation for snatching her boyfriend Carlos Eduardo.

Pedro went to meet Don Fernando to come and rescue his daughter L.F. because of Alzhemier, Do fernando did not recognize Pedro and said he did not know any girl called Luisa Fernanda.

Rigo went to the mental hospital to tell Pedro the news but was told Pedro has been discharged and gone home. She asked for the address of Pedro.

Heriberto passed information to Consuelo that L.A and Jennifer and Carlos Eduardo have gone to Baltimore, escorting Marissa for treatment abroad.

Carlos informed his mom that his wedding preparation have started in earnest, for a quiet wedding to L.F. Marissa was shocked by the sudden announcement and tried to persuade him not to marry L.F but failed. After Jenny travelled to Baltimore, Carol invited Armando to Jenny's apartment for a short honeymoon in the absence of Jenny.

Pedro and Alfredo tried to convince Vanessa to drop the case, but she avoided them and ran to Consuelo's room. So they pleaded with Consuelo to help them convince Vanessa to drop the case. Consuelo, the evil architect and master-planner pretended to be on their side and promised to talk to Vanessa to drop the case. They thanked her and left.

Vanessa overheard that Carlos was out of town with Jennifer on a trip to the U.S when Rigo was telling Consuela. Vanessa went to the police cell to spite L.F by telling her that Carlos would not come to bail her out, since he has gone on a trip to the U.S with Jennifer. L.F was stunned!

Snippets 72

After their first love making, (in the forest) C.E an L.F cut another deeper covenant of eternal love. He promised to marry her immediately as his wife within a week, and never to betray their love. They never knew that villains of fate have conspired to thwart their dreams by the time they would get to the city. They never saw each other again for the over two years, torn apart, by traitors of destiny. Back in the city the next day, Joaquina wanted to know where L.F slept and she just covered up the truth from her. Later when jealous psychiatrist, Alfredo came, L.F accused both him and Joaquina of being responsible for not warning her ahead that Pedro was mad with her for reconciling with C.E.

Rigo was so angry about the accusation of theft against L.F by Consuelo, and she protested it. She threaten to report Consuelo to Don and expose her evil motive for wanting to incriminate L.F. Consuela deliberately did not want Don to recover from the amnesia, so she did not take him to the hospital. Knowing very well that with his amnesia, he would be in no condition to defend L.F.

When Rigo told Don about the plot and actions of Consuelo to incriminate L.F of stealing Vanessa's money, Don told her he had never heard of anybody called Luicito or Vanessa. Amnesia and Alzheimer disease has stolen his precious memory away at the most crucial moment of his life.

Andreina called Jenny aside and warned her that L.A was planning to kill Marissa as he told her and warned Jenny not to be part of the game. Jenny had to confront L.A with Andreina's allegation, but he denied it. Marissa was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

Carlos came to the hospital and because Marissa's condition was in danger, he quickly arranged to take her abroad, to Baltimore, Maryland, USA, for specialist treatment. L.A was sad and he opposed the transfer. He wished Marissa were dead from the overdose of Aspirin, he gave her so that, as her legal husband, he would take charge of her wealth and the administration of the bank. When L.A lost the argument, he now insisted that he too must go on the trip with his wife. He rushed to the office to obtain permission from Heriberto, to travel with his wife for her treatment abroad.

Alfredo granted permission to Pedro to celebrate his birthday at home. Anzola was hoping the celebration would be the opportunity for him to retaliate and stage an entry into L.F's love life during the feast, knowing that Pedro would not tolerate Carlos, (his rival), to appear at the ceremony. While the party was going on to mark the birthday of Pedro, L.F remembered to Phone the Alcantara's house to tell them she would not come to work because it was her father's birthday. Consuelo picked the phone and assured her that there was no problem.

As soon as L.F dropped the phone, Consuela called Detective Medina, that the suspected culprit, in the case of stolen money of Vanessa, L.F has come back to town, that he should go and arrest her at home now. She described the address to Medina. In the height of the birthday party, Medina with other police officers knocked the door and entered, arresting L.F for theft of vanessa's money in Alcantara's house, in the midst of the guest.

Meanwhile, at the airport, Carlos was worried that he never had time to inform L.F of the emergency of travelling to the U.S to take his mom there for treatment. Ordonez assured him that Lupe would pass the information to L.F and he should not worry anymorew. Carlos now instructed Ordonez to get ready every preparation necessary for a quiet wedding between him and L.F, as soon as he returned to Mexico from the USA, He also told him to give L.F any amount of money, she may need to buy things in readiness for the wedding.

Armando repoerted for work as a legal intern and personal assistant to L.A only to be told that his boss has travelled to the USA.

Episode 63: No To Manipulation!

Jennifer de la Vega is loosing the battle on every front. Having failed to intimidate L.F at home, she headed straight for Carlos office with her bag of tricks. Carlos was surprised with her early morning visit, which he supposed could not be a social visit because it was too early for that. She faltered, and said she just came to alert him of an emergency about L.F, whom she claimed was cheating on him with Alfredo.

Carlos challenged her where she got her information from. She said she saw 'the stupid psychiatrist' in her house early this morning and her entry seem to have disrupted an 'action'. Carlos was furious and questioned her on what she was doing in L.F's house, when has she become a good friend of L.F to warrant an early morning visit. She lied that she went to her house to advise L.F not to toy with Carlos love and to treasure it and not cheat on him.

Carlos laughed and "thanked" her for her Samaritan charity. He now faced her with his characteristic snarl reserved only for L.A and Alfredo, saying: "... Leave us alone! neither of us are going to let you, this time, or anyone else, to manipulate us!" Jenny was dazed that her old tricks have lost its potency, she was ashamed and humiliated out of Carlos office.


She went straight to Marissa's office, hysterical and desperately begging her to intervene and instruct Carlos not to marry a gardener's daughter, and that he should marry her(Jenny) if he wants her(Marissa's) parental blessings. Marissa was telling her how difficult that assignment would be because Carlos is an adult. In the midst of their pity-party, wild Andreina burst in on them confronting Marissa and warning her to desist from luring L.A back to her house and life because now she was his woman.

Marissa returned her fire, saying that she is still his legally Married wife and therefore had a right to still talk to him without her permission. Moreover, she said her office was not a platform for angry outburst of emotional and personal discussion. She threatened her to leave her office now or security men would throw her out! Andreina walked out like a person that was just drenched in a bucket of very cold water.

Pedro repented of hitting L.F on the face, he begged for her forgiveness and told her that he had become a monster and she should help him by forgiving him. Alfredo came in to manage his patient, he embraced L.F to calm her down from weeping and began to touch and carry her face, petting her as if she was his baby. I believe if this guy should turn 80% of the care he has for L.F and concern he has about Carlos unto Pedro, he would have been healed of his insanity. He explained that Pedro may suffering from Schizophrenia, a condition that makes a person to have misconstrued perception of the world around him.

When L.F reported at the Alcantaras for her daily duties, she pleaded for pardon for coming late due to her father's conditions. Don and Rigo understood her situation and sympathized with her. She bursted into tears again because of the overwhelming emotional stress she was going through. Don held like like a daughter and she wept her heart out on his shoulder. Rigo was nodding in knowledge of the truth. Don demanded that he wanted to meet her father to convince him not to interfere in her relationship with Carlos.

Consuela entered and watched to her consternation how Don and Rigo were chatting with L.F as if she were a member of the family and not a house maid. She interrupted their discussion telling the old man that she had issues from the company she wanted to discuss with him. He replied harshly, scolding her for interrupting his more important discussion with Luicita. Rigo quickly took L.F out to the garden, they met Ordonez at the door who came to meet Consuelo and Don. Ordonez was shocked to see L.F there, but Rigo explained to him that L.F works in the house.

It was revealed during discussion that Don did not know about the proposed loan by Consuelo. She had to explain to both Ordonez and Don the purpose. Ordonez was lost in thought, obviously concluding that Don and the nhousehold did not know about L.F being a heiress and grandaughter of Don. Carlos came to the garden ato embrace L.F after he had hot disputations with Alfredo over L.F. Rigo excused them at the garden.