Friday, December 21, 2007

Knock, Knock,... Who's There?

Welcome to Snippet 107 of El Cuerpo del Deseo telenovela. We are rushing to complete the story in the next few hours before Chistmas. To catch the flow, in case you miss any, just go to the Telenovela Site Map. Gaetana and Camillo went to visit Salvador, but Walter and Rebeca rudely told her that Salvador was not in and insulted her clothing which looked like a carnival assortment. Abigail came and prevented a physical fight from happening between Gaetana and Rebeca, Walter and Camillo. Abigail and Simon explained to Gaetana what had so far happened to Salvador, that he and Isabel had left that evening.

Walter and Rebeca told the household that they think Salvador took Isabel by force to kill Isabel. Rebeca later called the police and a detective and told them Salvador was dangerous and that (according to Walter new embellishment of the story) Salvador had even dragged Isabel by her hair.

Salvador and Isabel went into a wonderful beach clubhouse where they met Rebecca’s friend Pillar and her friends. Isabel called Salvador Pedro in front of them and told Pillar that she just wanted to be alone with Salvador.

The detective said he wanted to ask everyone including Vicky who was present at the family meetings questions. Vicky thought it was crazy that the detective thought Salvador was dangerous. Salvador would never harm a fly in fact it had been Isabel who had confessed to killing Andre and perhaps even poisoning Mr. Donoso. The detective could not believe his ears and asked Vicky twice to repeat what she had said. Vicky told the detective of how Isabel had confessed the previous night.

Back at the resort, Rebecca’s ex-friend Pillar and her friends were still wondering why Isabel called Salvador by her first husband’s name, Pedro. The friend assumed that maybe she got married so many times at she mixed up the names, and surprisingly Salvador did not seam annoyed at Isabel calling him by her first husband’s name. She admitted to Pillar that Salvador and Isabel looked as such a nice couple that she was almost envious of them.

Back at the Donoso house, Rebeca was shouting at Vicky (for telling the truth to the Detective that Isabel killed Andre and poisoned Pedro), in-front of Walter, Abigail, Antonio, Angela, and Simon. Vicky told Rebeca that she could not lie to a policeman. Simon told Rebeca that it was her fault because she was the one who called the police. Vicky said she could not help telling the truth as she was interrogated by the police. Rebeca insulted Vicky and Vicky called Rebeca a stupid old hag. The two almost fought physically, but were broken up. Angela told Vicky that it was okay she told the truth as Isabel had confessed to all of them and that it was Isabel’s responsibility to prove whether she was innocent.

Isabel and Salvador were having a wonderful time at the resort dancing, Rebecca’s friend Pillar was gossiping about her to her friends again. She warned her Doctor friend that she had heard a lot of negative stories about Salvador from Rebeca... Meanwhile Pedro (looking once again like his old self) told Isabel that the only thing that mattered was that they were together. Meantime, Rebeca had a nightmare about Isabel and woke up. Back on the dance floor the original Pedro had the headache and converted into the original Salvador (Cantalicia’s hubby)...

Isabel asked Salvador if he was okay and called him Pedro. The original Salvador recovering from the same headache Pedro had, asked Isabel who was Pedro?

The original Salvador then stated jerking around and falling on people. Pillar Rebecca’s friend was shocked. The original Salvador started fighting with the people, and a Waiter tried holding him down. Isabel was perplexed at the whole situation. Salvador knocked the Waiter away and the clubhouse was almost cleared until someone hit Salvador behind his head with a bottle until it broke. Salvador fell down unconscious.

Pillar’s friend the doctor came to help and examined Salvador and reassured Isabel that he was just unconscious. Pillar reprimanded Salvador’s actions and announced that someone should call the police as Salvador was acting crazy. Isabel defended Salvador/Pedro and harshly told Pillar that she was responsible for Salvador as she was his wife. The waiter, Isabel and Pillar’s doctor friend carried Salvador upstairs to their room. Salvador woke up as up as Pedro (maybe his spirit was activated when Salvador was hit on the head).

Salvador/Pedro refused to be examined by the doctor. The doctor went downstairs and confirmed to Pillar that what happened to Isabel and Salvador was very strange. Even though Salvador had suffered a strange attack, he was as strong as a mule as he woke up as soon as he was laid down. Pillar told her doctor friend that Salvador was indeed strong as he had almost cleared the clubhouse. Pillar’s doctor friend said that Isabel was still calling Salvador ‘Pedro’ and Salvador did not seam to mind. Pillar said she had to call Rebeca and tell her of what happened. The doctor friend excused herself so as to check on her Father who was very old and was in his room located in the clubhouse.

Pillar called Rebeca, and Walter answered the phone. Later when Rebeca went to the phone, she told Pillar that she had a lot of nerve to call there as she had broken their friendship. Pillar told Rebeca that she had called due to something important concerning her niece Isabel and Salvador.. This caught Rebecca’s attention and Pillar told her everything about how Salvador had an attack and Isabel had defended him. Rebeca (and Walter who was giving Rebeca instructions at the background) asked Pillar to give the address of the clubhouse so that they could inform the police, where Salvador and Isabel was.

Back in their room in the clubhouse, Salvador confirmed to Isabel that the only thing he remembered last was dancing with her (he never told her about how the real Salvador materializes). Isabel confirmed that she had not understood what had caused the attack.

At the same-time, Isabel asked Salvador they had to go away from the county club so as she could have him all for herself and she did not want to share him with anybody. Salvador told Isabel that he also wanted her all for himself. Pillar’s friend who is also a doctor came to check on Isabel and warned Isabel that she had heard that the club owner would call the police on them. Isabel thanked the doctor. Salvador wondered if it was necessary to leave quickly. Isabel saw the urgency to do so and so they left.

The police and the detective came to check on Isabel and Salvador in the room but they were not there.

Salvador and Isabel were still diving on the road. Isabel wanted to go at the country house, but Pedro told Isabel that they could be found there so he suggested they go to a town near the boarder. Salvador/Pedro asked Isabel if she was sure she wanted to go with him. Isabel said that she would go wherever Pedro left and asked him not to ask her again as she felt insulted when he did so.

The Departure...

After Second Chance telenovela Snippet 105, now continues this snippet 106... Back at Gaetana’s place a group of people wearing Halloween costumes and masks tried to rob Gaetana and her customers violently. Evaristo, who is the owner of the house and the man infatuated and in love with Gaetana came and scared the robbers’ away single handed. Gaetana was encouraged to give him a gift for being the hero. Evaristo kissed Gaetana and Gaetana fainted dead away...

Lupe, Evaristo, Matilda and Camillo carried Gaetana to the privacy of her room. There Gaetana suddenly awoke and asked everyone to leave her and Evaristo alone. She told Evaristo she had faked the whole fainting episode to be alone with him and give him what he deserved; she seductively went to him and hit him on the face hard like a man. Who did Evaristo think she was? She was no fool. At first she thought she was being robbed but when she saw Evaristo coming in with a gun, she had already known the whole thing was his set up. After being punched some more, Evaristo confessed the truth and Lupe and Camillo had to pried Gaetana away from Evaristo so that she could not hit him some more.

Gaetana wished Salvador had been there as if he had been such a situation would not have happened. She was now even thinking of selling the bar....

The two maids tried to listen to the conversation...

Salvador/Pedro told the household that he did not expect them to accept him soon but asked them to let him say goodbye once again in his own way. He purposefully went upstairs to the study and started playing the piano one last time.

Everyone listened from below until Valeria was first to climb upstairs to see Salvador/Pedro playing the piano. Everyone followed her and soon the studio was surrounded by the entire household. Angela had an emotional attack and Antonio guided her to her room. Vicky ran out crying, Simon and Abigail eventually went to their rooms and Simon hopped Pedro would stop torturing them with his music... Walter and Rebeca were utterly horrified. Later, Rebeca told Walter that of all people, she had to fall in love and go out with a dead man and not just any dead man, but the old man Donoso.

Isabel and Valeria were eventually the only ones left. Isabel begged Pedro to stop, but it looked like he was not hearing her so she ran out of the room. Valeria was the only one who remained and she moved closer and looked at Salvador playing the piano adoringly, and at the same time, we see Salvador playing we can see Pedro’s instead of Salvador’s reflection at the top of the piano.

Pedro stopped playing and went to see Isabel. But Isabel had locked her room and refused him to enter. Valeria adoringly touched the piano keys that Pedro had touched. Isabel went and got her revolver. She sat down on the floor kissed Pedro’s picture and hugged it close to her heart and positioned the gun to the roof of her mouth. Salvador managed to enter the room and could only see Isabel at the floor. He did not see Isabel pointing the gun now at her head. When Salvador/Pedro had just casually put his coat on his chair, he saw Isabel was about to kill herself and begged her not to. He sat next to Isabel and tried asking Isabel to give him the gun.

The gun went off, which startled everyone. Simon went to investigate what was happening and called out to Salvador and Isabel outside their bedroom, but Salvador told him not to enter. Salvador had managed to remove the gun from Isabel before she could kill herself. Salvador removed the bullets from the gun and started packing their belongings. Soon, Isabel joined him and gladly put her clothes in the suitcase. He told Isabel that they may never return back to the house ever again. Isabel was okay with that. Her life was now Pedro’s.

Simon and Abigail took Valeria out of the study as she had remained looking and touching the piano in wonder that she had seen Salvador/Pedro playing it.

Salvador/Pedro and Isabel silently crept out of their bedroom and as they left, Salvador/Pedro made sure he left the door to the study wide open. Walter saw as Isabel and Salvador calmly left the house for the last time.

Pedro and Isabel drove around in the car. Isabel said she was not scared as her life was in his hands and that if he wanted to kill her, he would go ahead. Pedro got out of the car and put his hand around Isabel’s neck.

Isabel confessed that even though Andre gave her poison to poison him, she never used it. Andre had realised that she was getting attached to Pedro and thus had wanted her to use the poison, but since she had grown fond of Pedro as Pedro loved her in a special way that had made her feel worthy and important, she never used the poison and therefore Pedro died in a natural way where he had a natural heart attack. (I think probably she was saying the truth as she now has nothing to loose and again the bottles of poison were intact first in the first episodes when she washed away the poison and again later when Andre found the poison and wanted to use it against Isabel, he found a sealed bottle in Isabel’s I think maybe she was being honest).

Pedro released her and they went on their honeymoon. On one occasion, Pedro and Isabel were in another lake rowing the boat and Isabel threw the oars to shoe Pedro she meant no harm and wanted just to get lost with him.