Monday, March 19, 2007

Niurka Linares - Ana Patricia Rojo

Ana Patricia Rojo (Niurka Linares): It is almost natural to end up on the stage or screen, if your father was a celebrated telenovela actor with over 70 soaps to his credits, and your mother is a former beauty queen (Miss Peru), and your grandmother was a celebrity author and writer.

That is the briefest biography or "Telenov-Ana" of this thriller actress, Ana Rojo.

We have met this stunningly beautiful and flamboyant actress before, she was called Georgina, the scheming daughter of a rich medical director of a large hospital, who fell in love with Jose Armando, in Esmeralda.

She played the role of a walker and 'waitress' in CRYSTAL night club owned by Natalio. From there, she entered the dens of the lioness (Leona) and lion (Leon). Natalio fell in love with her, but that only brought more trouble her way, because Leona, her co-waitress was the regular girlfriend of Natalio.

That hot rivalry led Leona to set her equally evil brother- Leon, to get rid of her rival with a bullet in the back. That sent her permanently to a wheelchair, from where her doctor, Nicholas, fell in love with her, and broke his engagement to Carolina Montalban, his fiancee. Don't forget that Niurka was the first daughter of Matilde and elder sister of Rebeca Linares.

Matilde Linares - Susana Dosamantes

Veteran actress Susana Dosamantes a.k.a "Matilde Linares" was a doubly lucky woman. This is one woman who had the rare opportunity of a rematch game with destiny ... and she won! She was a stark illiterate and a matrimonial failure. Her second marriage was aborted at the gate of decision.

Adalberto Satander, her proposed second husband-to-be, chickened out of that relationship after she got pregnant, and Adalberto was advised by his parents to steer clear of her because they 'suspected' her to have many lovers, and that the pregnancy may not be his.

They did this obviously to get him out of an impending marriage to a "Mrs. Nobody", and get him to marry somebody with a big family name and wealth power- Regina Montalbán!

From that moment when she was forsaken by Adalberto, her life went down the drain. She became sickly and lived on the edge of penury, barely scrapping a living from menial and odd jobs, to raise a family of three children - two (Niurka and Rebeca), from two different men, and a third child (Patty), adopted as an extra and nuisance burden, on an already prostrate family.

At the end of two decades, Adalberto returned with repentance to her, and re-married her. She happily lived thereafter with her husband and was invited by Sergio Montalbán to live in the big mansion and stupendous wealth.

Martín García - Pablo Montero

Pablo Montero, 32 year old Mexican actor acted as Martín García in this telenovela. He was one of the two people that marched on the path of ironic love.

To you, all silent lovers out there, there is a lesson that we could learn from Martín. Very handsome but shy and cowardly. Humble to a fault. He was a childhood friend of Rebeca Linares. Crossing the line of puppy love to real adult affection became a mountain for him. He suffered in silence for a long time before he could give expression to his love for Rebeca.

He worked as the bartender at the CRYSTAL night club. As his heart-beats pumped after Rebeca, so was the heart-beat of another silent lover, Violeta panted after him. He never knew, just as Rebeca never knew too. Violeta was the daughter of his godmother whom he lived with.

He was the third man, after Sergio and Eduardo, in the turbulent romantic life of Rebeca. Until Princesa showed up.

Princesa Izaguirre - Gaby Espino

Actress Gaby Espino "Princesa Izaguirre" played her first 'wicked' role as a spoilt, rich girlfriend of Eduardo, lacking virtues and plotting evil continually. She was the princess among 'the three witches' which included Sara and Regina. Remember that we had a similar wicked trio of Angela, Babara and Berenice in Cuando Seas Mia (When you Are Mine)?

Like her boyfriend, she was a bundle of confusion, not really sure whether to follow her heartbeats or headaches. Martin was her heartbeats while Eduardo was her headaches.

Her relationship with Eduardo later turned sour when she schemed and got Rebeca Linares sacked from her workplace. She later fell in love with Martin. A love that would made her to become remorseful and also broke her arrogance, (who says love can't melt a stony heart?). She had to stoop, as she truly wanted to marry humble Martin.

Before then, this princess of perfidy almost devastated and decimated the Montalbán fortune through a series of fictitious financial deals that swindled that family of their mansion and other assets, as a mark of her vengeance for being jilted.

Being married to Eduardo and having his daughter Marcelito did not stop her from infidelity with Martin. Adalberto, disapproved of her because she hated Rebeca with passion, and spinned many horrible schemes with Regina, to prevent the meeting and reunion of father and daughter, but at the end, she failed, woefully.

She had two diametrically opposed siblings, Tony and Nicholas, more about them later.

Sara Santos - Elluz Peraza

Don't be deceived by the mean stare and shabby make-up of actress Elluz Peraza (Sara Santos), who played the role of the bitter porter and old housemaid of the Montalbáns. 30 years ago she won the beauty pageant - Miss Venezuela. Her reign was the shortest in the history of pageants. She resigned and returned the coveted crown, after one and a half days. Why? Because of the irresistible pull of marriage at her then, prime age of 19 years.

"Sara" acted the most despicable role of seducing her boss, Sergio Montalbán, after making him to be drunk. The result of that 'one-night stand' was the pregnancy which produced Carolina, the daughter of Sergio. The unfortunate girl and heiress to the Montalbán fortune never had an inkling that the housemaid was her biological mother.

She gave birth to Carolina, the same night as Marcela, the wife of Sergio had a still-birth. A criminal exchange was transacted by Sergio and Sara, as they replaced the dead girl with infant Carolina without the knowledge of Marcela, just like it happened in Esmeralda.

Sara later went on to murder her mistress and wife of Sergio - Marcela, in an orgy of envy and bitter jealousy in an inferno that she deliberately started.

When Sergio ignored her and went on to marry a fresh and young Rebeca Linares, she poured the venom of her hatred in conspiracy against and persecution of this young girl, making her marriage to Sergio a tale of woes.

The inevitable law of retribution later caught up with Sara, she died in a similar inferno, but not before she committed other murders, if you must know who, then read on, as we begin posting the story, after the actors profiles.