Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The D(Disappointment)-Day!

Cludia Isla AdelaAt last, the D-day is here. It was a day of disappointment for the Negrete family. The whole of their plans went up in a puff. Right from the house, where they were confronted with a writ of summon from the court by creditors, who threaten to put Gustavo in jail for defaulting to pay his monumental debts.

Emilia was able to obtain an invitation to the wedding ceremony in church, from her friend, Martina. Antoniete attached herself to Emilia for the grand occasion.

Carmelo overheard Antoniete as she was mocking Lupe that he is not sure and could not bet the paternity of his children- Sebastian and Martina. This information later became an arsenal in the hands of Carmelo.

Carmelo later went to negotiate with Antonete to help him prove that Sebastian was not the true son of Lupe, because he believed he (Carmelo) was the true heir. Nothing goes for nothing, Antoniete laid down conditions for helping Carmelo: "Trouble and torment Lupe and I will tell you your true paternity!" This was a hard one for him to swallow.

Adela chattered a Limousine to carry the bridal family to the hacienda ranch. On arrival they were ushered into the unkempt hovel of Carmelo where they had a change of clothes. This was the premeditated plot to humiliate them. They all protested the treatment, but played along knowing that after the wedding they would be taken to the big Mendoza mansion.

Carmelo was instantly stunned by the angelic beauty of Catalina, he secretly fell in love with her immediately. He also stuck to the humiliation plot, as he drove the whole family on a pick-up truck to the church.

On arrival at the church, they were welcomed by Sebastian and Catalina chose the opportunity to greet and tell Lupe that she was pleased to meet her father-in-law. Guadalupe launched his own part of the 'love test' by 'correcting' her, saying that he was not Sebastian's father. He 'claimed' that Sebastian was only his foreman, and he only loved him as if he were his own son.

Catalina lost her balance and composure on hearing this. Sebastian quickly told her that he hid the 'truth' from her because he was afraid of loosing her love. He too corroborated the lie that, he was a foreman, ... then, all hell broke loose as Adela and Ricardo vehemently and stridently protested the deception...