Saturday, November 25, 2006

Snippets 80

L.F gave birth to a bouncing baby boy that was a carbon copy of Carlos Eduardo. Rigo and Pedro came to visit her at the maternity, they were moved with compassion for the new born baby. Rigo advised her to take the baby to the asylum to greet Don so that he can give her his blessings.

Lic Ordonez warned Carlos not to live together with Jenny, because he still loves L.F. Carlos went to talk to Marissa, who was still in coma, thinking aloud with desire to follow her counsel to get back together with Jenny, if that would make her to wake up.

Alfredo did not waste time in proposing marriage to L.F. She told him that it was too early for that because the memories of her love for Carlos Eduardo is still pervasively strong. Later when Consuelo and Vanessa met Alfredo, he told them that L.F has regained her freedom because an incorruptible judge reviewed her case and released her. Consuela almost fainted with astonishment at this news. Vanessa was happy. Consuelo never gave up, she began a fresh investigation into the activities of L.F, in order to know how she must strike next.

Rigo took L.F to visit Don at the mental asylum. Don was exceedingly happy, even though he did not remember having met Luisito before. He was happy to carry the new baby. Luisito announced to him that she had named the boy after him and her father, as a mark of affection and honor. She called his name as: PEDRITO FERNANDO.

On the first birthday anniversary of Pedrito, while all relatives and friends gathered to celebrate it, Alfredo proposed to marry L.F again. This time she accepted but, on the condition that they would have to be in courtship for some time to determine if marriage is possible or workable between them. Alfredo was overjoyed with her conditional acceptance.

In the course of his work, Pedro saw a homeless young boy called Salvador, that roams about the streets. He had compassion on him, so he adopted him as his son took him home and took care of him.

By a miracle and divine intervention, Marissa came out of coma, after two long years. She returned back to Mexico in a wheel chair. The doctor said with regular physiotherapy exercise, she would gradually recover the full use of her limbs. L.A was shocked with the revival and return of Marissa, he had thought that she would die from her state of coma. The schemer once again pretended as if he was happy, with emotional tears, welcoming her and thanking God that she survived the coma.

Carlos Eduardo also went back to work in the former hospital where he was an intern. Jenny told Marissa the 'testimony' of reconciliation with Carlos and how both of them lived together as a couple for two years in Baltimore, telling her that L.F is no longer a hindrance to their love because she has finally broken up with C.E. Marissa urged her to quickly consummate the marriage and stop living like a concubine with him.

Pedrito was ill with high fever and Alfredo brought L.F and the boy for treatment at the hospital where Carlos worked. They did not know that he has arrived from Baltimore and was the doctor in charge of pediatrics. When they entered the ward They were shocked to see Carlos Eduardo, as L.F and Carlos looked at each other the old invisible flame between them got ignited.

Snippets 79

Jenny began to gradually warm her way back into Carlos life, pledging to him that she would stick with Marissa as long as she remains in coma and on admission at the hospital. She told him that she can never stop loving him. She does this, knowing the love of Carlos for his mother.

A terrible in-mate threatened L.F and a fight ensued between them, they were sent into solitary confinement as punishment for two days. When she came out of confinement, she was very ill, so was taken to the sick bay. On being examined by the doctor at the sick bay, it was found out that she was pregnant!

After two months, Pedro went to visit Don Fernando at the asylum where Consuela abandoned him. He tried to let him know the situation with L.F, but Amnesia or memory loss disease won't let Don remember anything, including who Pedro was.

Carlos settled down in Baltimore and pursued his academic studies at Postgraduate levels. Jennifer also sought for and got a job in Baltimore, She moved in to live with Carlos, despite the reluctance of Carlos to renew love relationship with her. She had planned to wear down his resistance and reluctance over time, moving in to live with him is her best strategy to accomplish this.

L.A in collusion with Armando, began to mismanage the finances of the bank with bad and selfish decisions. Armando moved in to live permanently with Carol in Jennifer's apartment because of the long absence of Jenny.

The news of the pregnancy shocked L.F She broke out in tear and when Alfredo visited her she told him the story of her pregnancy. Alfredo was moved with pity and vowed that he would love and stand by her even though he was not the one that impregnated her. When Pedro got the news of L.F's pregnancy he was mad with the news but later accepted the role of a future grand father to the unborn child. He pledged to L.F to take care and love the his grand child.

Rigoberto visited Don at the asylum, while she was there, Consuelo arrived and She (Consuelo) was afraid that Rigo was still coming around. She chased Rigo out of the asylum and warned her never to come near Don again.

Marissa's conditions improved and became stable, but she still remained in coma. The doctor advised Carlos to always talk to her, even if she cannot respond because it was a good therapy for her full recovery.

Pedro and Pancho revived their business of gardening. their finances improved.

After few months Luisa Fernanda was released on parole from the prison. Partly because she was heavy with Pregnancy and also because she was of good character while in prison.

Snippets 78

Carlos was furious with L.F for staying with Alfredo in his house. She lambasted him for deceiving her again by going back to Jenny. She told him that she does not want to ever see him again. Carlos left there angry and confused. L.F begged Alfredo not to tell Pedro that Carlos came to his house looking for her.

L.A sacked Lupe and Ordonez and all staff that were loyal to Marissa. He called Armando to resume as his Personal Assistant to the President of the Bank. Ordonez phoned Carlos to tell him that L.A had fired all staff loyal to Marissa from the bank. Carlos assured him that he would visit him the next day to talk over the matter with him. Next day when they met, Carlos asked Ordonez to proceed with him to Baltimore, and live there till his mother, Marissa wakes up. Lupe too told Caesar that L.A had dismissed her from the bank.

Jenny, who was already jealous by the absence of Carlos, phoned Carlos to tell him that Marissa seem to be moving and he should come back immediately to Baltimore. Alfredo went to visit Carlos and told him L.F does not love him anymore for betraying her. Carlos was angry and he landed a big blow on Alfredo's face. The two started fighting until they were separated. Carlos warned Caesar not to tell L.F that he fought with Alfredo.

L.A called Consuela to tell her that he is now the President of the Bank and asked her to make sure L.F return back to prison. Consuela met with the judge and bribe him to withdraw the surety that Pedro submitted to grant her bail. L.F returned to her house and was crying when Alfredo came in, she saw his face swollen and investigated it. She found out that Carlos and Alfredo have been fighting because of her.

Policemen came to rearrest L.F, her bail has been revoked because the presiding judge had withdrawn Pedro's surety. After her re-arrest, Daniel said the only hope remaining for her freedom would be the recovery and restoration of Don Fernando's lost memory. Vanessa was upset with the re-arrest of L.F but Consuela assured her that her confinement is in the best interest of all, including Vanessa. Consuela called L.A on phone and told him that L.F bail has been revoked and she has been re-arrested. She also demanded of him to fulfill his part of the deal by recovering the original Will of Don Fernando from Ordonez.

When Carlos arrived in Baltimore, Jenny learnt that L.F has finally separated from him, she was happy and took full advantage of the situation to win Carlos over to her bed and life again.

Snippets 77

L.F woke up out of the bad dream and she refused to sleep again. Meanwhile, Carlos called Alcantara's house again on phone, and this time, somebody picked it, it was Consuela. When Carlos asked after L.F from her, she lied that L.F is no longer working there, and that she is married to Alfredo now. This was a big blow to Carlos, he hung up the phone. Meanwhile, Pedro was trying to console L.F telling her that Carlos had lied again to her and has gone ahead to reconcile with Jenny. L.F wept and told Alfredo that Carlos had gone back to Jenny. Alfredo embraced and consoled her.

Ordonez returned to Mexico and announced to the senior staff, Lupe and lawyer Mujica that L.A has taken over as the interim President of the Bank pending the recovery of Marissa from coma. When L.A resumed work the next day, he asked for a copy of Marissa's will that transferred the Presidency of the Bank to him. Caesar and Clarita never decieved themselves that L.a loves them, they already envisaged that L.A may sent them packing from the house, in tyhe absense of Marissa.

Dr Espinoza also advised Carlos to return to Mexico while awaiting the recovery of Marissa from coma. Jenny was afraid and disagreed with the doctor, she doesn't want Carlos to go to Mexico because her may learn of the imprisonment of L.F and may want to help release her on bail. When Carlos tried to tell Jenny to also go back to Mexico and face her business, the doctor suggested that Jenny can wait behind to watch over Marissa.

Lawyer Daniel and Alfredo tried to extract the truth from Vanessa, even though she she regretted her role in the imprisonment of L.F but she was afraid that if she tells the truth, she would be tried and jailed for being a false witness.

Consuela registered and sent her father, Don Fernando into an Asylum, she also dismissed Rigoberto asking her to return to Puebla, her hometown, because her services were no longer needed, since Don has gone to an asylum. Rigo informed Pedro that she had been sacked by Consuela.

Pedro was able to mortgage his house as surety for L.F she was released on bail and when she came out of prison, Pedro asked her to hang out for a while in Alfredo's new flat. L.F pleaded with Alfredo never to let Carlos know that she was jailed. He promised her to keep his mouth shut.

Carlos decided to return to Mexico after he got information that Alfredo has moved into another apartment with L.F When Carlos arrived in Mexico, he headed straight for Alfredo's new flat to confront him.

Snippets 76

Daniel, the lawyer filed a suit to appeal the judgement of the judge, he suspected that the man has been bribed, the way he hushed up the case. Alfredo explained to Daniel, that he is in love with L.F. L.F and Pedro agreed to call Carlos so that he can help L.F out of jail. She asked for Carlos Hotel Phone number from Caesar, but he refused to give her his number, because he was afraid that Jenny may pick the phone and L.F would know that Jenny followed him to Baltimore.

Pedro went to Consuela to make phonecalls on behalf of L.F to L.A or Carlos. Consuela fabricated lies by telling him that Jenny and Carlos have reconciled just as L.A and Marissa have reconciled too, and that was the reason why the four of them traveled together to the U.S. She told him that L.A is no longer interested in searching for L.F. Pedro came to break the news to L.F, she broke down and wept over the second time betrayal, she suspected that was the reason why Caesar refused to give her his phone number in Baltimore. Rigo overheard, and doubted if Carlos can betray L.F.

Meanwhile, after Carlos received the news of Marissa's coma, he inspected her and was so disturbed emotionally, Jenny took advantage of his confusion and asked him to come and rest in her room at the hotel. He agreed and went to sleep there.

Out of frustration, L.F fought with a prison-mate and she was punished by the warders and locked up in isolation for two days.

L.A prepared to travel back to Mexico to take over the Presidency of the Bank, since Marissa is in coma, and he told Carlos so, showing him the legal transfer papers that Marissa signed before she went into coma. Carlos was afraid that L.A may be planning to completely disinherit him from his inheritance. He vowed that he would do anything in his power to prevent this from happening. He also was worried by the clause that forfeits his inheritance if he marries L.F. He sent Ordonez to Mexico to monitor L.A and also get information about L.F for him.

L.A went to Marissa's hospital ward and this wicked man mocked Marissa that was in coma, that he had the last laugh over her and the humiliation that she put him through.

L.F had a bad dream while in prison, she saw a cloaked person trying to stab her in the dream.