Sunday, July 29, 2007

JLo vs. Beyonce: Two of a kind

I was roving through the blogosphere (for a change, from telenovela overdose), and I got these two foremost female artists (Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce Knowles), being put to a comparative election on who wore her earrings better by Terry, on Kineda's Blog .

The voting is on, and you can dash there to cast your vote, but I am also conducting a poll for these two stellar sisters, on who is more beautiful.

Because of my Telenovela traffic before mid week, the poll would only be for 3 days, closing by Wednesday 8.a.m GMT. 1st August, 2007.

If you are undecided, you can choose the third option that rated them equal. These should serve to let off some telenovela steam before resumption.

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