Friday, August 25, 2006

Episode 1: When Misfortune Knocks

The soap began with a wealthy family of a father (Fernando Elcantara) and two sisters (Amelia and Consuela), who had the misfortune of death of their mother at tender age. They were raised by an elderly nanny into adolescent. Amelia, the older sister fell in love with a fellow undergraduate- Luis Alexandro Montero (but from a poor family background) in the same University. The younger sister was envious of Amelia in all things, including the choice of boyfriend. She confessed to the old nanny that she hated her sister and that her sister was her enemy! She however never let Amelia know of this smoldering hate.

Amelia second misfortune, after her mother's death was to become pregnant for Luis Alexandro, who denied both love and responsibility for the pregnancy. This guy was a schemer who only preteded to love her because she came from a wealthy family. He dumped her immediately he met another 'sugar-mummy' rich 'sucker', an older but widow lady Marisa Gómez Ruíz (a single mother of a 6-year old boy), who inherited a banking conglomerate fortune from her parents. The young lad- Carlos Eduardo never liked Luis Alexandro and never regarded him as a worthy replacement for his late dad.

Marisa proposed sudden marriage to Luis A. and he agreed, obviously because of her wealth. They signed the dotted lines and went for 6 months honeymoon in Spain. Amelia's father- Fernando, who was a disciplinarian kicked her out, upon learning of the pregnancy. He wrongly thought that Pedro, the house gardener was responsible and therefore sacked him too. Amelia insisted that Pedro should take her to Luis A's house. When they got there, they were told that Luis just got married that day, and has just travelled to Spain for his honeymoon. Amelia was stunned and crushed by this unfortunate news, but Pedro assured her not to worry and that he loved her and would protect her.

Pedro and Amelia proceeded to the church cathedral to meet Pedro's elder sister who is a catholic nun, for refuge. She offered Pedro the job of church gardener, but told them it is impossible to live in the church premises except as husband and wife. So they agreed to the "marriage of convinience" and went to the nearest registry to formalise the marriage.


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