Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Episode 10: My Sister, My Enemy

Consuela Alcantara was the 'attention-grabber' of this episode of the telenovela. The unimaginable evil schemes that she methodically implemented with gusto! Any time she does good, it is always with an indescribably evil motive. Yes, she located and visited her 'long-abandoned' sister- Amelia, but it is with the intention of scaring and warning her not to make the mistake of calling the family house on phone again, NEVER! Her excuse? So that their daddy Don Elcantara, who supposedly still 'hates' Amelia with passion may accidentally pick it!

Even while still with Amelia, she received an urgent call from Luis Alejandro, (the same man whom she and Amelia were just talking about). She stood up to go, lying that her husband just called her for an urgent matter. What a cold-hearted criminal! On arrival at Alejandro's office, the already suspicious Alejandro accused her of lying about Amelia's purported abortion of 18 years ago. She was momentarily taken aback when confronted with this fact. She quickly recovered to manufacture another lie to cover up for that leakage. She told L.A. that her father was sickly and they did not want to aggravate his health condition then, that was why she sold a lie to the father that Amelia had a baby girl. In actual fact she had aborted the pregnancy, said the consumate liar. When asked about the present whereabouts of her sister- Amelia, she lied again that Amelia travelled out of the country with her husband to Texas, San Antonio. "...we NEVER heard from her again" she concluded.

I have hunch that Luis Alejandro did not believe this new lie, but he kept his expression free of doubt before Consuela.

Heriberto Sotomayor- Consuela's Husband, had a heated arguement with Don Elcantara over the proposed sale of the Hacienda property. The old man flew off the handle and told him that the case for sale offer is permanently closed. He said he would not sell this heritage that still holds the dear memory of his family and his late wife, No, not to swindlers! he said, the house is his LIFE, and he is not selling his life... Period!

The Prime Lovers of La hija del Jardinero- Carlos and Luisa Fernanda had another date, this time, they went to nite movies and later went ice-skating together. Upon being told by Luisa that her father works as a gardener in Carlos house. Carlos was excited and he said he would go to Pedro to seek his fatherly consent to marry his daughter. Luisa Fernanda became afraid and warned him to to do so, as her parents would think she is wayward for keeping a boy friend.

Vanessa Sotomayor, Luisa's best friend came with Heriberto her father to a supposedly birthday party of her fried's father Pedro. She got the shock of her life when Pedro told them he is not celebrating any birthday and it must have been a ploted scheme by the two friends. Heriberto was disappointed with the embarrasment and the obvious poverty he saw in Pedro's house. He warned his daughter not to mix with such people again.

Amelia was weeping when Luisa came home, Luisa challenged her mother whom she suspected of hiding some painful memory of some secrets. She begged her to open up and share the burden with her. Amelia refused, saying it is an adult matter which she would not understand. Upon insistence of Luisa, Amelia who had lived a life of lie for 18 years told Luisa a bundle of half-truths:
1. "You have another family, this is not your only family". TRUE!
2. "I have a mother who died when I was young, I was raised by a good old beloved maid called Rigoberto". TRUE!
3. "My father too, died when I was young". FALSEHOOD!
4. "I have a sister by name Consuela, who travelled abroad with her husband, and just came back". HALF-TRUTH!

This wonderful and lovable girl is going to weave and swim through these half-truths in future to discover the real truth.

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