Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Episode 20: Make A Deal or Be Sunk!

Consuela, Consuela, Consuela...the more this woman dares to foray into her dangerous schemes, the more enemies she created, and the more her deal seem to blow up in her face.
I am convinced that the star villain in this telenovela would be Consuela. She is fast assuming a notoriety that effectively competes with 'Mr. Fix It' of the "Cuando Seas Mia" (When You are Mine) - "Fabian Sanchez Serrano". Tonite's episode saw her trapped in a web of intricate blackmail. Her pet project to banish her sister, Amelia, from the father's heritage seems to be blowing up.

The private detective she hijacked for her dirty pet project seem to have wisened up. He must have found out who she really is, and knowing that she is the daughter of a billionaire, he has turned his fleece weapon on her. He is now blackmailing her with the purpose of fleecing her for easy money for his needs. He wants her to make a deal with him by regularly supplying his financial needs and he would make sure that Amelia is never found out. He warned her that: "...If you don't make a deal with me, I would sink you!". He can no longer be satisfied with a one-time payment, he wants regular 'servicing' from Consuela. I forsee these two villains killing each other in the nearest future. The detective seems to be interested beyond the monetary, he seems to be also interested in Consuela's body. The way he held Consuela's wrist tonite seem to suggest sending amorous signals to her. Consuela is not interested in any man but Luis Alejandro Montero, let's enjoy and wait for the drama that would ensue from these mutual traitors.

Marissa came to chat with Pedro Perez, telling him with hidden indignation that she saw his daughter, Luisa Fernanda, at the airport, when she came to bade Carlos farewell. Thanks to a proud father with dignity, Pedro looked her straight in the eye with an affectionate fire that can melt any indignation, and told her that her son is lucky to have Luisa fall in love with him. (i.e. his eyes seems to be saying: '...we don't beg beg for love, it cannot be swindled, it is by mutual consent'). Marissa was surprised when Pedro told her that Luisa Fernanda is the best graduating student in her school and would study Journalism in the University. Marissa, being an elegant lady of style and taste too, was able to quickly detect a good taste in Pedro, particularly the Rich Children's school that Luisa Fernanda attends.

She later confessed to her old maid, Rosario that Luisa is such a lovely girl and doesn't carry the stigma of poverty nor appear to be from a poor home. "...She is just like any other classy girl, she doesn't look like a gardener's daughter..." She even said she could perceive "...that Luisa is madly in love with Carlos". Her comparative mind did not fail to register and reveal to Rosario, that, "...I have never seen my son being so affectionately tender with any woman, as he was with Luisa today, no, not even with Jennifer."

"Pains cannot be healed by food", so said Don Fernanda Alcantara to old Rigoberto, when she brought him his breakfast, having not eaten throughout the previous day. He was in a mourning mood, mourning and regreting his indescretion of 18 years ago, afraid that when Amelia is found, she may never forgive him for being too harsh with her. He was worried that L.A. is taking too long in finding Amelia and daughter. Not knowing that the prolongation is being 'engineered' by his other daughter Consuela.

At that point, old Rigo suggested to him that he should consider using alternative means to search them out. "Why not advertise in all newspapers in all countries to look for them", she said. This idea struck a joyful light in Don and he accepted to place adverts, only in Mexican national dailies. The "enemy-at-home", Consuela listened and watched all these with envy from a safe distance, she turned back unnoticed, and disappeared back into the building.

Andreina is now wiser, when she discovered that Jenny was brazenly disregarding her feelings for L.A. by threatening her that she should be happy it was not Marissa she disclosed the news to. She lied to Jenny that it is finally over between her and Luis Alejandro. She was however disappointed when, later in the night, after dinner with L.A., at their love nest, L.A. told her he cannot sleep the night there because Marissa is no longer travelling to Spain, having sent her son to represent her there.

Heriberto, having been granted his amorous freedom by Consuela, went further in his adulterous drive to rent a new apartment for Virginia, his secretary-turned-mistress, this would be their love nest from now on. Virginia was disappointed because she preferred a bought apartment, instead of a rented apartment. The stakes are getting higher for all schemers and the schemed in this telenovela.

The chicken has finally come home to roost, Vanessa has come to her senses, knowing there is no way for her to graduate without Luisa Fernanda's brilliant academic assistance. She went to Luisa's home to ask for forgiveness and for friendship reconcilliation. Innocent Luisa, who is incapable of holding grudges for long, accepted Vanessa back into friendship.

Carlos had a very successful 15-day business trip to Madrid, Espana. There is virtually no day he doesn't call Marissa and his love- Luisa. just before his return, L.A. visited Jenny to give her all the documentary evidence for her phony pregnancy. He also warned her never to threaten him with blackmail again. He said if she tries that kind of trick on him again, he would expose her and her phony pregnancy to Marissa and Carlos. Jenny assured him not to worry again, because, as she said: "...You and I are even now".

In the euphoria that greeted the successful trip and Spanish negotiations of Carlos, Jennifer visited Carlos in the midst of his family members, and told him that she needed to talk to him in private. He initially resisted any private talk with this lady of easy virtues, but later yielded to reason, to hear her out. Then the villains' Bomb was detonated by Jennifer, saying: "...yesterday, I found out that I am pregnant!" Carlos was stunned with the news, he looked at Jennifer as if she was from another planet!

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