Saturday, September 02, 2006

Week 2: Weekend Review

Every review would naturally touch on the author of the subject. Let's x-ray the mind of "the gardener's mother"- Mariela Romero. That is what I call the lady to whom the writing credits for the original story of "La Hija del Jardinero- The Gardener's Daughter" belongs. The five episodes (4-8), of the week 2 that just ended laid the foudation for the high-wire intrigues that would follow in the weeks ahead. Every writer particularly of the caliber of Romero, who has over 16 major works to her credit mirrors the society and 'Play God' by aportioning judgement over the 'wicked' and and rewarding or favouring the 'cheated'.

This is what I can see in week 2 episodes: laying the foundation for the punishment of the 'wicked'. Amelia was an impossible case of the worst ingrate. Becuse she cursed and despised the grace of God through Pedro, who offered her protection, shelter and never once looked on her nakedness nor abuse or take advantage of her sexually, like many men in his position would have done. Amelia was a point reference in anger during the week. That is why many would not pity this ingrate of the worst order, when, at the point of her long-sought for breakthrough she died by a fatal accident.

We would all be happy, despite the terrible reproaches and humiliation suffered by Pedro in the hands of Amelia that he would survive it and be equally rewarded in the end. He was an object of frustration and pity during the week 2 episodes.

Jennifer de la Vega is another schemer and high-grade manipulator who though, during the week 2 episodes shown like a star, who received bashing in the hands of a young kid- Luisa. Her schemes did not go unnoticed by the judgemental pen of Romero, the stories had it that she ended up in an assylum.

Luis Alejandro too ended up behind prison bars as his harvest of the unfortunate seeds he sowed from the begining.

Thanks to Romero, who made Luisa and Carlos bring the fond memories of our first date, first kiss and first love alive again.

The path of ruin and destruction for Consuela and her loveless husband, Heriberto Sotomayor, was clearly paved by Romero's pen with the grand scheme of the desperately wicked couple to swindle and squander the family heritage of Don Fernando Elcantara.

The compassionate and upright old maid Rigoberto was portrayed well, to prepare us for the suprising fortune she would later stumble into at the end.

Not only Rigoberto, Vanessa's role that makes her to merit mercy and fortune-sharing from Luisa at the end is still shrouded to me, may be week 3 episodes would make that clear.

I look forward to how Marissa and Pedro would fare, at the end, stories and rumours had it that they lived together happily. In what capacity? as a couple? I don't know now, all I know is that the two of them survived the intrigues too.

So much for the pen of Mariela Romero- "the gardener's mother" who conceived, bore and delivered safely this story three years ago. All Hail "the gardener's mother"!

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