Monday, September 11, 2006

When Google Too Came To 'Watch' The Gardener's Daughter

It is a rare thing to be visited by a king. It is always the other way round. It is subjects that go to pay homage to the king at his palace. My husband is fond of calling Google a king and a lovable giant - "not a Goliath" as he would say. So when King Google came for an unscheduled and unannounced visit, we were quite astonished. This visitation is not by the Google crawler bot, every imaginable website in the world has that. This visit is a physical and a practical one. We cannot fail to commend Sitemeter for capturing the historic royal visit 'on her lens'. Thank you.

The King Google himself in my small corner?

Wow. that is Great!

What for?

The only thing that brings anybody here is The Gardener's Daughter.

So, the king too could be enchanted by a Gardener's Daughter's beauty?

Good, then, let's better tell Carlos Eduardo that he is going to have a rival that cannot be shaken off easily!

Let's also quickly tell Luisa Fernanda not to despair, because of the rivalry of Jennifer de la Vega and Vanessa Sotomayor. The King has come down from his "Montain View" Palace to this humble garden on espionage of a prospective future Queen?

Get ready Luisa Fernanda, for the throne beckons...

Yes, the king came to register an interest in the beautiful flower of our 'garden'..., even if for some few precious seconds...

The Gardener's Daughter would certainly become a Queen one day,... in whose palace? ...too early to predict!

Join me fellow 'Gardeners' in welcoming our august royal visitor #638! He is also the 95th for today: We are honored and humbled by your majesty's presence in our 'garden' this evening.

The Gardeners Daughter (La Hija del Jardinero)
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64.233.166.# (Google)
Continent : North America
Country : United States (Facts)
State : California
City : Mountain View
Lat/Long : 37.4192, -122.0574 (Map)
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Unknown Unknown
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Sep 11 2006 10:43:08 pm
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Sep 11 2006 10:43:08 pm
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