Monday, October 02, 2006

Episode 29: Loving You Is The Only Mistake

Amelia surprised me. I had thought that she would be willing to jump on the bed at the snap of Luis Alejandro's fingers. The way she pursued her dream of re-union with L.A, to the detriment of all that love and were close to her, gave me the impression that she was ready to go to bed with L.A. anytime, anyday and anywhere. I am impressed by her dignified carriage at the rendezvous with L.A. at a restaurant in tonite's episode. Ooh she talked!

Apart from AIT bruising our joy by chipping-off the last part of episode 28 on friday and the first part of episode 29 tonite, for whatever non-challant attitude to our feelings. I am pleased with the outcome of tonite's episode. Amelia poured out her bottled disappointment and humilliation of 19 years on Luis Alejandro's head at the restaurant during their lunch date. She told him how she adored and practically worshipped him and how he let her down. L.A. pleaded guilty and asked for her forgiveness. The schemer in him also tried to hide under the excuse that they were both young then, and it was a mistake for him to have abandoned her. Amelia got furious at that point, saying: "...the only mistake was, loving you way too much!"

She got the surprise of her life as L.A. refuted all the Consuela fabrication that her father, Don still hates her. He told her the truth that the old man hired him to change his will and find her. He also told her that Don has willed all his fortune to his grand daughter (Amelia's daughter) and the man has forgiven her, and wants to say "I am sorry" to her.

It was L.A. turn to be surprised when Amelia denied all the lies of Consuelo and Alvare Torres that she sold her daughter to a foreign couple for $10,000. She said that her daughter was living with her together with Pedro and she never knew anyboby called Alvare Torres nor rented any apartment from her. When L.A. requested to meet with his daughter, Amelia declined, saying that she had promised Pedro never to let the girl know that he (Pedro) is not her biological father.

As L.A. made gestures to console her, while she was weeping for joy and for her pains, she snatched her hands away from L.A. and stoop up, saying she needed time alone, to think over the huge quantum of news she just received from L.A. and had to go back to work.

In the office, Lic was waiting for her, he asked her why she pretended not to have known L.A. when Marissa was introducing them to each other..., she told him that it was because of some complicated personal reasons. Lic Ordonez made her to sit down, he told her that he is interested in that reason. As she began to tell him that: "...a long time ago, Luis Alejandro and I were together,..." Pedro came in, to discuss his contract paper with her, so Lic excused her to go and attend to Pedro.

As soon as Pedro followed her into her office, she broke the good news to Pedro, that was an alarming news to Pedro because, he was terrified that any re-union of Amelia with her father Don, would expose the truth that he is not the real father of Luisa Fernanda. He urged her stay and retain the house. She became very offended with Pedro..., she said she had never been happy outside her father's house. She said she hated the Pedro's house including the walls, the furniture, the neighbourhood, the poverty and her miserable life of the last 19 years with him.

L.A. summoned Mrs. Alvare Torres and threatened her with imprisonment for falsification of facts, if she does not tell the truth behind the cooked-up story, which she told him about Amelia last time. She became afraid and "spilled the beans", by saying that she never met Amelia, and that it was Consuela that made her to lie in exchange for re-employment in the factory where she was sacked before.

L.A. proceeded to Don's house and challenged Consuelo for fabricating lies and deceiving him.
Consuela denied but upon incontrovertible evidence presented by L.A. she admitted that she did it because she was jealous of loosing him to Amelia. An African adage says: "Only a thief is better equipped to trace another thief on a rock without footprints." L.A. confronted Consuela and punctured her new lies saying: "...I am happily married, Consuela. I wouyldn't start a new love relationship with Amelia. Your true reasons is that you did not want Amelia's daughter to inherit what your father has rightfully willed to her....and I would not forgive you for this deception... The reason why I would not expose you to your father for this, is because, the old man is sick." and he walked out. Consuela burst into tearful sobs for the failure of her evil plots.

Carlos made attempts twice to reconcile with Luisa Fernanda, but met a bricvkwall from Pedro and Luisa. Luisa became interested in the lady Jeniffer de la Vega, and desired to go and confront her, in order to know if truly Carlos had broken away from her. Through the help of Ceasar, she was able to get Jennifer's phone number, so she called Jenny. Jennifer was shocked at the effontry of this school girl. While she was still recovering from the offensive jolt by Luisa and asking her where she got her phone number; Luisa told her that: " and I need to have a talk.."

Augusto went to meet Jennifer hoping to find a common ground with her against Carlos, whom he saw as betraying both of them, to have a relationship with Luisa Fernanda. To his consternation, he realised that Jennifer was more interested in the sufferings and afflicting Luisa Fernanda with sorrows, than fighting Carlos directly. Augusto could not take this, saying he loves Luisa Fernanda and can't bear any hatred harboured against her by anybody including Jennifer. So, he walked out of Jenny's office.

Luisa went to meet with Sister Joachina, the headmistress of her school, to discuss her parent's divorce. She confessed that Pedro was the best husband and father in the world, and she couldn't tolerate the dictatorship of her mother Amelia, over her father, but she doesn't want them to separate.

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