Friday, November 24, 2006

Episode 64: Marissa Going, Going...

When you despise the lessons that life teaches, you can't escape judgemental failure in the exams of destiny. Marissa is one blind woman that mocks the relationship tests that life administers to her. Tonite's telenovela drama opened the gate of descent in the armoury of Marissa, which her chosen friends (L.A and Jenny), but in actual fact, her greatest foes, would take full advantage of, to send her on a voyage of almost no return for the next two years.

Marissa went to lunch with her 'closest confidant' and 'friend' Jennifer, and while she went to the ladies, this her 'friend' stood up and went to the lunch table of her son's rival to plot sorrow and downfall of her son. What a friend indeed. She even persuaded Alfredo not to be moralistic about 'sinking' Carlos' love boat, because all is fair in warfare. She also boasted that Marissa would make life a living hell for L.F and of course, by implication Carlos Eduardo, her son, because she (Jenny) has succeeded in turning Marissa as a manipulative tool in her hands.

While she was unsuccessfully trying to recruit Alfredo, an emergency message came, that Marissa had collapsed in the Ladies. She was rushed to Carlos Hospital, the end result: after Cat scan and EKG tests, Marissa was found to be suffering from "Muscular dystrophy".

Consuela perfected her game-plan by inciting Vanessa to retaliate with vengeance against L.F for snatching her 'boyfriend' Carlos. She urged her not to let her 'enemies get the best of her and go scot-free. Vanessa said she does not want to hurt L.F, but Consuela reminded her that they hurt her without remorse, they were even kissing under her nose, in her own house.

L.A went in the company of Andreina, for the dinner with Contreras. He coached her to smile throughout the meeting and say yes, yes, yes, like a robot to anything that Contreras says during the dinner. At the dinner Contreras gave L.A a huge sum of money, as a compensation for being a false witness against Leopoldo, his political rival.

L.A as usual, took excuse to go to the gents, but of course the slimmy coward was giving Contreras some few minutes of amorous affairs with Andreina. Leopoldo appeared at the restaurant and saw Contreras running his greedy hands over Andreina's body. He was frozen with unbelieve. Next episode would reveal the drama as Leopoldo exposed the lies of L.A that Andreina was his secretary. Leo would tell Contreras that she was L.A's mistress.

L.F. found a box that looked like a treasure chest in the wardrobe of Amelia. She tried unsuccessfully to opened it until interrupted by Joaquina and, later, Alfredo. All I can say is that Alfredo is desperately looking for an entry into L.F's love life and he came at odd hours of the night or too early in the mornings bringing flowers and excuse of Pedro's ailment to chat with her. Much as his method is sublime, he is at least, above board when Jenny invited him to join her in splitting up L.F and Carlos again. He told Jenny that he only want L.F to love him and didn't want to go to the dirty extent of of tricking or compromising L.F to marry him. I would say he is a neat looser, and not a dirty one like Jenny.

Consuela warned L.F never to cry in the house again so she would not draw sympathy for her calamity, saying she should stop painting the picture of pain and misery. She also warned her not to take Don to see her lunatic father (Pedro), in a mad house.

Lupe visited Caesar and Clarita who had cut short their honeymoon because of the expesive hotel bill that was eating into their savings. I could see that she is still very snobbish to Clarita and really wanted to interfere in their domestic affairs, by ruling the marriage. She insinuated that Clarita does not know how to cook, because she was taught the old fashion way of cooking by Nana Rosario.


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Emmanuel.K.Bensah II said...

Greetings from Ghana! Ghana is a few weeks...nice episode summaries. VEry accurately captures the intrigue going on. Nice one!!

Philomena Ojikutu said...


Emmanuel, you 'gardeners' from Ghana are our forerunners. I appreciate your compliments, TGD is my passion, that is why I could flow with sharing what I watched with other 'gardeners' from over 85 countries on this blog.

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sharon said...

this soap has just started airing in uganda. we gardeners here have just reached episode 65. its going slow b'se it only shows 2 times a week, and some times once. thanks alot philo for the snippets. cant tell you how how helpful this is. you are an amazing writer, and you capture the story so well.
God bless