Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Vote For Esmeralda

After due research and meditation, I have come to the conclusion to showcase the precious stuff that "Esmeralda" is made of. It is only 60 episodes long. Unlike "The Gardener's Daughter" that we just completed, which was one long 180 episodes. When I look back at "la hija del Jardinero", I saw so many instances that the story ought to have wound up, particularly from episode 100.

However, by the stroke of the story writer's pen and possibly with the collusion of the adpatation of the script writers, the novela was unduly prolonged. That is why I voted whole heartedly for the "Esmeralda". It was a 'short and sharp' 60 episodes. That may have explained the reason why AIT may have decided to articficially prolong the story by airing one episode per week, so that it can last one year, instead of the normal duration of three months.

I am starting right away with Snippets of the "Esmeralda" and I hope to finish it in a month or less.

If you want to read all about the Esmeralda, just go to CATEGORIES, and click Esmeralda, by the sideboard. I also hope to take off, almost simultaneously with Amor sin Conditionale (Love Without Conditions).


nizzy said...

since i found your site, other sites have become irrelevant. thanks for you wonderful releases. but can i have something on Lorenzo's wife and all about camilla? these are also great stories. thank you

Anonymous said...

Dear Phil, You have done a good job so far.but as i remember in some earlier comment u said u missed the first 30mins of the first episode of esmeralda,it was dominga that delivered the baby and not the nanny and the exchange was suggested by the nanny but dominga was very reluctant to do the exchange, but all said, the main points was covered but i just thot that the correction be noted. thanks

moyinoluwa said...

i enjoy gardners daughter, and would like to appreciate your work dear phil.thank alot. i would like your email address, pls kindly send it to me through my email address. thanks.

Philomena Ojikutu said...

Thanks nizzy.

Thanks also anonymous, What I did, as with any other snippets is to re-translate (i.e panel-beat the battered English), the poor Spanish to English into something readable and acceptable.

Don't forget that we are not waiting for the once-a-week episodes of AIT. We should finish with the 60 snippets in less than 3 weeks.

My hope is that We would be 65-75% accurate in the actual account.

Moyinoluwa, I don't have or know your email yet.

Thanks and lots of love to you.

Roi said...

Hello Aunt Phil,
Words alone cannot convey how i feel right in my heart. Am in school, as such am barred from folowing the programme right from home. But thanks to you and your diligence in bringing this televena to guys, i mean to students like us @ school.

Once again, a big thanks to you....a million kiss up the sky for you.

Keep the team on, Aunti Phil, when the next show come up, please do remember us your avid reader,

Russell O' Russell

Roi said...

If You could do me a favour aunti Phil. Please Keep me informed incase the cd on the gardener's daughter is out on sale. I just need somethin for the future. somethin i could always remember you and the programe by.

once again, a big thanks to you.
the one and only aunti P..H...I..L..O...M..E...NA. Great, and great...

Russell O' Russell

Roi said...

to our one and only Jenny de' la' lucifer. i think she'd had her last. Like the saying goes..

Love is hot, when it doesn't belong to you, and all you could do, is let it go, but if you insist on holding on, be prepared to have your palms burnt up for life"

so I can say about our dear Jenny De La Evil.
GOOD RIDDANCE TO L.A. I only feel for Consuelo, obly she do lived to see her Niece enjoy the all the fortunes she did denied her all these years.
Same goes to Jennifer, I pray she recovers to find her love but to see that all she worked against had be born to be no matter what.

Sometimes, what is meant for you will always be, no matter the forces of evil that are born against you.

Roi said...

Onelast wish....Just your e-mail or contact. please, i really wish to appreciate you more for your good work.

Just my heart brews with smile and good tidings for Carlos And Luisa Fernandar.