Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Esmeralda 34: Shock and Disbelief

Everyone who heard the outburst of Crisanta was shocked. Dominga stood up to corroborate Crisanta's embarrassing confession. She told the truth of the child-exchange that took place on the cold night when José Armando and Esmeralda were born, 23 years ago.

Meanwhile, Esmeralda, in desperation, tried to escape the hellish captivity of Lucio's house. Lucio came in at that moment and declared to her that all avenue of escape has been blocked, and she would remain his captive prey for ever.

Rodolfo told all the eager ears in the house that he had driven and dropped Esmeralda into Lucio Malaver's house. Dominga was terrified by this news, she warned that Lucio was evil and could murder Esmeralda if nobody rescues her quickly from his house.

Blanca was disappointed and chastised Crisanta for keeping Esmeralda's paternity secret from her, all this while. José Armando went with rage and violence, to the house of Lucio to rescue his wife from him. He took Esmeralda back to Casa Grande.

Rodolfo was traumatized in the secrecy of his room when he remembered how he had always hated and maltreated Esmeralda. it was a huge burden for him to realize that Esmeralda was his true biological daughter.

When the couple returned to Casa Grande from Lucio's house, they were greeted by a strange silence and the 'hush-hush' attitude of all that were at home.

Blanca took it upon herself to reveal the truth of their paternity exchange to them. Dominga watched as Esmeralda was astonished with disbelieve by the revelation of Blanca that, she was the heiress and daughter of Rodolfo and Blanca.

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The story Esmeralda has been very interesting pls i need newerpost from 35 up to the end.