Friday, January 05, 2007

Esmeralda 46-50: Enter, Alvaro and Georgina

Blanca was able to finally locate Esmeralda in an Orphanage in the city. Esmeralda resisted the pleadings of her mom to return with her to Casa Grande. She told her that if she had survived without them (Blanca and Rodolfo), for 23 years, she could as well live her life without their financial arrogance and animosities.

Rodolfo was worried by the attitude of his daughter, Esmeralda. He felt threatened that Esmeralda was of the verge of disowning him as a father, since she did not want to ever associate or live with them.

Meanwhile, Fátima went to inquire from the Civil Registry. She cunningly asked for ways of annulling Esmeralda's marriage to José Armando. She got help and was told it is possible at a price.

José Armando committed a fatal mistake of his life when, he allowed himself to be persuaded by the family lawyer to divorce Esmeralda. He was initially reluctant because he still loved Esmeralda, but because of his doubts about Esmeralda's pregnancy, he proceeded with the divorce.

Esmeralda later met Dr. Alvaro in the city, and a friendship blossomed between them. Alvaro was the Ophthalmologist friend of José Armando, who tested and confirmed that Esmeralda could regain her sight.

Alvaro was secretly happy that she and José Armando are divorced, because he had fallen in love with her. Alvaro took charge to care for her and went to great extent to help her in carrying out surgery which restored her sight. Now she could see the beauty that Fermin and Melesio had always described to her.

Alvaro also made sure that she learnt to read and write. Afterwards Esmeralda gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, (which she named José Rodolfo, after her divorced husband José Armando, and her estranged father, Rodolfo). She wrote a letter to Florecita, her friend in the village, to announce her joy of motherhood.

Rodolfo went to the city to visit Esmeralda. He confessed to his lawyer that Esmeralda was his biological and only child. He begged Esmeralda to give out the 'bastard' child for adoption by the Catholic Orphanage, so that she can return with him back to Casa Grande to start a new life, devoid of the shame of the past.

Lucio suspected that Florecita had the address of Esmeralda at the city, he was so frustrated that he had to threaten Florecita to tell him the address, or he would injure her. To his dismay, Florecita told him that she did not know where Esmeralda lived in Mexico.

Alvaro made sure she enrolled to study and qualified as an auxiliary nurse in the big hospital where he worked as a doctor. After several years, she developed a gratuitous affection for Dr. Alvaro. The kind that Luisa Fernanda had for Dr. Alfredo, in the Gardener's Daughter telenovela.

In the same space of time, José Armando had come to the city and got employment as a medical doctor in the same hospital where Esmeralda worked as a nurse.

The daughter of the Medical Director of that hospital, fell in love with José Armando and got engaged to him. Her name was Georgina. When she learnt that Esmeralda was a former wife and lover of José Armando, she became a persecutor and implacable enemy of Esmeralda, scheming and spinning wickedness against Esmeralda, just like Jennifer de la Vega, of the Gardener's daughter fame.

Even though Esmeralda had not forgiven José Armando, the old flame between them was about being re-ignited one night in the hospital, as they drew closer and kissed. This budding romance was aborted when Esmeralda learnt of the engagement of Georgina and José Armando.

Driven by fury, Esmeralda went and also to say yes to Alvaro's love proposition, and got engaged to him. Ironically, José Armando became outrageously jealous when he learnt of Esmeralda's engagement to Alvaro.

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