Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Grand Finale: Triumph of True Love

With the emotional surrender of Alvaro, the way was paved for Esmeralda to proceed to Casa Grande, and to straighten all crookedness that have been created by enemies of her union with Jose Armando.

On the supposed wedding day, blind Jose Armando went to sit by his favorite spot, by the waterfalls beside the cave. He went to 'mourn' the final departure, as he assumed that Esmeralda would, at that moment be signing the dotted lines to become Mrs. Alvaro.

Nobody told him that Esmeralda's wedding to Alvaro had been canceled, nor told him that Esmeralda had just arrived in the village that same day.

Suddenly, he heard a soft footstep coming towards him. As the person sat beside him, he imagined that it was his best companion, Melesio. So, he called out, as the person was putting fresh flowers into his hands, saying: "Melesio, why are you giving me flowers today?"

"Please, decorate my hair with these flowers, like you usually do to me here, when I was blind", came the response.

It was an electrifying moment for Jose Armando, as he recognized the distinct and musical voice of his heartthrob, ESMERALDA. He was astonished, he cleared his throat with unbelief, thinking, it must have been hallucination.

She held his hand and guided it to touch her face, then he knew it was for real. He asked her what she was doing in the village on the day of her wedding to Alvaro. She replied that it was impossible to live without true love. She told him that he was the only man her heart had ever opened to receive, there was no space for any other man, not even Alvaro, in her heart. She declared her unquenchable love for him. Tears streamed down the eyes of this couple as they recounted and relieved their past trials and temptations.

She led him back later in the evening to Casa Grande. Everybody were filled with joy to see them reunited. As he entered the house, he asked for his son, little Jose Rodolfo, she brought the little and handsome boy to him, the three of them began to laugh with joy, ... then, ...suddenly, his eyes popped open and he regained his vision.

Few days later, they consummated their holy matrimony in church. Esmeralda was resplendent in her emerald earrings and her white wedding gown, while Armando was decked and arrayed in a white suit, they were joined as husband and wife and the union was sealed with a holy and romantic kiss, at the altar, in the presence of all eyes as witnesses.

Their dream of several years became fulfilled.


dorcas said...

wow, this esmalralder thing is intrestin, though i thought the story is a short one, but its just long as every mexican soap

Anonymous said...

permit me to congratulate the mexican film writers. they have been very wonderful, and i so much love the way they end their films.-bravo!.


Anonymous said...

wow lovely story neva knew it was this long i enjoyed it thumbs up

Anonymous said...

This story ȋ̝̊̅§ interestin,captivatin,emotion,infact  luv. Dear narrator, its as if am watchin a film frm †ђε cinema.  luv d way U̶̲̥̅̊ narrated d story.

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Phil, just finished reading ur interesting story.
Loved that telenovela so much, never knew reading about it would be this great........