Friday, June 15, 2007


Sebastian, in anger rushed back to the ranch and warned Emilia never to spead lies to Catalina's family that she (Emilia), was his girlfriend. Cunning Emilia denied that accusation and told him that it was bad joke.

A growing secret love has begun to swirl between Martina, Lupe's daughter, and Romero, one of the trusted workers at the ranch. This 'secret' love was an open secret before all the ranchers. Why it has not blossomed was because, Romero was the shy type who was afraid that the rich girl would turn down his proposition. Even Lupe also desired that this cool-headed and responsible worker would be his son-in-law, one day as soon as he dared to break the romantic ice between him and his daughter.

Be not deceived, evil communications corrupt good manners. The old maids were gossiping about their fears of Emilia corrupting the innocent 'angel' called Martina. How on earth could an innocent and pure-hearted girl like Martina be the 'best friend' of the crooked and cunning Emilia.

Back at Mexico, Sebastian declared to the family of Catalina that he was not taking advantage of the debt he paid to recover their properties and rent. he told them with passion in his voice that his love for Catalina was unconditional and not to be bought. Catalina was trilled by this noble gesture as it frees he from the manipulation by her family and also gave her free reign to pursue the mirage of romance with Eduardo.

Meanwhile, Eduardo was petrified by the 'stubborn love' of Catalina. He had to specially commission Luis, the gym manager friend of his, to get Alicia to convince Catalina that he was set to marry a rich lady by name Silvia, and should forget about him.

Carmelo (my son called him Chameleon), continued his elusive and ambitious search for his paternity. Petra warned him that he would dig up somethings that would hurt him if he persist in seeking what was not lost because Lupe was not his father.

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