Monday, July 30, 2007

Another Romantic Abortion!

In the warfare to separate Sebastian and Catalina, there are no permanent foes, but permanent interests. Strange bed-fellows are rapidly aligning. Who would have imagined that Eduardo and Vanity boy, Ricardo, would be allies? Now another strange couple have come together, Emilia y Adela, they began to earnestly plot a coup to abort the marriage of Catalina y Sebastian.

Sebastian bluntly refused to apologize to Carmelo as commanded by his father, Lupe. He said he was sure that Carmelo had inordinate romantic interest in his wife, Catalina.

When news filtered to Sebastian and Romero that Eduardo and Ricardo were at the hotel in town to date Catalina and Martina, the two jealous lovers (Sebastian and Romero), stormed the hotel to cause a row and fought with their romantic adversaries.

In order to win Lupe to her side, Adela decided to expose Carmelo's scheming to Lupe. She told him that Carmelo has gone round town to announce to all that Lupe has accepted him (Carmelo), as his true son. Lupe was surprised. Lupe thought that Antoniete was merely conspiring against Carmelo, but when he too went round town to ask every body, he was shocked to learn for the first time that truly, that was what Carmelo's favorite song in the village for years.

Emilia intensified her wars against Catalina, she reported to Sebastian that her espionage network reported that Catalina had gone to meet with Eduardo at the hotel. Sebastian thanked her and set forth, and he found it to be true. He however overheard from the doorway, how Catalina was lambasting Eduardo and telling him that Sebastian was the love of her life and even if he was a foreman , she has discovered Sebastian was her true love and would never love Eduardo again.

Sebastian was thrilled by this honest and fervent confession of love by Catalina, he withdrew quietly and went home to wait for her. As soon as Catalina came in, he told her not so say anything, because he already knew what happened, and saluted her courage and loyalty, joyfully telling her that she truly was the love of his own life too. They reconciled for the umpteenth time and began to 'celebrate' the renewal of their love with kisses, Catalina was filled with tearful joy of relief and, ...

He promised Catalina that he would never doubt her again, (unfortunately, he couldn't fulfill this promise because of his incredible naivety). He told her that there was a secret he wanted to reveal to her, but she should give him some few minutes to go and announce first, to Lupe that they have (finally?) reconciled, after which he would come home to celebrate their love, and he would announce the secret to her.

Thank God, Martina too reconciled with Romero, after the intervention of the priest, Father Geronimo.

The camp of love adversaries have scattered, Eduardo returned with shame to Silvia in Mexico city, having lost out in the battle of love. Adela and her 'AGVO team-mates' (remember, I christened them as Association of Greedy and Vain Opportunists), secretly re-grouped and plotted a counter attack. Emilia suggested they should turn the victory of Catalina to an ugly defeat and romantic humiliation.

They designed for vanity boy, Ricardo and his mom, Adela, to go to the church premises pretending to be gisting and boasting that they made Catalina to use Eduardo to successfully fool Sebastian by that 'arrangee' encounter at the hotel.

They also designed for Carmelo to lure Sebastian to the church, pretending to want to reconcile with him and asking him to come inside the church in the presence of 'God' to swear that they would no longer harbor grudges against each other again. Through that scheme, they hoped to sow the seed of doubt over the recent reconciliation, and thereby reverse the victory of Catalina over Emilia.

When Sebastian saw Lupe, he announced his reconciliation, and told Lupe that Catalina has passed the test of love. He said he wanted to reveal the truth to her that he (Sebastian) was the true son of Lupe who swapped places with the real foreman, Carmelo. Lupe told him not to rush into decision but give it some more days for the reconciliation to endure.

In the midst of their indecision, Marcelo, (Carmelo's best friend and accomplice) arrived and told Sebastine that Carmelo was waiting for him by the church, to also reconcile with him, in the presence of God. Naive Sebastian agreed to meet Carmelo to reconcile with him.

On getting there, as they were both 'reconciling' their differences, he overheard Adela and Ricard at a corner in the church, gisting away on how they succeeded to make Catalina to fool Sebastian with an arrangee love confessions. Sebastian charged at them and demanded to know if their claims were true!

Silvia got to know through Luis, Alicia and Patricia, her best friend, that Eduardo did not travel to Guadalajara (sounded more like our Gwagwalada in FCT Nigeria), as announced, but to Hacienda, to meet Catalina at the ranch. Silvia was depressed and refused the advice of Patricia to divorce Eduardo. She said she would rather go for surgical operation to remove her non-existing wrinkles, in order to stand beauty and wooing competition with Catalina.

Emilia visited Catalina to tell her that her victory would soon be short-lived. Ruffina also visited Catalina to warn her not to make her boy, Sebastian, sad anymore, after this reconciliation. Gustavo and Luisa also visited Catalina to tell her that they had to sell her engagement ring, in order to get money to transport themselves to the ranch to warn her that Adela, Ricardo and Emilia were secretly planning to harm her relationship with Sebastian. They gave her the receipt of the sale of her engagement ring. Catalina told them not to worry, because she has finally reconciled with her hubby, and nothing would (ever?) come between them again.

Sebastian suddenly concluded from that hearsay that Catalina had once again betrayed him, he went straight to the Cantina to get himself drunk. He broke down and wept profusely, Marcelo quickly went to congratulate Carmelo that the trick worked and that Sebastian was already weeping at the bar. Sebastian went home to accuse her of betrayal!


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