Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Duel For Love

Kenia GasconEduardo rushed to Catalina's house to acknowledge the love message which she 'sent' through her 'friend' Emilia. Catalina was shocked and denied ever being friend of Emilia. She told him that the so-called love message was a delusion, contrived from Emilia's scheming mind. She declared that her love for him had died and would never have anything to do with him. She practically threw Eduardo away from her house.

Emilia returned to the village, armed with proofs that Catalina was a gold-digger. She went to Antoniete's house to brief her of her city adventures. sebastian stormed Antoniete's place to severely warn Emilia to steer clear of his affairs with Catalina and stop stirring up trouble.

Antonietta comforted Sebastian and pretended to be friendly with him, telling him how close she was to his late mother, who was her 'best friend'.

Silvia perfected the documents for ownership transfer of the gym to Eduardo's name, with the smuggled clause of stripping him of ownership at the instance of divorce or separion from Silvia. Eduardo eagerly and greedily signed them without reading through (a case of cunning man die, cunning woman buried him).

Only Lupe and Sebastian were blind and deaf to the gossips about and of the desperate ambition of Carmelo. Even when the rumours of Carmelo's ambition filtered to them, they dismised it and simply attribute it to the lounging of an orphan for parental comfort, and, nothing more.

After Catalina told Sebastian of the the scheme of Emilia and Eduardo, he went to the gym to warn Eduardo to steer clear of his wife Catalina. this led to a jealous scuffle between both, it took Luis to separate them from a big fight. Eduardo tried to cast doubt into Sebastian's mind telling him that Catalina was a slut who made love wildly and passionately with him.

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