Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lonely, Lounging and Loving

Silvia NavarroCatalina has surely been boxed into a corner. She is alone in this world, and nobody seems to understand her. She is currently in a state of "O-Y-O" (On-Your-Own). The reasons are not far-fetched.

Emotionally injured and humiliated by Sebastian, her husband, passionately hated by Emilia, her arch rival, sexually harassed by Carmelo, the greedy usurper, gravely misunderstood by Guadalupe, her rich father-in-law, constantly ridiculed by Martina, her incensed sister-in-law, happily manipulated by Adela, her mom and her family, selfishly betrayed by Gustavo, her weakling of a father, belligerently cursed by Silvia, wife of her former lover, massively maligned by the villagers and ranchers in Hacienda, regularly haunted, hunted and heckled by Eduardo, her former lover, studiously observed and gradually adored from the distance, by the workers and ranch servants. Carefully plotted against by Jessica, a spoilt and envious competing upstart.

This is the lot of actress Silvia Navarro, a.k.a "Catalina" in this telenovela. The only people who seem to empathize with her is the couple of Alicia and Luis, her best friend and romantic partner. The most important and 7 quick lessons (there are more, but these are my quick takes), I have learnt and would propagate about the life of this wonderful but innocent girl is that:

1. Never Submit the Rudder of Your Ship to your emotions;
2. Learn to be self-independent (Alicia did that successfully);
3. Never go to sleep on the false and borrowed bed of parental comfort;
4. Be humble enough to admit your errors, even if you were misled into them by others;
5. Be a reflective and discerning thinker (she would have uncovered and passed the test, if she had sat and thought through the sequence of events since she met Sabastian).
6. Once you identify an implacable deceiver, cut off association with such, otherwise, you risk smearing or losing your hard-won reputation.
7. True Love is a tender teacher, enroll and patiently learn from her school. Ensure you graduate from that school before going into any marriage.

I have posted more episodes after the first eight, which I published yesterday, check them out: Episode 9, Episode 10, Episode 11, Episode 12,

I am not as fast as I had projected though, but I am learning to gain momentum, which hopefully would and is improving with time, just let us tele-tag along.

Thanks to you all, for your positive commentaries and encouragement on this telenovela revival. I believe that we would attain and surpass our March 2007 peak, as we mark the first anniversary of this telenovela blog next month- August 2007! I blow you all a telenovela kiss!


Anonymous said...

Is there really a need to cast that character Ricardo in this telenovela? I can't stand him. And his mother - Do women like this exist in this world? Such empty-headedness!!

Philomena Ojikutu said...


I beg to say there are such women in this real world. in our midst, we have so many "DOMITILA" (that is what I call such women).

Don't jump to conclusion yet, Ricardo may turn out to put the so-called angel - Martina Mendoza. to the test of true love, just as her father, Guadalupe, put his sister, Catalina, to a ridiculous test of love.

Let us keep enloying it.

honey said...

Ricardo is a bobby (idiot) and Creepy Carmelo is now in trouble with sebastian. pls, ma, i've set up a poll in 'favorite things' concerning this telenovela, i'll very much like it if u and the other readers can cast your vote, thank u