Friday, July 27, 2007

Set Back For Catalina

Even when Catalina told Sebastian that it was Emilia who brought the strange hat, Sebastian told her that the hat belonged to Carmelo, and how could it be Emilia's. When he got to the cantona, he told Panchito and Romero that Catalina was having an affair with Carmelo, that was why he chose to drown himself in alcoholic beverage.

By the time Catalina went to the Cantina to check on Sabastian, she was shocked to find him in the company of Emilia who was "consoling" him. Then, she realized that Emilia had played another of her unending evil tricks on her.

Later when Lupe saw him he reported Carmelo to Lupe, telling him that Carmelo was having a secret love affair with his wife, Catalina. Lupe disagreed and blindly defended Carmelo, saying, Carmelo was a good man and would never do such things.

Another drama occurred when Emilia went to the mansion and met Jessica with her grandfather, Don Chuco, the old attorney and friend of Don Lupe. In a jealous rage, Emilia challenged Jessica and accused her of always running after Sebastian. Jessica mocked and lambasted Emilia, saying that it was a pitiable state for Emilia because Sebastian would never give her a chance.

Because of the latest rejection of Antoniete by Lupe, she changed her plans, saying that Catalina might be her best bet to hit at Lupe, since Carmelo and Emilia are fast becoming community albatross on her neck.


Tina said...

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