Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Shout Out to the 'Girls'!

This morning I have to pay some of my friendship debts to some of my great new telenovela friends on the web. First on the queue is dearly esteemed Dr. Carolina Acosta-Alzuru, Telenovela lecturer and Associate Professor in the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia, U.S.A. She is a Venezuelan by birth, and runs two blogs Telenovelas- Carolina (English version), and Telenovela-Carolina (Spanish version).

She is one generous woman who gives without expecting a pay back.Why did I say that? She generously gave a link to our Telenovela Love Garden here over two weeks ago, and has never asked for a reciprocal action from me. That is noble!

In a recent post by her she told us how she took telenovela to the classroom in form of a course unit taught to her students, in the University. She also highlighted some other changes in the telenovela world as telenovela actors and actresses were crossing over, from Latin America to Hollywood.

Next on my overdue list is Ayo Ajiboye I call her "Lady of wits and wisdom" after her Wits & Wisdom Blog. She is a wife and home-maker, with great flair for music, singing, reading, traveling.

In her recent posts, she dwells more on inspirational quotations. The theme of her blog is: "So Little, Yet Big Enough To Inspire" I love her cool and neat blog. She also gave us some Wikipedia tips of the significance of this month- AUGUST. Ayo is a reputed health Educator.

Last but not the least on my list is my best online friend, you all know her, she is Omodesola (Izekor) Ilechukwu (Mrs.)

Why did I call her my best online friend? It is rare to always meet online friends in real life. Except it is leading to dating and marriage. But 'Desola is different, she is a happily married lady and mother of wonderful children like me.

She strenuously strove to meet me in real life and having met, we have become so close. Yesterday she did a marvelous job by fishing out the remaining episode of Catalina and Sebastian. Remember it was my lady engineer online friend, Bola Oluyemi, of Life Blog Magazine and Mums-Dads-Children Blog who gave me Episode 1-52 of Catalina y Sebastian? I have faithfully delivered most of these in the Sitemap of the full story of Catalina y Sebastian.

Hurrah 'Desola has gotten the balance for me, and I would sincerely pursue the race as soon as I finish this post. So, let me run along and post some more today, as I shout out loud to all the 'Girls' (giggle) and telenovela fans.


Dr. Carolina Acosta-Alzuru said...

Dear Philomena,

What a wonderful surprise to find this post in your blog! Thank you very much for your kind words.

I should tell you that the students in my telenovela class will be visiting your blog. I've included it as one of the readings for the topic of telenovela reception.

Again, thanks. You've made my day!


Ayodele Ajiboye said...

Hello Ma,

You really made my day when I saw your comments regarding my blog.

Thank you very much and more so for allowing me to add your blog to my blogroll. You are highly appreciated.

I should have said this before now - I always look forward reading those telenovela posts, they help those of us who too curious to know the "end from the begining".

Once again, thank you.

yes said...

thanks for your summary of sabastine and catalina in this site,my complain is that the update comes very late.whenever you post a new summary you make my day.i am always happy and fulfill reading every new episodes.