Monday, November 26, 2007

Face 2 Face - Snippet 81

Finally, on Friday's episode, Rebeca held Mancho's and Cantalicia's hand dragging them up the stairs of the church. The policeman was very upset Rebeca had parked her car at the wrong place and called her stupid.

Philippe was asking his nosy neighbour (the same neighbour who had accepted a bribe from Rebeca) if she had seen Rebeca. The neighbour denied seeing anyone and Philippe was upset at the neighbour's lies. The neighbour's son defended his mother. Philippe started thinking of where Cantalicia had gone. He summed up that Cantalicia had left to go to the church and asked his partner/Model (I think her name is Tulita) to hurry and find out which church Salvador was getting married in.

Rebeca knowing her plan would work extremely well dragged Cantalicia and Mancho to the already ongoing wedding and told Cantalicia to demand for her rights and not to be a coward. Rebeca then run away and went to a corner leaving Cantalicia all alone in the middle of the church who called out Salvador¢s name and called him honey. Isabel, Salvador and the whole congregation turned around to see Cantalicia and Mancho. Cantalicia continued calling out for Salvador. Rebeca looked on from the corner of the church and Isabel looked at Salvador.

[Remember to check out the telenovela site map of elcuerpo del deseo (second chance) to get the whole picture of this stories]

Back at the house, one of the maids tripped and broke a couple of glasses. Walter yelled at the maid and called the maid an idiot many times. Vicky came to the maid's defence and asked Walter to stop nagging the maid, as the maid was getting nervous. Walter said that women were good for nothing and started arguing with Vicky until a phone call interrupted them. Philippe was the one on the phone. He lied to Walter that he had been invited to the wedding but could not find the church since he was an Atheist. Walter gave Philippe the church's address.

Back at the church, everyone was still looking at Cantalicia and Mancho. The priest asked if anybody knew about the lady who was calling out to Salvador. Isabel said she did not know and asked Salvador if he knew who she was. Before Salvador could answer, Gaetana came to the rescue and whisked Cantalicia and Mancho away as Cantalicia screamed Salvador¢s name. A tiny flicker of suspicion struck Isabel as she glanced at Salvador.

Gaetana dragged Cantalicia and Mancho outside the church asking them what caused her to scream at the church door. Cantalicia did not want to leave her Salvador. Rebeca came rushing outside the church and asked Gaetana to let go of Cantalicia until she saw it was Gaetana. Rebeca was surprised to see Gaetana (their last encounter was episodes ago when Gaetana had kicked her out of the house so that Matilda could not discover Rebeca was in love with Salvador and also in the Donoso house when Pedro was alive). Geytana put one and two together and knew Rebeca was the one who had brought Cantalicia to prevent the marriage. Rebeca was more surprised to see Gaetana and asked Gaetana what she was doing at the wedding.

Camillo explained to the Priest that the person who had come to the wedding was crazy, and told the priest to continue with the ceremony. Isabel glanced at Salvador. Salvador avoided looking at Isabel.

Gaetana told Rebeca that Rebeca had intentionally used Cantalicia as she was in love in Salvador to ruin everything. Rebeca told Gaetana that that was nonsense. Gaetana threatened to tell Isabel of everything since she knew everything. Matilda came and asked Gaetana what was happening. Rebeca was shocked to see Matilda (Matilda had been the one to tell Rebeca to bring her lover¢s finger nail, lock of hair, photo and a glass used...and Rebeca's lover was Salvador). Rebeca wondered what Matilda was also doing at the wedding. Matilda was happy to see a former client.

Rebeca could not believe that there were two witches at the wedding! What were they doing at the wedding? Matilda confessed that she and Gaetana were friends and practically soul-mates with Salvador. Rebeca's mouth was left hanging open in shock. Rebeca could not believe or understand what was happening.

Valeria thanked Antonio, Angela and Abigail for cheering her up and thought how it would be difficult to be in her room as she was close to Isabel¢s room. Angela suggested for Valeria to switch rooms with Simon¢s room which was on second floor, to which Simon and Valeria later agreed. The group went ahead to help Valeria and Simon switch rooms before the newly weds arrived.

Back at the church, Rebeca sneaked in the wedding ceremony depressed. The priest asked Salvador if he would accept Isabel in sickness and health until death did them part. Isabel smiled and looked at Salvador...except it was not Salvador Isabel saw, but Pedro Jose Donoso, exactly as he appeared as an old man with grey hair exactly like in the first episodes, (just like how Andre had seen him before he went mad).

Pedro Jose Donoso looked straight at Isabel and said ¡Yes Father I do¢. Isabel¢s mouth was wide open due to shock, she was sure she was suffering from a massive hallucination.

The priest asked Isabel the same question. Isabel looked at Salvador and saw Salvador/Pedro as Salvador once again and Isabel also said ¡I do¢ looking much happier (maybe due to relief Salvador is not Pedro or due to maybe feeling the Salvador-Pedro connection?). Rebeca wept silently behind the church. Salvador/Pedro held hands with Isabel as the Priest announced them husband and wife until death did them part. The newly wed couple kissed....

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