Thursday, November 01, 2007

The God of the Eleventh Hour!

11th hour"... and about the eleventh hour he went out, and found others standing idle, and said unto them, why stand ye here all day idle? ... 'because no man has hired us!' Go, into the vineyard..."

Happy new month- November. Let us have a telenovela digression, so that we would properly positioned in this closing weeks of year 2007.

The eleventh month is very similar to the eleventh hour. The eleventh hour signifies a timing that suggest lateness concerning a thing, and it would take a miracle or divine intervention for that thing to still succeed, having been reckoned out due to lateness. The eleventh hour is that point of hopelessness and helplessness.

At that point, no man can help you, everybody is desperately working to round up the race. Nobody is ready to go to the starting blocks to help you start up a race that is almost finished, because by human reasoning, it is not possible for you 'make it' in that kind of finishing race.

The quotation above is what I picked as appropriate for this time of the year. Is there any momentum you have lost either at work or in your life in the last ten months, and you have almost given up hope, because the year is running to an end, and you think it is too late to recover? Then, this counsel is for you.

God is the creator of time and seasons. He particularly demonstrated that in the above quotation from Matthew 20. He always appear at the last minute, and ... at the eleventh hour, to correct mistakes, and restore you from the set-backs of life that you may have suffered.

Per chance, you have 'gunned' for a job throughout the last ten months, and you have not even gotten that appointment or promotion, that you set as a goal for this year, don't despair, the God of the eleventh hour would appear into that your situation, for correction and promotion on your behalf.

He overtook their weaknesses and defects and declared that '... the last shall be the first, and the first shall be the last'. God would meet you at that point of your needs this 11th month, and make you to overtake all the obstacles that have resisted your progress this year, and He would still bring you into fulfillment and joy, as this year rounds up on a great note for you.

From now till the end of this year, your heart cry shall be: "Oh God of the eleventh hour, APPEAR in my situation!" When he appears, everything militating against you would give up and disappear.

That elusive momentum that would catapult you to the mountain top of your career and desires in God, would invade your life and you would be carried effortlessly forward on the wings of the eagle, and coast home to victory before December ending! AMEN

Remember that Abigail and her two sons were on the verge of humiliation, ... they have packed their loads and were set to go down into obscurity orchestrated by Isabel and Andre. But at the eleventh hour, God appeared, and they had two breaking news that changed their status and destiny from slavery to mastery; from maid to mother of the house; from 'ground-floor' to "upstairs"!

Your own breaking news (I call them 'changing news'), that shall break down the obstacles to your miracles, are also on the way this 11th month. That shall be your testimony too because this is your eleventh hour. The God of the 11th hour shall appear and turn your case around for good.

For those fans querying me for abandoning "catalina y sebastian" telenovela, I apologize. I would certainly resume as soon as I am done with El cuerpo del deseo (second chance) summaries. We can't afford to lose the momentum that we have gained, with the second chance, there might be no 'third chance' for us if we abandon it too.


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