Sunday, November 11, 2007

Henrietta Backed Down

When Isabel attempted to gain access to the studio the next day, she was surprised to meet Walter there. An argument ensued between them. The final outcome of which was that, both of them reached a compromise to help each other, even though there was no trust between them.

Each of them have skeletons in their respective cupboard which both knew would sent them to jail if they should expose each other. Walter took advantage of her weakness and blackmailed her for a pay rise and restoration of his former position as the chief butler of the mansion, Isabel was shocked, but played along.

Isabel summoned a meeting of the household and announced that she has restored Walter to his former position as the chief butler of the mansion. Angela protested the restoration of Walter as Butler because she felt Walter was rude and had not shown any remorse. Rebeca and Isabel insisted that Walter must be restored and they eventually had their way. Walter later came to thank her for restoring him and pledged his unconditional loyalty to her, even up to dealing with Henrieta for her.

Valeria's health has begun to spring forth, even the doctor admitted that much. She confessed to Abigail that Don Pedro's piano concert yesternight gave her hope and reason to live again. She told her how Pedro Donoso promised to play piano for her when he was sick unto death. She said the late Donoso has mysteriously fulfilled that promise now. She told Abigail why she fell in love with Salvador because he carried the presence and aura of Don Pedro, but her illusion was dashed because of his betrayal of love.

Salvador booked a discreet appointment with Henrieta, after he left the police station. They met at a restaurant. She asked him if he was sent by his lover, Isabel whom she has cornered with her accusation. He told her that Isabel did not even know he would be meeting her. He warned her that he had only come to help her (Henrieta), and not to plead on behalf of Isabel.

He warned her that accusation is a double-edged sword that could backfire. He told her that he had gone to the police to deny any relationship whatsoever with Isabel. He told her that the police had no proof of her allegation of murder, and they would soon turn on the heat of investigation on her because of he has in his possession proofs of her past conspiracy with Andre Corona to murder Jose Donoso.

She bluffed and insulted him for talking like a fool. He then showed her an old letter which she had written in the distant past (in her own handwriting), to Andre Corona, when she broke up with him, telling him that she can not be involved with the plans of Andre to murder Pedro Donoso. Salvador accused her that she was frustrated after Andre murdered Donoso, and married Isabel. He vowed that he would tender the letter to the police to investigate her complicity, if she did not withdraw her accusation against Isabel. She was shocked and became jelly, she attempted to snatch the letter from Salvador but failed.

Henrietta stood up shakily without a word and went to the police station to withdrew her statement of accusation. The police were not happy with her and they asked her why she was so nervous, was it because Isabel had threatened her? She said she had not met Isabel and not even met with her lawyer to tell hi9m of her change of mind. The police nevertheless, suspected that somebody somewhere had threatened Herienta to withdraw her accusation.

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