Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pack and Go! - Snippet 64

On Monday's episode, Antonio took Angela, Abigail and Simon for a meal. Simon was imagining how Walter and Rebeca must be jealous due to Antonio's new car. Abigail reprimanded Simon and told him that it was not good to speak ill of others. Angela told Abigail and Simon that she wished to dance and Antonio went to accompany her. Abigail seamed hesitant about Angela dancing in her condition and Simon told Abigail not to always think of bad things happening to others and to be positive.

Angela started feeling dizzy and almost fainted on the dance floor but Antonio helped her and guided Angela out of the dance floor. Angela was rushed back home.

Walter meanwhile was complaining to Vicky and the maids in the kitchen about how unfortunate it was that Angela, who is classy, had degraded herself by marrying Antonio, who turned out to be a leach with Simon, by sucking out all of Angela's money. Vicky was upset and told Walter that he had lied about changing his bad behaviors as he was as mean as ever since he was back-biting Angela and Simon. Walter threatened to get Vicky fired but Vicky told Walter that she would never go anywhere without informing Angela of all the bad things Walter was saying about her and called Walter a jealous old man.

Walter's and Vicky's conversation was interrupted when the maids announced that Angela had been brought back home ill. Vicky, the maids, Abigail, Simon and Antonio went to help Angela while Walter watched them smiling (at Angela's misfortune?)

Valeria heard about Angela's sickness and went to the corridor to pay a visit to Angela in her bedroom and instead found Simon along the way. Valeria asked Simon about Angela's condition and Simon told Valeria that Angela was doing much better. Simon was glad to see Valeria out of her bedroom, and Valeria finally confessed to Simon that Isabel wanted her (Valeria) out of the house since Isabel had lost her trust in her. Simon was very sad.

Back in Gaetana's house, Matilda had drunk again and was howling (like a wolf) a sad love song about how her husband cheated on her, and how her heart was broken. Salvador tried to sleep through the howling by tossing and turning to get a comfortable position and even holding his pillow over his head to keep the noise out. Salvador finally gave up and went downstairs where he met Lupe and Gaetana doing the accounts for their bar. Salvador wondered how they had managed to do the accounting with Matilda's howling and Lupe offered to go upstairs and comfort Matilda down.

Salvador admitted to Gaetana that he was disturbed as he had called the house earlier and heard that Angela was sick. He admitted to Gaetana that he was still worried of Angela, Isabel and the entire household. Finally, Matilda stopped howling her sad love songs and Salvador decided to go to bed. Gaetana thought to herself that Salvador would ALWAYS be disturbed as long as he thought of the Donoso household, and as long as he did not leave his old life behind.

The following day, Salvador met Simon in the factory and asked Simon how everyone in the household was doing. Was Angela doing much better? Simon told Salvador that Angela was doing much better and everyone was fine. However he crossly told Salvador that he seamed to care of everyone's welfare except Valeria, as Valeria was going to leave the house as Isabel had lost confidence with her. He made sure Salvador felt guilty and accountable for Valeria's problems before leaving Salvador alone.

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