Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Speaking Love Piano

Isabel is in real trouble. Her lawyer told her that she became a suspect not because of Harrieta's accusation, but because of inconsistencies in the Andre's autopsy report, and her testimony that he committed suicide.

He told her that the autopsy report found out that Andre was killed by a hard brutal blow to his head. She became jittery and said that Valeria was her witness, and that, Andre disappeared and killed himself. She also said the Valeria was currently ill, and cannot stand any police interrogation.

Isabel went to the factory to forewarn Salvador, about the impending police interrogation. She begged him to deny to the police that he was her lover. After much pleadings, he agreed to cover up her lies, and agreed to deny being her lover, anytime the police interrogates him.

Harrieta further revealed to the police that she had once caught Salvador and Isabel making love in her apartment. She told them that Andre was her fiance before he ditched her for Isabel.

Rebeca seething in rage, continued to quietly plot her vengeance against Salvador. She vowed to be much worse than a plague to Salvador.

Simon tried unsuccessfully to convince Antonio that Salvador was a cheat, Antonio warned him to desist from judging his character, because there might be a hidden reason for Salvador's 'jilting' of Valeria. Simon remained an implacable hater of Salvador, because of this reason. He eventually revealed to his mother, Abigail, that Salvador was the lover of Valeria that jilted her.

Salvador stood before the mirror and told Gaetana that he cannot afford to let Valeria continue to suffer emotionally, he vowed that even though, he could not love her successfully as Salvador Sorenzo, he would surely love her with a paternal love, like Pedro Jose Donoso. He headed for the Donoso house, and, as usual, slipped through the hidden door and entered the studio, where he began to passionately play the the piano with masterful strokes which brought the whole house to there memorable feet.

Valeria was most pleased and comforted by the music, she silently whispered thanks to the spirit of Pedro Donoso for standing by her and comforting her in her emotionally trying times.

Angela was worried by the music, but Antonio assured her that it was her Dad, who came to comfort the house and was trying to say something to them with the piano's music.

Isabel was fatigued but woken up with rapt attention to the piano's music. Even when hysterical Rebeca came and to urge her to get Angela to open up the studio and throw away the damned possessed piano, she ignored her and fell back on the bed to rest. Rebeca would not let her be.

Walter was terrified and tormented by the music, he felt the presence of Pedro Donoso rebuking him. He almost ran mad when the music refused to cease.

After a very long time when the piano refused to stop, and nobody could sleep, Rebeca practically dragged Isabel to bang on Angela's door demanding for the key to the studio...

After this snippet 58 of El cuerpo del Deseo, you would find others from snippet 1 to date from the telenovela site map.

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