Thursday, November 30, 2006

Snippets 95/96A

The case for adoption of Salvador reached fever pitch because it has turned around to backfire on Pedro. He was now being accused of having kidnapped Salvador. The judge found Pedro a culpable suspect, and asked that, he be remanded in prison with option of bail until the next adjournment.

Based on Ceasar's alert, that L.F would marry Alfredo, that same day, as Carlos, Carlos Eduardo decided to go see L.F 'for the last time' before their respective weddings, per chance, she would change her mind at the 11th hour, and agree to marry him. When he got there, he asked her why she was in such an unusual hurry to wed Alfredo. While they were talking, Joaquina called her on phone that Pedro has been remanded in prison as suspect, in the twisted case of Salvador's adoption.

L.F was upset by this news, Carlos offered to support and drive her to the court to see Pedro. By the time Alfedo arrived, he was furious to see Carlos in the company of L.F. and protested his presence around his wife-to-be. A confrontation was inevitable between the two. Meanwhile, the Judge from the marriage registry that would join Jenny and Carlos together in 'holy wedlock' arrived in Marissa's house. Jenny was so desperate because Carlos was not around. She phoned the hospital and was told by Nurse Graziela that, Carlos had not come to the hospital that day. Jenny was heartbroken to learn that Carlos had lied to her in order to escape and avoid the wedding ceremony. She later found out that he had gone to L.f's house. The wedding had to be postponed indefinitely. When Carlos got back, he told her that he has confirmed that Pedrito was truly his child by L.F.

The judge imposed a surety of very huge sum of money to guarantee that Pedro, would not jump bail. L.f had to submit the house and business assets of Pedro to stand surety before he could be released. After they all came out of the court premises, Alfredo reminded L.F that their wedding was that day, L.F told him that she is no longer interested in marrying him.

L.A strolled to the Metropolitan Bank's head office and continued to pose as the president. Ordonez suspected that he must have had a hidden agenda, to show up in the bank, right after he was discharged from the hospital. So, he phoned Marissa to alert her that her ailing husband has resumed in the bank as the president. Marissa assured Ordonez not to worry. L.A challenged and accused him of stealing bank documents and keeping them in private houses.

Since Marissa sack Armando and since Jenny threw them out of her apartment, he and Carol had been swimming in an ocean of debts. Armando told her that he was living on the threshold of jail.

Don Fernando, in spite of Heriberto's opposition, has endorsed the relationship of Vanessa and Chante, and has asked him to move in, and live in the house with the family.


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