Saturday, December 02, 2006

Snippets 97

Alfredo was stunned beyond recovery to hear L.F's declaration that she was no longer interested in marrying him. He was so agitated and confused, on his wedding day, when his bride-to-be say no, more marriage. Pedro was not released immediately, so Carlos offered to pay the sum guarantee for his bail. L.F objected to Carlos offer because she doesn't want Carlos' gift to stir up further quarrels between the two rivals.

Jennifer was so angry with the disappointment of her suspended wedding because of the absence of her Groom-to-be, Carlos. She accused him of humiliating her in public by being absent on the supposed day of their wedding. Carlos explained to her he went to help L.F rescue Pedro from being jailed for an alleged kidnap case.

Marissa went to visit Pedro in detention and had a long talk with him. He told her that Salvador dreaded going back to his parents, he said the parents were poor and because of child abuse, like subjecting him to beg for alms for survival, that was why the boy ran off his parents. Marissa therefore commissioned the detectives to locate the real parents of Salvador, but Pedro objected to her efforts to help him.

Carol confronted and accused L.A of having corrupted her innocent Fiance, Armando. L.A lambasted her for accusing him of being a criminal. He told her how even her sister, Jennifer was also his business partner in all his shady deals. carol went angrily to question Jenny if L.A's allegation was true. After she left, L.A was angry with Armando for opening his mouth to tell Carol, all their shady deals together. He told him how Carol came to accuse him of being a corrupt businessman.

Don Fernando miraculously found a photograph of Amelia and Consuelo when they were young, at home. He told Consuelo that while he recognized her in the picture, the other person looked so much in resemblance to Luisito. Consuela was afraid of Don's discovery, she didn't want Don to ever remember Amelia again, so, she had to lie that the other person in the picture does not resemble Luisito but an old school mate and childhood friend, who used to live in the neighborhood.

Don was not satisfied with Consuelo's explanation, Consuelo too was not satisfied with that Picture in Don's custody. At the slightest opportunity, she stole the picture fro her father. When Don called Rigoberto to come and confirm his discovery of similarity of Luisito and Consuelo's partner in a picture he found at home, he was astonished to find that the picture had disappeared into thin air.

Carlos went to visit his son in L.F's house while he was playing with his kid, astaff of the social welfare department came to interview her, in respect of Salvador. Alfredo too came in a few minutes later, he was so furious to find Carlos inside L.F's house. He launched out his fist of fury to land on Carlos face, but missed and the punch landed on the social welfare staff.

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