Saturday, December 02, 2006

Snippets 98

The social welfare staff was terrified because of the rivalry battle that broke out between Alfredo and Carlos, she refused to conduct the interview again and left before it spilled over unto her. L.F was angry with Alfredo's behavior which she said was uncivilized. Carlos was enjoying himself, watching the acrimonious argument between this so-called 'couple'. Alfredo was really troubled to see L.F, for the second time in two weeks, siding with Carlos Eduardo in his confrontation with him. He therefore angrily left L.F's house.

Marissa planned to organize a party to celebrate and acknowledge her grandson, Pedrito, in her house and invited Consuelo and the Alcantaras. She also planned to invite close associates. Jenny was threatened by the planned public presentation of Pedrito as Marissa's grandson. It was the height of unsolicited provocation, she confronted Marissa and told her that she (Marissa) was publicly humiliating her. Consuelo too was very uncomfortable to learn that Pedrito was the son of her hated niece Luisa Fernanda.

The social welfare staff now went to interview Pedro in prison and also told him about the quarrel that ensued between two rivals, over his daughter, in his house earlier in the day, and how it almost resulted in an exchange of blows. The social welfare staff confided in Pedro that it would be almost impossible for the court to grant him his request of adopting Salvador because of the tensed atmosphere of rivalry and fierce battle between two lovers of his daughter which he had witnessed earlier in the day. She wrote the report and submitted it to the judge in charge of the case.

After Carlos left, L.F went in search of Alfredo to explain the mission of Carlos to her house, and also to apologize to him. Alfredo refuse to greet her at the flower shop. He told her that the relationship between them is damaged irreparably, so, she should go away. She begged and reminded him that she is still interested in marriage to him. He was happy with the announcement and came out to embrace her. They both went to the bank to complete the mortgage transactions of Pedro's asset for his bail.

When they arrived in the prison to tell Pedro how far they have gone to ensure his bail, he changed gear and for the first time, began to blame his puppet, Alfredo, and of course, Carlos Eduardo in absentia for making him to lose the custody of Salvador, because of their unruly behavior in the morning.

L.A has lost confidence in his son, Armando. He passed the baton to Solozarno. He asked Solo to take all the stolen boxes of implicating documents to hide in his house away from Armando, because he could not keep his mouth shut to Carol, describing him as a weakling with women.

Ordonez warned Carlos that the stolen bank documents may be found hidden in Jenny's apartment, because that was where L.A was living. Carlos was shocked with that news, and when he got home he asked Jenny if L.A was living in her house. Jenny was shocked by this unexpected question targeted at a well-kept secret between her and Marissa. she stammered and lied that it was not so.

Carlos did not believe her, so he went to Jenny's apartment and was surprised to meet L.A there. He confronted him and demanded that he should return all the bank's stolen documents in his care back to him (Carlos).

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