Sunday, December 03, 2006

Snippets 105

After the lawyer's threat to evacuate them from the house, Lupe, as Marissa's private secretary, passed the information to her, to help rescue Pedro and family, who were under eviction notice from the new owner who acquired the mortgage debt of their house. Marissa sent for Pedro to get the real facts from him. This was good news to Jenny. Anything that would inflict pain on L.F was her obsession. She later scolded Lupe for mentioning the case of L.F's father's eviction to Marissa for intervention.

Carlos, when he heard of the problem ran to L.F's house to assist to recover the house. But Alfredo told him not to worry, that he had resolved the whole problem. So Carlos left.

Carlos called Jenny to allow him search through her apartment to see if L.A was hiding any stolen bank's document there. She led him to her house to conduct the search, while he was going about the search, Jenny set an emotional ambush for him and he almost fell into the trap, as they were on the verge of having sex, but for the interruption of Carol who came in unannounced. carol came to deliver another 'bomb' about L.A having another child, this time a daughter by another woman, who also did not know the irresponsible man who fathered her. She also told them that Armando was determined to fish out the girl.

Alfredo failed to stop the possession of the property, the Bank told him that, the mortgage has been repurchased by another prospective buyer. When he returned L.F blamed him for jealously sending Carlos away, when he offered to help them. Another quarrel broke out between this incompatible 'couple'. Alfredo was angry and accuse L.F of always tauting him, using Carlos' ability to poke in his face and at his impotence. He told her that he couldn't stand the mockery. He felt humiliated and frustrated that he could not play the 'saviour-god' this time, for L.F and Pedro, as he had always done when Pedro was insane, and when L.F was jailed. He felt very vulnerable and depressed.

Don, after the exposure of the crimes of L.A in court and the disgrace that followed, sacked him as his company's legal adviser.

When Rigo got wind of Pedro's eviction, she ran back home asking Consuelo to help Pedro. L.A was also in the house when Rigo made her request of Consuelo. She faced L.A asking him to help Pedro, L.A told her that much as he would have loved to, he could not because that girl (meaning Luisa Fernanda), is a swindler! Rigo was mad with him, she insisted by telling him that that swindler as he choose to call innocent girl happens to be his daughter! She told him that he has an obligation to help his own flesh and blood!

At that moment, hell was let loose as L.A accused Consuelo of having deliberately hidden the truth of the identity of his daughter from him all this years. Consuelo counter accused him that his interest in that daughter of his was the inheritance willed to her by Don and not for the love of the poor girl. She told him that was why she never revealed her identity to him, since it would threaten her labor to hijack that inheritance.

Immediately, L.A faced Rigo and assured her that he would do anything to help his daughter. After he left, Consuelo was very upset and angry with Rigo for telling L.A about the truth of L.F. All this time Vanessa was hiding out of earshot and she heard all what transpired. She was amazed that Luisa Fernanda, her bosom friend was the unknown granddaughter of Don Fernando Alcantara, and not the gardener's daughter, as everybody were made to believe or be deceived!

Marissa asked Pedro to move into her mansion as she launched full scale investigation to know from the lawyer who the new buyer of Pedro was, as she vowed to pay all the debt to recover that house back for Pedro. L.F refused to follow Pedro to live in Carlos Eduardo's house.

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Muhsin said...

How L.F is gonna react by hearing that this real swindler L.A is her biological father? I really will like to watch that scene. But I pity her!