Thursday, December 07, 2006

Snippets 126

Carlos was furious to learn that Jenny slapped L.F, he went to scold and tongue-lashed her for her gutter behavior. Jenny was depressed by this obvious partisanship of Carlos. She concluded that the two lovers were getting back together in reconciliation. She admitted her loss in the battle for Carlos' love. She decided to commit suicide and swallowed all the pills from a bottle of sleeping pills and fell into the bath tub.

Alfredo had a running battle with L.F before he could finally convince her to escort him to La Paz for the trip. He apologized to her for forcing her against her will to escort him on the trip.

Leopoldo appeared in court, after being thoroughly beaten by two thugs hired by Solozarno to kill him. He gave useful evidence against L.A.

Pedro threw a small party to celebrate the victory over the legal adoption of Salvador and also to welcome him officially into his family as a new member.

Vanessa came to her father's office to pack his things, She tried unsuccessfully to break open the metal box where Heriberto keeps vital documents. She suspects that Don's Will may be hidden there. One of the factory workers came to report to Consuelo that Vanessa was trying to break the safe. Consuelo made up her mind there and then, to get rid of Vanessa, who symbolized the new threat to her evil hegemony. She could not help but noticed how Don Fernando pampered Vanessa throughout the burial ceremony of Heriberto. She dreaded a scenario, where Don may decide to transfer his fortune to Vanessa in the absence of his real granddaughter.

Rigo escorted Don to the hospital for medical checkup. The doctor recommended and referred Don to La Paz, for physio treatment of Don's trembling hand. Consuelo refused to heed Rigo's warning to confess to Don, she held on to the last straw of evil hope that Don could drop dead any moment from now, particularly now, that she has assumed the presidency of the Iron and Steel company.

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