Friday, January 19, 2007

Staying on Course

Fellow Gardener's, On New Year's Day, I made a solemn promise to deepen and greatly enrich our collective entertainment value from this telenovela blog, 20 times over, this year, 2007, making sure that: " ... by the end of this new year, I pray, and would work to make this blog parade at least, the best 20 telenovela stories in the world, in English language for all of us, God help me."

It is precisely the efforts to redeem that promise that sent me on quality and painstaking research to fulfill our telenovela appetites this year. That is why some of you may have noticed that I have only been posting only one, or occasionally, two snippets per day, unlike my traditional 10 snippets per day, at peak seasons. A promise is a debt and I would complete what I have started.My Father's name is The beginning and the End, so, I wont leave you in the middle of the telenovela ocean.

I must however congratulate you that my research is producing awesome results,I have found three of the "All-time" most popular telenovelas in the world and I am itching to start posting the daily snippets in by next week after I must have finished posting snippets of Esmeralda.

"Rebelde", "Rubi" and "Yo Soy Betty, la fea" I am Betty, the ugly one. are three telenovelas that would knock you off. The Rebelde revolution is raging like a contagious entertainment virus throughout the five continents now, it is only Africa that was missing out. The U.S.A. caught the telenovela fever last year 2006 and it is already in a state of telenovela stupor now. Some of these telenovelas have begun to win prestigious nominations and win awards, including Oscar.

For those wanting to buy the complete dvds of the gardener's daughter, and other telenovelas, get ready an average amount of 50 to 100 Euros or equivalent in you local currency for the purchase.


Anonymous said...

Hi Philo, this is Philip, please i am very interested in getting the dvd'S FOR tgd. kINDLY CONTACT ME ON HOW TO REMIT THE MONEY AS SOON AS THE dvd IS READY

Angel Rivera said...

I really love what you are doing it;'s so inspiring that you are doing it in the name of God, bless you and keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Hi Philo this is amina a very big fan of urs please am interested in getting the dvds please contact me as soon as it is ready my email add is would it be ready soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi phil,
Keep up the good work, i'm one of ur fans, very interested in getting the dvd's, my email addy is

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Hello Philo am a big fan of urs am thankful and greatful for the up to date summaries of the gardner's daughter n other telenovela's you send to my box thanks for your efforts i really do appriciate u n ur wk,but pls how do i get a copy of this telenovelas on DVD u post on ur site especially TGD i really wud like 2 get a copy(DVD) of e-maill add is ill appriciate it if u get back to me.

Anonymous said...

hi phil i must say am impressed by the time u put into posting these online for our reading pleasure. i searched without result for the website on which to get to read it but to no avail. I am proud to say women are goal achievers and am proud to be female.
Keep up the good work girl you deserve more an award plus check.Please do update me on esmeralda as my work restricts me from watching the tv series.
my email is there is cuando sias mia or TGD on DVD i will love a copy too.

Anonymous said...

i agree that your work is excellent but i find the price of the dvds a bit too high comparing to the price of the dvd in spanish language (cost:18 dollars= 20 euros after converting)
whatever, i was wondering if you still offer to sell the dvds; if yes i am interested and here is my email -adress: please contact me as soon as you can