Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Snippets 150

L.F was stunned by the revelations of Rigoberto, that Don Fernando was the father of her late mother, Amelia, and that, the most sought after lost daughter and granddaughter of Don Fernando, was her mother and her very self. Much more, that she was the sole heiress of Don Alcantara's fortune! Rigo sought L.F to forgive her for not disclosing this truth since, she said she was afraid for her life because Consuelo was capable of killing her (Rigo), if she had made move to tell her the truth. L.F forgave her immediately.

Rigoberto insisted that L.F should follow her now to go and see Don Fernando at home. Meanwhile, Don confronted Consuelo about the lie she told him concerning his 'dead' granddaughter. Consuelo characteristically denied, by lying that it was not her who told him that his granddaughter died in an accident with Amelia. She however hypocritically assured Don that she has never met nor know who the girl is but would help him to locate and bring her to him.

Jennifer went into a state of deep depression when Armando told her that Carlos and L.F were chosen at Vanessa's wedding as the godfather and godmother respectively of the unborn baby of Vanessa. Jenny knew that was a public acknowledgment and prelude to the planned wedding of the two prime lovers, which seems now irreversible.

Jenny's depression has thrown the spanners into the advertising campaign of Guillermo's agency. He went to warn her that he would substitute her if she did not desist from running after Carlos Eduardo. He banished her from seeing Carlos again. He further went to tell Carlos the actions he had taken against Jenny to prevent her from disrupting his (Carlos') marriage plans with L.F.

L.A was shocked when he fully realized the enormous fortune that his biological daughter, L.F would be swimming into. L.F went to the park alone to weep. She was overwhelmed with the good news that Rigo brought her. It was an anticlimax. When she recovered and got back home, she chastised Pedro for hiding her relationship with Don from her.

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