Sunday, February 25, 2007

Site Map: How To Read The Full Story of Gardener’s Daughter

Today, I felt that we have grown together over the last six months, that the new surge of fresh visitors besieging this telenovela blog with questions of how to navigate, to get the full story of the gardener's daughter, (la hija del Jardinero), needed a road map, or a site map, to help them on how to read through the story without interruption, or disruption of the flow. I am posting all the links to the full story from Episode 1, to grand finale.

Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 6, Episode 7, Episode 8, Episode 9, Episode 10, Episode 11/12, Episode 13, Episode 14, Episode 15, Episode 16, Episode 17, Episode 18, Episode 19, Episode 20, Episode 21, Episode 22, Episode 23, Episode 24, Episode 25, Episode 26, Episode 27, Episode 28, Episode 29, Episode 30, Episode 31, Episode 32, Episode 33, Episode 34, Episode 35, Episode 36, Episode 37, Episode 38, Episode 39, Episode 40, Episode 41, Episode 42, Episode 43, Episode 44, Episode 45, Episode 46, Episode 47, Episode 48, Episode 49, Episode 50, Episode 51, Episode 52, Episode 53, Episode 54, Episode 55, Episode 56, Episode 57, Episode 58, Episode 59, Episode 60, Episode 61/62, Episode 63, Episode 64, Episode 65, Episode 66, Episode 67, Episode 68.

Snippet 69, Snippet 70, Snippet 71, Snippet 72, Snippet 73, Snippet 74, Snippet 75, Snippet 76, Snippet 77, Snippet 78, Snippet 79, Snippet 80, Snippet 81, Snippet 82, Snippet 83, Snippet 84, Snippet 85, Snippet 86, Snippet 87, Snippet 88, Snippet 89 Snippet 90, Snippet 91, Snippet 92, Snippet 93, Snippet 94, Snippet 95, Snippet 96, Snippet 97, Snippet 98/99, Snippet 100, Snippet 101, Snippet 102, Snippet 103, Snippet 104, Snippet 105, Snippet 106, Snippet 107, Snippet 108, Snippet 109, Snippet 110, Snippet 111, Snippet 112, Snippet 113, Snippet 114, Snippet 115, Snippet 116, Snippet 117, Snippet 118, Snippet 119, Snippet 120.

Snippet 121, Snippet 122, Snippet 123, Snippet 124, Snippet 125, Snippet 126, Snippet 127, Snippet 128, Snippet 129, Snippet 130, Snippet 131, Snippet 132, Snippet 133, Snippet 134, Snippet 135, Snippet 136, Snippet 137, Snippet 138, Snippet 139, Snippet 140, Snippet 141, Snippet 142, Snippet 143, Snippet 144, Snippet 145, Snippet 146, Snippet 147, Snippet 148, Snippet 149, Snippet 150, Snippet 151, Snippet 152, Snippet 153, Snippet 154, Snippet 155, Snippet 156, Snippet 157, Snippet 158, Snippet 159, Snippet 160, Snippet 161, Snippet 162, Snippet 163, Snippet 164, Snippet 165, Snippet 166, Snippet 167, Snippet 168, Snippet 169, Snippet 170, Snippet 171 Snippet 172, Snippet 173, Snippet 174, Snippet 175, Snippet 176, Snippet 177, Snippet 178, Grand Finale.


Anonymous said...

gee thanks phil!you don't know how happy i am for this.God bless you abundantly and make you happy for making others happy.

Anonymous said...

Wao!!!!! Philo thank you in bunches for this tremendous exposition of the entire garden for gardeners to surf I must tell you that from here I can see the length and the width of the garden and the pasture therein. Good work. yours
Gardener Emma Antigha

Anonymous said...

this website ranks among my best discoveries this year. grrrrreeeaat work phil. you are a life saver.

Anonymous said...

thanks phil for the good work.pls phli how can i get to buy the garderner's daughter and cuando seas is very important pls.

shaz said...

phil how are u doing?keep the flag flying u are doing a great job,pls let me know what i need to do and when garderner's daughter and cuando seas mia are up for sales.

Lyz temko said...

Its Temko[kenya]

hey...i jus finished watching...oooops reading the well outlined TGD..its....oh my!!!wat can i say to u Godsent Phil?Am ahead of our Ktn channel.....Thanks a zillion times

Anonymous said...

That film is fantastic!!!Carlos-eduardo is sooo handsome.His girlfriend is really lucky!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my!what can i say?Carlos Eduardo Gormez.Is he married yet?haha...thats a fantastic programme.Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I wish this will never end, am dying know what happened to Lupe

Anonymous said...

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