Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Dead or Alive!

Salvador took a little of Lilly's money for his trip, and left a note that he would pay her back. He disappeared into the night's darkness, before the 'princess of seduction' came out in her enchanting gown.

Lilly went wild on discovering that Salvador has escaped from her seductive grip. She summoned Salvador's worst enemy in that town of La Cruztas, Sheriff Campo.

She lied by telling the Sheriff that Salvador attempted to sexually take advantage of her, and also robbed her of ALL her life savings. She demanded that he be found, captured and brought to justice, dead or alive!

Fate saved Salvador from an all-night, and all-party search by the police force, swarming all over the forests and crannies of the township. He was also saved by the same fate when, during the journey, the border police at the immigration point, almost woke him from deep and tired sleep, to question him, but were distracted, and he was left alone in the nitch of time.

My conclusion and lesson here is that, having "lined-up" with his fate or destiny, and without smearing his hand or body in any immoral filth or compromise, he became invincible and unstoppable. Are you still being hindered in one way or the another towards that noble goal you have set yourself at the begining of this year?

Time for self-examination. Perhaps you had unconsciously carried an evil load among your luggage. Time to drop them for momentum. Your attitude would determine the altitude you would attain. You can regain momentum and astonishing speed, that would swallow the stagnation of the last nine months, and still be able to attain those noble goals at the close of this December.

Don't give up your hope, the ONLY thing you should give up are those evil loads and burdensome distractions, that have cumbered your progress since the year began. Lilly was obviously an evil load, which Salvador refused to carry among and along with his luggage.

Drop your "Lillies" now, no matter how beautiful and enchanting they may seem to be. It would be short-lived and could whither your STRAIGHT path to fufilling your goals for the year. (Don't forget that the shortest distance between any two distant goals is the STRAIGHT path). You still have time before the year closes, you don't so much need time as you need the truth!

Pardon me, I have unconsciously slipped into preaching from telenovela love lessons... (Laugh)


maureen said...

hi am maureen and I love you guys for the work you do.God am crazy about all the telenovela soap operas. please if possible could you please send me the next episode.
hey does salvador realy love valaria. do you have the full episodes. thanks for the good work hope to here from you.

Tessie said...

I am not sure of the exact episode you are now in, but judging from the blogspot, Salvador has already left the town using Lily's money. Salvador will reach his destination fine, I can't remember which of the two came first (it has been some time since I last saw this) but Salvador (Pedro), after some episodes, went back to the house he lived in as Pedro Jose Donoso (it was at night). There he met the dog who reccognized him, and therefore didn't attack/bark at him. He went to Angela's room and stole the pair of keys and then went to the hidden passage that Rebecca and Walter have been trying to access for ages and opened and took some money, and left the rest of the money together with the jewelery back at the safe. If i remember clearly, the money was to give to Geytana, as she had refused to see him previously when he had aproached her as she couldn't recognize him in his new body. So, he finally went to Geytana and told her that if she saw him, he would give her the money, which she needed desperately to pay her house rent. During the process she found out that he really was Pedro. (As she later told Lupe her house-help and friend, Salvador even had the same handwritting as he was when he was Pedro) Gytana had been so scared, that she hid under the table saying she was repentant and actually confessed she had been cheating people with her 'spititual readings'. To make the long story short, Geytana agreed to help Salvador (Pedro), and Salvador/Pedro eventually went to live with her,he eventually in a few episodes later made her promise to do no more spiritualisim in the house, and therefore she decided to eventually open a bar.

Salvador will go to the factory to try and get a job. He will even try to tell the person in charge that he knows Isabel (Isabel was on a trip)but he won't be successful, he even finds Simon leaving as he had been fired by Andre.

He therefore goes to the house, (If i'm not wrong, I think Isabel and Andre had left for a trip, or maybe it was Isabel alone) I think he first met Walter who treated him badly,as Walter saw him as a 'nobody' he then met (his future Seducer)Rebecca (yes Isabel's old Aunt!), and she was swept completly off her feet by his handsome appearance. Before the next day, she had immediately started flirting with him and hired him as her Chauffer (as I think Walter had injured his Hand, I think by the dog). She took him around town and even bought him new uniform!!

Salvador was amazed by all this! He told Geytana how rude Walter was and how materialistic Isabel's Aunt Rebeca was...but as he told Geytana, in his heart, he knew he 'would not be disappointed in Isabel' as she would still be the same, moral, classy, (did i hear loving?), woman she always was.

In the end, Angela interviewed him and he was touched to see her, epecially now that she looked weak (she had broken her leg in the basement which she shared with Antonio), and even attempted to help her. She was ok-ish, but not 100% sure of Salvador/Pedro

Eventually Isabel came back from her trip, and as soon as she heard her Aunt had absent-mindedly hired some chaufer to be driving her, without even asking for his reference papers she went to fire him as she saw she did not need him. So she purposly marched out put her hands on her hips and was about to give him a piece of her mind, until he turned around and she saw how handsome he was...she was momentarily left speachless...so she TRIED firing him, but instead, he gave her a reference letter from...Pedro Jose Donoso-Himself, which was written in Pedro's handwritting. This eventually made Isabel and Angela see him as credible and he was not fired, and I think Walter was given a different role in the house...

When Isabel was initially planning to fire Salvador (before he had given her the reference letter from Pedro-himself), Valaria had already packed her belongings and was planning to leave the house, as she was tired of being mis-treated. As soon as she left the door Isabel left Salvador to confront her, during that moment, Valaria made eye contact with Salvador and she swoned..almost fainted by just looking at him.She later told Isabel not to worry, as she definately was not leaving the house...and as Isabel left, Valaria peaked another glimse of Salvador...

As Isabel would later wonder, Salvador had the same eyes-the same look as Pedro, even his arogance matched Pedro...

However, as soon as Andre saw him, it was hate-at-first-sight on Andre's side. He treated Salvador suspiciously and rudly...he wanted Salvador out of their lives, specifically out of Isabel's life...and he vowed to discredit him. Salvodor however was so hurt, as he told Geytana later that evening, he could not understand how Andre, whom he loved as a son, could dispise him so much...He thought to himself maybe Andre was just trying to protect Isabel as she was all alone now, after all she was 'Pedro's wife'

As Salvador/Pedro coninued working at his House,Geytana convinced him that maybe the reason he was given a second chance in life, was to start a brand new life elsewhere, she convinced him to steal back the rest of the money and jewelery from the house safe and they both go and start and run their new bar, and leave the Donosos' alone, after all that was his past life, his past family, as Pedro he is now dead, as Salvador, he is now alife and has a new life...

During a party, Salvador went to steal the money and as he was emptying his jewelery, he heard Andre and Isabel in the study talking...Andre was questioning Isabel's love and loyalty...that she should not give up now...'after all doesn't she remember the love that they shared before and during her marriage to Pedro?, if she did not blink when she poisoned Pedro, then this situation she is in, should not shake her'

Salvador's heart was crushed... to learn Isabel had killed him, that she never belonged to him, that she had cheated on him, that she had never loved him as Pedro, as he had loved her.

Still in his secret room near the study, he threw away the money/jewelery on to the floor (i think he really wept), and went to a bar. Theere he met a woman, and if my memory serves me right, i think he grabbed her, (he was not in his right mind, he was crazy with anguish)and imagining her as Isabel he asked her why she betrayed him, the woman, who was now being almost choked to death, started yelling to him that she was not Isabel...

As he told Geytana later, he wanted to kill Isabel...and that is when he started planning his revenge...

sorry I got to go...will tell you more very soon....

Thanks for all the updates you give us!! I'm currenly still watching the 'la hija la jadinero', and your updates are excellent!!God bless!

Tessie :-)