Thursday, December 13, 2007

Avalanche of TRUTHS!

Isabel swore to Rebeca and herself she would get to the bottom of the truth and visited Gaetana and accused her of doing her magical spells to bring Pedro to life (this was a while after her tip to Las Cruses) and was so upset that she had fought with Gaetana and strangled her almost to death before Matilda, and Lupe came to rescue Gaetana. Isabel told them that she never wanted them near her again. Gaetana went and told Salvador/Pedro that the madness had to stop and that Isabel knew everything.

Isabel had gone to see the psychiatrist who also dealt with the paranormal and had been helping her to further analyze Salvador/Pedro’s case (the psychiatrist had been recommended by Pedro’s former doctor). Isabel confessed to the Psychiatrist that she had even tried killing Gaetana and had lost control of her actions before thinking. The psychiatrist then admitted to Isabel that he had head of many weird stories concerning the paranormal as that was why his patients were in the psychiatry to deal with these incidents, but frankly he thought that Isabel’s story was false and was a cry for help for something deeper. Isabel felt insulted as the doctor thought she was crazy and went back home, where Walter and Rebeca confessed about the secret room that lead to the studio and showed it to Isabel.

Isabel asked Angela for the key, Angela asked what for? Isabel said that they would soon find out as they had seen a secret passageway and room. Isabel started pulling books from the shelf to find the door and swore that she would find the door even if she had to pull the whole library down. Scared at her words and since she did not want the studio torn apart, Abigail confessed to the mechanism she and Vicky had found one day when cleaning the room. The button was found and pressed and the entire household saw as the door slid open and revealed the secret room.

The things from the Secret room were removed and placed in the study. Valeria was surprised to hear about the secret room and went to see it. Isabel called the entire family – Abigail and her sons, Angela, Vicky, Valeria, Walter and Rebeca to discuss with the whole family about Salvador and to see if she really was going crazy or they all thought the same about the link of her first husband Pedro and Salvador.

When all this was happening, the psychiatrist went to visit Salvador at night at Salvador’s office. He told Salvador of Isabel’s tale of Salvador being her late husband Pedro and how he had diagnosed Isabel dangerous to everyone especially Salvador and capable of doing ANYTHING to get her way. He told Salvador/Pedro

Isabel’s crazy tale of Salvador being Pedro. Salvador listened to the psychiatrist patiently and told the psychiatrist not to worry as he could handle Isabel. Before leaving with his car, Salvador told the psychiatrist that he was correct about everything except Isabel’s theory about him. Isabel was correct when she had said that he was her late husband. Salvador drove off from the company car-park leaving the psychiatrist looking at him with a surprised look and an open mouth.

Salvador arrived home, as he was going to his bedroom, he noticed that the door to his studio was open. Salvador put his jacket on the nearest chair and retreated back to the studio and discovered all the things from the secret room were now in the studio and that his hiding place had been discovered. Isabel found him there and told him that it was time to talk, and not just the two of them but with everyone else. Isabel informed Salvador that the household was waiting for him downstairs.

Salvador asked what the meeting was about and Isabel said that it was about him and his connection to Pedro. Salvador admitted the truth in-front of everyone that he was Pedro. Valeria started softly crying. Pedro admitted that he never thought that he would loose his life in the person that he least expected, pointedly referring to Isabel. Rebeca was convinced the whole household had gone mad. Salvador as Pedro? No-way. Pedro tried to talk to Abigail who was reluctant to face the whole issue as it made her uncomfortable even if she believed Salvador was Pedro. Pedro next looked at his daughter Angela and assumed to her aloud that she would say the same the same thing as Abigail as after all she had told him that if her father chose to return, she would have preferred him to rest in peace and not be troubled.

Pedro praised Antonio for all his good qualities and knew Antonio would keep his daughter happy and that he would one day be the CEO of the Donoso Citrus Company.

Next Pedro talked to Simon and asked Simon if he had a chance to examine his conscience. Simon told Pedro that he had examined his conscience and admitted that he had previously preferred to see Salvador in a bad way as a thief and a liar due to his feelings but he saw that that was unjust and asked for forgiveness of the only man whom he considered his Father. Abigail, Isabel and Vicky wept as they watched Simon and Pedro/Salvador go back on good terms and Pedro smiled and hugged Simon.

Vicky had been really emotional and was crying and had wanted to leave the meeting as she had not wanted to see herself needed by Salvador or anyone. Salvador called her by all her long names and asked her to say, after all if Pedro had asked her to stay would she? Vicky said yes but was still crying due to all the emotions.

Salvador/Pedro next talked to Valeria and told her that she had not really loved Salvador, but had instead always been in love with Pedro and not Salvador. She had loved Pedro for the comfort he could give her and his heart and music. Pedro said that he never loved Valeria selfishly but instead it was a pure love with no complications/wants. Valeria cried silently due to her emotions. Salvador said that some people (pointedly looking at Walter) had only liked him because of his money.

Walter was annoyed at what he thought was Salvador’s pretenses, and tried hitting him, Salvador held Walter on the back of his shirt like a child and slapped him several times on his face (as if he was a girl) and tossed him aside. Pedro could not believe that he had trusted Walter all those years and he was just a thief and a heartless person. Angela asked Salvador to relax.

Pedro sat down. Isabel loudly told Pedro in front of everyone that she had noticed that Pedro had made sure everyone had spoken the truth. Well then so would she. She confessed that she only married Pedro for his wealth and money. Angela and Abigail begged Isabel to stop saying such horrible things. Isabel had nothing to loose she said she had to say them as they were true. She admitted that Andre had told her to get rid of Pedro and that the night Pedro had died, Angela had even discovered he sleeping with Andre. She admitted the things she did for Andre were not as bad as what she did to get to Salvador. She admitted that she had killed Andre.

Salvador/Pedro alone sarcastically clapped at Isabel’s performance. Rebeca begged Isabel not to say anything as she was sure Salvador had forced her to say all this nonsense. Valeria was about to protest but Isabel interrupted Valeria by telling her that she must have suspected it all along she had killed Andre.

Rebeca said that since they were all revealing their secrets then she had to say something too. She said that Salvador married Isabel when he was already married to someone else, a poor peasant and had a little son. Angela holding her pregnant belly begged Rebeca not to tell anymore lies or to make up stories...

Isabel confirmed that it was true. She told the household that she had not really gone to a business trip, but had gone to find out the truth in Las Cruises which is a small town, and told them the story of how Salvador’s wife and the entire town told the story of a resurrected Salvador, a peasant farmer called Salvador, who was illiterate and did not know how to read or write and died and woke up from his coffin knowing how to read and write as Salvador, was a man who died so that Pedro could live. read more snippets from the telenovela sitemap...

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