Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2008: A New Beginning!

Happy New Year to all telenovela fans world wide. I have deliberately been off-line in the dying days, when 2007 gave up the ghost. Some things had to die with that year... so that our destinies may resurrect with power and explosive revival as we march on triumphantly throughout 2008!

Figure 8 symbolizes NEW BEGINNING. A spiritual cycle was completed in 2007. It is now time to deliver the perfected works of that cycle. Indeed, it is a year of "Next Level" (apologies to Pastor Enoch A. Adeboye).

It has been variously called a year of New Directions, New Regeneration, New Resurrection. A year of explosive growth for small businesses. A year of Unprecedented greatness and Unmatchable Increase! Oooh... the euphoria is still thick in the atmosphere... I am still drinking deep into what the year promises to deliver and MUST deliver, by God's special grace.

For me, as an internet entrepreneur, I am going to the market place, before mid-year with some of my sites, and I would not return empty. The telenovela 'food' I have been 'cooking' all this while is done now, it's time to sell. The irresistible aroma has been bringing 'loaded' and dignified web merchants to my sites and also a lot of new visitors, something great is about to happen on the blogosphere from Nigeria!

Many many thanks to all fans who further propelled our feed Subscriber from 1,007 on January 1st 2007, to 2,833 telenovela subscribers today, exactly 12 months later. Yes! You were there! When the book called "2007" was closed, you occupied a memorable and sweet chapter for me. As 2008 opens, may that record activate your explosive harvests and catapult you to your desired 'haven'.

A tree cannot make a forest. It was your robust patronage that fetched me those thousands of Dollars. Your seed would speak for you this year. Your seed shall defend you against wants and lack in 2008. You will be adored and favored, the same way you have done with me in 2007.

You shall be dearly beloved at home and at your work places this year. You shall leap over shame and reproach into honor and glory this year. That is the agenda for this year, and you are a special item on that agenda. You shall leap into Joy and peace!

Let me share the reason for my excitement for this year 2008. God is the creator of times and seasons. He is also a God of patterns. He specializes in concealing mysteries, because His glory is wrapped in it.

It is a great honor if we can search out and locate the mysteries hidden in this year. There is a 'leap factor' hidden in this year. It comes only once in every four years. If you can locate that 'leap factor', you will be catapulted beyond your dreams.

By the time you land, you would have overtaken every setback you have suffered in the last four years. It would be a stupendous recovery that would be delivered to your life this year. May you find that 'leap factor' right early.

I have operated that revelation for the past 12 years and it has worked explosively for me, three times (1996, 2000, and 2004). This year would follow that divine pattern, get ready and line up your life with God, the Author of true promotions and restorations.

May God help me to unravel this mystery to you in the course of time. Amen.

One other great desire of mine that I would love to dwell a little here is a personality of immense worth to me. He is a gift unto men and unto nations. Ahh, I would be showcasing him too in the course of time. My husband and mentor- Aderemi Ojikutu.

Don't worry if you have nothing to do with the web. He is sent to only 1.2 Billion internet users. If your work or career has something to do with the web, then watch out for this man who will bring great web glory to Africa and Nigeria in 2008. He is a 'prophet' of the web. One prayer I fervently hold unto, and continue to pray for him is: "He Must INCREASE..."


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