Saturday, September 13, 2008

Snippet 18 - Ugly Betty - In The Eye of 'Leak' Storm

The following scene showed all staff of Mode in the conference room with Daniel and Wilhelmina presiding. Daniel explained the negative effect and what this leak could do to Mode – they would loose advertisers and their sales will drop catastrophically. Wilhelmina said that was precisely the reason why Mode does not tolerate leaks. She gave the culprit one chance to own up. Betty was about raising her hands but Marc quickly held it down with his hand while Amanda kicked her under the table.

Wilhelmina asked them again if any of them spoke to anyone at Isabella, while looking at each of them in the eye. She then said they were all guilty and would be treated as such until there was a confession.

Bradford was with his private eye in a dark place where their face could not be seen, telling him about the missing music box. He told him the only person who knew about it was his wife, Claire.

Still at the meeting, Wilhelmina informed Mode staff that they were embarking on creating a new concept and Daniel added that if they have any plans, they should cancel it. Wilhelmina explained that no one was leaving until they were done with the concept and she yelled them off to their posts.

Marc and Amanda grabbed Betty and hijacked her to the Ladies. They both tried to convince Betty to keep mute to protect their jobs. Fat Carol came out of one of the toilets and Amanda asked her if she didn’t have reasons to be nervous to which her reply was about something she ate and she left. They all recalled their discussion with Medina and discovered that each leaked a portion of the concept. Betty then decided that what was left was for them to go to Wilhelmina and confess but Marc tried to convince her that what they individual told Medina were bits of a giant concept and that there was no way they could have put that together to arrive at the whole concept, that there had to be someone else. Amanda told her that they have to keep quite and let the real culprit be caught. But Betty disagreed that, she would at least confess what ‘she’ did because she doesn’t like lying. Marc and Amanda stopped her from leaving and told her that if she confessed, it would be linked to them and would all get fired.

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