Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Snippet 20 - Ugly Betty In The Slayer's Den

Marc, Amanda and Betty were still seated at the dinning table talking, seeking a way out of the whole problem. Marc and Amanda agreed to blame it on ‘fat’ Carol (Amanda was still eating through this) but Betty thought it was unfair. She refused and told them that lying will only get them into more trouble. These geeks convinced her by telling her they were doing it for her (oh yeah, you’re right?), that they could easily get another job but that for Betty…..

Amanda asked Betty for more of whatever she had been eating and Betty went into the kitchen. Her father made a comment about Amanda’s appetite and when he saw the look on his daughter’s face, he told her that, “some times we have to keep secrets to survive.”

The next morning, Marc (holding a paper pack to his nose), Amanda (eating what looked like cake with butter/cream icing) and Betty were in the lift when ‘fat’ Carol stopped the lift to join them. She immediately started saying nasty things. First of all she said it was too bad about their Wilhelmina meeting, that ‘they’ would be missed. Amanda told her to shut up but that only ignited her more. She then said she does know if there is a re-hap for what it was Amanda and Marc were addicted with, that they should consider starting a job-hunt. She also saucily said she admired Betty the most and that at least there is someone fatter than she is, and then exited the lift. Well, she succeeded in infuriating them and they each got out of the lift one after the order saying the word ‘fat’ Carol.

Betty entered Daniel’s with the usual morning coffee and met him standing before his desk listening to the music from the music box that was on his table. Betty saw the mood he was in and asked where he got the box from and if he was ok. He told her when he was twelve years old and it was Christmas, his father just got back from Switzerland. His father bought his mom a music box exactly like the one on his table. A few days later, his mom hid the box in the attic and set fire to a thousand copies of Mode magazine without telling him why. As he narrated the whole story, it was glaring that this evoked painful memories for him. Now, it was apparent that his father box 2 boxes; one for his wife and the other for his mistress. Daniel then explained to Betty that that was why Fey appeared in the centre spread with the box. She was flaunting her relationship with Bradford before Claire. This resulted in Claire losing her mind and she had to be confined. (Poor Daniel!)

Betty said she was sorry to hear that and asked if there was anything inside the box. Daniel said no and Betty (inquisitive Betty!), removed the top layer and……… behold, inside the box was a broken part of Fey’s car registration plate – the part that carried ‘Fey’ and her burned sunglasses. Betty then said the mystery woman was trying to connect his father to Fey Sommers but Daniel said she did more than that; that she is connection his father to Sommer’s death. Vincent Bianci came into Daniel’s office with a request and Daniel had to go with him. Betty stopped him on his way out and told him she would be meeting with Wilhelmina in five minutes. Daniel came back in and closed the door. He asked her if she knew what she was doing and when she moved her head from side to side in a “no” response, he told her to be careful with what she says.

As she got to her desk, she say Justin coming towards her with Marc and when she asked him what he was doing there, he said he came to do more research on his paper work. Just then Hilda called and asked if Justin was there and when she found out he was there, she said she was going to kill him. She said knew it was going to happen like that and told Betty that there was no paper work. Justin made it up to ditch school to spend time in her world. She asked Betty to tell him that he is in big trouble when he gets home.

Betty scolded Justin for skipping school and told him that Mode and what transpires in the fashion industry was not good for kids. While on this was going on, Marc was still sitting close by using his Inhaler incessantly and trying to compose himself. (He obviously escaped Wilhelmina’s presence to put himself together and possibly his group) Then, Amanda came running and announced that Wilhelmina called for them! Betty instructing Justin not to move from her seat. And the three of them, glittery and panicky, their future at Mode hanging in the balance, left for Wilhelmina’s office.

In the Slayer’s den, she asked if she should throw questions at them or if they would just tell her what they know. Marc responded by saying they were all there and they all saw ‘fat’ Carol talking with Carlos Medina. Amanda supported his claim that it was ‘fat’ Carol that leaked the spread. Wilhelmina, not one to be made a fool of, was studying each of them as they spoke. She then asked Betty if that was what she saw. Betty hesitated, fear was written all over her face. Marc and Amanda almost had a heart attack just watching her, not knowing what she was going to say. Betty finally said “No”, that it was her, that she told Carlos everything!

(What! Do you see what fear can do to one? She only leaked a portion of the spread and now she is confessing to the whole thing!)

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