Monday, September 08, 2008

Ugly Betty Battles For The Book

Snippet 10:

Bradford used his key to enter Fey Sommers house and was looking for anything that may link him to her. At the same time, Gina broke into Betty's house looking around. Bradford saw a photograph of him and Fey when they were younger and took it. At the Suarez house Gina was still snooping around and then saw The Book on the coffee table while Justin was still lying on the sofa beside it. Bradford picked up a musical box and listened to its music for a while, he then put it in his bag. At Betty’s house, just as Justin rolled over and turned his to Gina, she picked up The Book.

The next morning, Betty came downstairs in her pajamas and noticed that The Book was no longer on the coffee table. She was horrified and in frenzy started rummaging through the bin in the kitchen. Her father and sister came into the kitchen and she told them she was looking for the book. They both volunteered to search other parts of the house while Betty continued searching in the pantry of the kitchen making a huge mess all over the place. Hilda then found a note under the door in which Gina state that she had The Book and will swap it for a new flat screen TV.

At Daniels apartment, Amanda came out of the bathroom saying that showerhead could pay her bills, she would marry it! (Dumb thing to say). Daniel was checking the messages on his phone and he got the message Betty left him letting him know that she took The Book home for safe keeping. Daniel phoned Betty's house immediately, and Hilda told her to lie, and promised her that they will get The Book back. Daniel not happy with this development questioned why Betty took the book home (look who’s talking). She told him that the book was totally safe (Hilda was in front of her encouraging her). While Daniel was on the phone with Betty, Amanda was telling him to fire her that she would be a better assistant but Daniel responded that she should get dressed.

Betty then commended Daniel for his bravery by using the original photos of Natalie Whitman. Daniel replied that he never approved the untouched photos and that he will send a car over right away, to pick up the book. Betty was terrified and said she was in big trouble.

Ignacio and Hilda walked into the living area talking about the book Gina stole and Ignacio told Betty to give the phone to him that he was going to call her parents. Hilda said there was no need for that that she was going to go teach Gina a lesson she won’t forget. But, Betty refused their offer of help, and said she was an adult and could fight her own battles.

As Gina refused Betty entry and she had to force her face through the gap that the safety chain could allow and was begging. Gina told her she wasn’t giving up the book until she gives her $4000. She even pretended to be ripping up the pages; Betty pleaded even more telling Gina that she didn’t have that kind of money.

At that moment, Hilda busted in through the back door, let Betty in, and started fighting with Gina. While they were fighting, Betty was quickly looking through the room for ‘The Book’. A car’s horn was heard, an indication that the car Daniel sent had arrived and Betty exasperated ordered them to stop fighting but their hair was caught in each other’s jewelry. They tried separating from each other a large piece of Gina's hair got pulled out and she angrily told Hilda that she was going to pay for it.

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