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Ugly Betty Encircled By 'Friendly' Enemies

Snippet 11: "You can take my bunny, but you can't take my spirit!"

Daniel arrived at Mode and entered the lift but as he heard Wilhelmina's voice telling him hold the elevator, he reacted by quickly hitting the ‘close door’ button, he didn’t want to be in the elevator with her. She however managed to get to the door just in time and squeezed herself through. She asked Daniel if he had looked through ‘The Book’ yet, that they couldn’t go to press until he approved it. Daniel told her to be ready for a meeting for 10 o’clock and he then remarked on the untouched photographs of Whitman that were in the mock up, that he was surprised she missed it.

Wilhelmina pretended she didn’t know this and Daniel told her not to sweat over it that she’s probably reaching the age where she needed to worry about getting glasses, that it happens to everyone (he was pleased with himself to have gotten her into a corner this time) and with that comment, Daniel left the elevator. Wilhelmina’s face showed disappointment at her failed plan.

Christina was in her office (the closet), and was talking to Betty on the phone. Betty told her the whole story and that she wasn’t comfortable like lying and felt she was probably going to get fired and also that she didn't fit in. While in the car, Betty found a photo of her bunny all tied up with tape. The driver overheard the conversation, and sent a text message to Wilhelmina that “Betty’s neighbour stole The Book”, Wilhelmina was pleased at this.

Daniel was at his office pacing up and down waiting for Betty to arrive. The board members were seated in the conference room waiting for him. Amanda floated in to remind him that they were still waiting for him. Betty arrived then and told Daniel the whole truth about The Book. Daniel was angry and scolded her for lying to him. He told her sternly never to lie to him again. He made her understand that they would be in done with if those pictures ever got out.

He told Betty that they should get to Queens to retrieve the book, that he was going to pay Gina her money. Betty then reminded him they were still waiting for him at the meeting. Daniel went into the conference room, and Wilhelmina seized the opportunity to ask for the The Book to which he replied that it was in his office. She then requested for it but he cleverly said that he needed to look through it one more time to make sure everything was perfect. He adjourned the meeting to three hours. As a parting remark, he said “it’s great to see every one and asked Jeff “how the wife?” Jeff answered “we are getting separated” and Daniel said “great to hear it”. (Oops?)

Betty got to her desk and found another picture of her bunny on her chair; the bunny was stuffed down a toilet. Betty was mad, she forgot about The Book for that moment, climbed her chair, and yelled “who put the bunny in the toilet to which they all laughed and she said it wasn’t funny but they all thought it was. She knew then that someone was trying to break her and she said: “you can take my bunny, but you can't take my spirit."

Daniel then signal at Betty and they headed for Queens. When they got to Gina’s house, she opened the door and appraised Daniel. He requested for The Book pulling Betty to his side. Gina then moved so that they could see Walter setting up a new flat screen television in Gina's room. She told Betty and Daniel that someone else came by and gave her enough money for a new TV, describing the person to them.

Walter was quick to tell Betty that he was there only on a professional visit but she told him that she didn't care. He asked if she got his gift, and she said “thanks, it will come in useful during hurricane season”. Walter and Betty got caught up as they relived their first date but Daniel interrupted them by telling Betty that they needed to talk. At that very moment, Gina's flat screen TV tuned to Fashion TV was airing the news about the untouched photos of Natalie Whitman that was lost by Mode.

The blond news reporter poured salt onto their injury by adding “Remember, We only make others feel bad to make you feel good” with a promise to show the pictures on screen as soon as they appear. Daniel and Betty stared at the TV screen petrified.

Wilhelmina was in her office telling Bradford on the phone, that The Book was not in her possession when it got missing, trying to make sure Daniel get the blame. Marc arrived dressed in an oversize tracksuit, with large sunglasses on his face. He opened the front zip of the tracksuit top to reveal The Book he hid inside. Wilhelmina was delighted. She told her accomplice that she would not let the pictures leak but that while the rumours continue to go around and everyone is worried, she'll just produce The Book and become the hero.

Daniel and Betty were in the back seat of his car still discussing what to do and what to say. Betty suggested that they tell the truth, and that he should blame her but that if he could twist the truth one more time and give her a good recommendation, she would really appreciate it. Daniel looked at her and told the driver to take them back to the Meade building. Betty looked at him with apprehension.

At the Mode’s conference room, Natalie's manager was pacing around, fuming while Natalie sat there looking unhappy. Daniel, seated with other staff at the other end of table, apologizing profusely but Natalie’s manager was not accepting any of it. Daniel assured him they were doing all they could at the moment to track The Book. Natalie had to calm her manager down and asked Daniel how the whole thing happened. Daniel saw Betty looking through the window of the conference room and his eyes spoke volumes to her. She left to her desk depressed and filled with guilt only to find Amanda already seated there.

Amanda advised Betty to quit honourably instead of enduring the humiliation of being fired. She had already packed all Betty’s possessions into a box which she now handed to her, and her torn Bunny was right on top of it all (It was Amanda all along). Realizing this, Betty told her that she belonged there more than she did and that she truly hopes that Amanda gets all that she deserved.

Betty ran towards the lift, shouting the person on it should hold the elevator. She found herself inside with Natalie Whitman, who remembers her as the empanada girl. Natalie asked Betty if she was moving offices, and was surprised to find she's quitting. Betty revealed that it was her fault, that The Book was in her care when it got missing. Betty apologized to her for any damage it may cause her and told Natalie that she really liked the untouched photographs and with that she got off the lift.

Daniel was in his office explaining everything to his father, taking the whole responsibility on himself. He admitted that he was careless and promised never to let The Book out of his sight again. He had thought that his father was going to be disappointed but rather he was impressed and commented that that was the first time Daniel was being honest with him. Natalie barged in disrupting their discussion. She told Daniel that Betty inspired her with a solution to the whole mess and told Daniel not to fire her.

Wilhelmina was in her office, flipping through a magazine, she told Marc to put her through to Bradford. She announced to Bradford that The Book had turned up but Bradford told her that it didn't matter, that she should watch the latest report on it on the Fashion TV channel. Marc quickly turned on the TV. The same female presenter on the case announced that Natalie had given Mode the rights to publish her photographs untouched! (woah!)

Wilhelmina was still reeling in shock when Daniel showed up in office to rub the good news in her face and the retrieve The Book which she claimed was dropped off anonymously which he obviously didn’t buy. He told her he wasn’t going to let The Book out of his sight again and wished her and Marc a good night.

Our dear Betty was back at her desk typing away. She had re-decorated her table with possessions. Christina brought back Betty’s bunny, repaired as best as she could. She also gave Betty a bag which Betty took to Daniel. Daniel showed her the masthead which had been corrected - her name now spelt correctly. Daniel told her that he bought himself another day to go through The Book properly. Betty brought out a pair of shoes from the bag, made from a sweat shop. He told her that she could go home that he was going to be in the office a while longer.

As Betty was leaving, she told Amanda know that it was going to take a lot more than what Amanda did to get rid of her from Mode. Dump Amanda said, “whatever, I'm still prettier”.

Daniel was still in his office working when he received a phone call from a mysterious person telling him to be that it careful, that his father is a man of many secrets and that he was capable of practically anything. (The mysterious masked lady with whom Wilhelmina plotted to take over Mode was the person making this call).

The photograph of Bradford and Fey Sommers which he took from her house was burning while Bradford watched. The music box which he also took was in his hands. He then opened it and listened to the music while the photograph turned to ashes.

Catch you next week for more gist. Do enjoy your weekend.

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